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The devil's trap

Added Tue, 20/12/2016

There is a legend connected with some place on the island of Sicily and tells the story of the Italian, Alberto Gordon, who one spring morning disappeared before the eyes of several people.

Before to visit this place called "devil's Trap" or "Trap of the devil," during his trip to Italy, we needed to figure out where it is. Due to the fame of the legend, we expected to find not just the exact geographical coordinates, but also a lot of photos and reviews of tourists. But it was not so easy.

About this legend tells of the many sites dedicated to anomalous places on the planet. Mention of the legend was very repetitive – it seems that all sites had reprinted it from one place, slightly changing the details. However, only two of them we found to the source of the information, which turned out to be the Russian edition [1] and [2]. Moreover, in the first book, the original source was not stated, and the second, apparently, so rare that to buy it or read we are unable.

Despite the General monotony, the details of the story described on different sites, different: different names of places, names and occupation of the characters, etc. Here we provide a summary version, which is based on source [1]:

In the XVIII century in Sicily, in the town of Taconite/site administration/Tacoma/Tesconi/Toscana, lived a respected craftsman/gardener, Alberto Gordon/Gordoni. 3 may 1753/1756 he walked around the yard/garden Chateau/the town square and suddenly disappeared for no reason, "disappeared" in front of his wife, count Zanetti/Zanini and many other people. Amazed people dug all around, but found no grooves, which could fail... Exactly 22 years later, Gordon appeared again, appeared in the same place that you left, in the yard of the estate. Alberto himself claimed that he never disappeared, so he was placed in an institution for the insane, where only after 7 years with him spoke for the first time a doctor/priest, father Mario. The craftsman still persisted a feeling that between his "disappearance" and "return" it took very little time. Then, 29 years ago, Alberto suddenly got into the tunnel and took it to "white and ambiguous" world. There were no items, only fancy accessories. Alberto saw something similar on a small canvas, covered in stars and dots, each of which throbbed in his own way. There was one long creature with long hair/like dandelion seeds, saying he fell into the "crack" of Time and Space and deliver it back very difficult. While Alberto waited for his return, and he fervently asked to bring him back, "the woman" told him about "holes which open in the dark about some white drops and thoughts that move at the speed of light (!), about the soul without the flesh and body without souls, about flying cities, where eternally young inhabitants".
The doctor was sure that the craftsman does not lie, and therefore convinced the judge Takoni to conduct an experiment / went with him to Takano. There are poor Alberto took a step and... gone again, now, and forever! Father Mario crossed cross, ordered to protect this place a wall/fence, calling it a snare of the Devil...

In some versions of the story it was stated that the data of historical Chronicles, as well as the fact that the story of the traveler recorded the priest.

With the positioning did not work: these settlements on the map was not found. Perhaps their names were distorted when translated into Russian language, or over the past century, they were renamed? We tried to find the specified property, in the hope that it could become a tourist attraction, but the sources give different information about the place, which is not defined, the victim disappeared, walking around the yard of his estate, or the estate of count Zanetti/Zanini/Zanini.

Remained hoped that in the foreign sources will be able to find more information. It was decided to look for Italian as well, just in case, English language sites.

However, references were not many, not more than a dozen. As the scene indicate the same unknown town of Sicily Takoni/Taconite [e.g., 6,7,8]. But what is most surprising sources of information were specified domestic to [9] and [10]. As a source indicates the article "The Trap of the Devil" in publishing "Planet X monthly newspaper, Kiev Ukraine July 2005", but finding this note, or at least a mention of the log failed.

Some foreign sources (e.g. [16]) as the scene at the same time indicate the locality of the site administration and the city of Catania, although the relationship between these places could not be established. In Katyniu in 476 BC, was renamed town of Etna. [14] Streets, gorges, waterfalls, rivers, parks and other attractions with the name of the site administration, Tacconi, etc. in Sicily, we have found. But this name and its variations are easily found in France, but all sources clearly indicate an Italian origin of the legend.

In conclusion

Perhaps this story was a victim of poor translation, or the scene was so small that the renaming reflected only in the multi-purpose books, and access to this information just cannot be obtained. It is also possible that we just missed some detail. This kind of explanation for the lack of information you can think of a lot, but the fact remains: the only real results of the investigation clearly indicate a Russian-language sources.

Let me remind you that the Italians themselves to questions about unusual cases usually answered us, smiling: "Anomalies? Not! We have nothing interesting will happen, but nature, architecture, food...". Maybe they were right?
In General, the results of the investigation, we can conclude that this story is a hoax and does not originate in the eighteenth century, and in our time.

If you have additional information about this legend, which will be able to clarify the situation with its source – contact us.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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