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Alien experiment at the government underground base Dulce

Added Sun, 02/04/2023

On the web, you can find many references to the secret underground military base "Dulce" in New Mexico. It was believed that the US government had long established close contact with aliens and was carrying out joint projects with them on this base.

It is believed that several people who have access there decided to reveal their cards after they completed cooperation with the government.

For example, Phil Schneider, who was a highly qualified geologist and mining engineer and in the late 70s was involved in the construction of secret underground bases, both in the United States and abroad. Gradually, his level of access to secret projects increased. In 1979, he was sent to Dulce Base in New Mexico. It was necessary to deepen and expand the existing underground base. "Dulce" had several levels and went 2.5 miles deep. Schneider's group drilled wells, Phil descended into them, examined the rock and determined the amount and type of explosives needed to expand underground cavities.

According to Schneider, during one of the descents, Schneider and his group discovered a huge cavern (cavity) filled with humanoids. A shootout ensued, in which 66 commandos were killed. Schneider himself was wounded in the chest (burned) by an unknown weapon and lost several fingers on his left hand. Of the entire group, except for him, only two survived.

Since 1995, he began to travel around the United States with public lectures. At lectures, Schneider showed samples of certain materials allegedly obtained with the use of extraterrestrial technologies, but not a single document, not a single photo, not a single video or even a frame.

I also talked about this database Paul Bennewitz, an electronics specialist who intercepted several obscure radio messages at the end of 1979. After 15 months, he already had several dozen intercepted radio and television broadcasts. He tracked their direction and was able to locate the receiving point – Mount Archuleta Mesa near Dulce. Since there were no structures in that area, Bennewitz came to the conclusion that the object was underground.

He traveled around the state and found several people who claimed to have been abducted by aliens and taken to an underground base in Dulce, where experiments were carried out on them. Myrna Hansen, immersed in hypnosis, described an alien laboratory, containers filled with human body parts and people immersed in liquid nitrogen.

But we are interested in Thomas Castello, who worked at the Dulce underground base as a security specialist - he was in charge of surveillance cameras. It is to his authorship that the photo walking on the web is attributed. He told the following about the 1979 incident:

At the lowest (6th and 7th levels) of the base, aliens conducted large-scale medical experiments on people. In violation of the signed agreement, they stopped providing the results of their research to Earthlings, which caused the displeasure of the special services. It was decided to "teach the presumptuous guests a lesson." The special squad, with the help of Schneider, had to penetrate to the lower, closed to earthlings, floors of the base. Support for the fighters had to be provided by the employees of the base-earthlings. However, the "War in Dulce" ended not in favor of the commandos.

The photo presented as proof of the whole story about the underground alien laboratories is supposedly one of Thomas Castello's leaked photos from the 6th level of the facility, the photo seems to show human embryos grown in glass containers.

However, in fact, this picture is a frame from the 2000 film "The 6th Day" (Eng. The 6th Day). The gallery shows a frame from a movie with similar containers and embryos.

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