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Men in black

Added Thu, 14/03/2019

"Men in black" ("Men in black" or MIB) are considered urban legend, widespread mainly in the United States.

This phrase came into use popular culture and UFOlogy, thanks to the 1956 book "They knew too much about flying saucers" (orig. "They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers") by American writer gray Barker (Barker Gray), based on the history of the famous UFO researcher of the time of albert K. Bender (Albert K. Bender). Popularized by American journalist and member of the writers Guild John keel (John Alva Keel), published in 1967, an article in men's adventure magazine "Saga" called "Agents of terror UFO" ("UFO Agents of Terror").

In his book Barker has told about the alleged meetings with the Bender men in black, who traveled with groups of three, wore black suits and drove big black cars.

Now "men in black" described as humanlike creatures who are intimidated witnesses and the UFO researchers, threatening them. Their facial features and behavior is described as strange. Their manners and language is harsh and formal, and even somewhat automatic and comical, making them look like biorobots.

They are difficult to attribute not only for any particular paranormal phenomenon, but to phenomena in General, since their origin, has several possible explanations.

The most popular hypothesis says that the men in black are members of a secret organization within the US government, which inhibit the dissemination of information about UFOs visiting witnesses, contactees and abductees, forcing them to silence and even eliminating uncooperative.

The next popular hypothesis presents them as the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. For example, according to the classification of aliens Galina Zheleznyak Men in black "is very similar to humans, are not harmful, gathering information about our planet, and people interested in them not as the bearer of reason, but merely as a representative of biological life on Earth."

Similar, but somewhat different from the conventional, the description from the article "What are the aliens: classification" from the site

These humanoids are characterized by their striking similarity to humans, but dressed always in black clothing that and makes a frightening impression on witnesses. This type of humanoid is also called space SS, because they remind the team of the SS of Nazi Germany. To meet these aliens can be anywhere in the world. They usually emerge from flying saucers that landed in full view of witnesses in connection with necessity of repair. From spacecraft out groups. To people, according to eyewitnesses, being very demanding and rude. Good command of earthly tongues. Dressed in black, well-pressed suits and worn on the eye black armbands.

Witnesses say that these aliens are willing to engage in dialogue, asking about the kind of activities and are very interested in domestic minutiae and details of everyday life. So it seems that this is a space hermit, who for a long time were isolated from civilization, for example, on secret bases of the Fourth Reich. Indirect proof of this can serve as an alien threat and the requirement not to disclose information about their vehicles.

Another popular hypothesis States that they are the result of hallucinationsexperienced by the people who have received physical and psychological injury when in contact with UFOs.

And, of course, there is a hypothesis, according to which the men in black are a hoax and exclusively urban legend.

It should be noted that keel himself quickly abandoned the idea of extraterrestrial origin of men in black and took them to demonic entities, describing them as some sort of electromagnetic form of intelligence, capable of causing radiation of different frequencies and inexplicably go into a solid condition, taking any form, can cause people vision and even listen to and engage themselves in telephone conversations.

The image of men in black often found in popular culture as an element of various conspiracy theories related to UFOs and alien abductions. Ironic that one of the hypotheses that mass culture this way and spawned.

It is believed that the appearance of men in black borrowed in particular from the movie image of FBI agents and detectives from the classic of American fiction of the 1950s who went everywhere in a suit and wide-brimmed hats, were silent and mysterious. One has only to recall the films "Killers from space" ("Killers from Space", 1954), "Plan 9 from outer space" ("Plan 9 from Outer Space", 1959), "Stranger from space" ("The Cosmic Man", 1959), etc.

Describe the appearance and abilities of the men in black found in the testimony of witnesses, are also contradictory, making it difficult to ascertain their real origin and belonging to any phenomenon. Thanks to popular culture (the film "Men in black" ("Men in Black", 1997), the series "Secret materials" ("The X-Files", 1993), etc.) in the last time, witnesses often take of men in black government agents, not aliens, demons or other mystical creatures.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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