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Anomalous zone. Russia

ID #1501490897
Added Mon, 31/07/2017
Author July N.

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Komi, Respublika

This story was told to me by my grandmother, Nina Gorbunova. So the story will be in her name.

It was in the early 1980-ies. I lived in Vorkuta, worked in a kindergarten as a nurse. At that time the trade Union organization staged the "health trains": rented for the railroad trains that the workers went for a weekend in the woods to relax and to gather mushrooms Yes berries. I was given a ticket on one of these trains. Went to Friday late evening Saturday early morning was in place. The train stopped not at the station, and at a little distance, at an impasse. I, along with his company went to collect mushrooms. At the end of August in the North lot. We from time to time akalis not to get lost. But I got carried away, went deep into the forest, and when he began to call out to other people, there was no answer. I went, as I thought, in the opposite direction and came to a huge swamp. I got to meet two local men.

I asked:

- How do I get to the "train of health"?

One of the men said that we must get back to the swamp and go straight without turning anywhere. I did just that. But to walk 30 minutes, I realized that I had come to the same place, besides the swamp. I have several times gone and again came back here. I was not myself, I felt lost. I did not want to spend the night alone in the deep woods. Suddenly I remembered that I read somewhere: if you get lost in the forest and needs changing socks from one foot to the other. I sat down, changed socks, read the prayer "our father" and asked the owner of the forest to get me on the right road. Five minutes later I came out on the well-trodden path and thought:

"But where to go now? Because you can go completely in the wrong direction."

Standing on the path, I again said the prayer again asked the master of the forest to show me the right path. The forest was very quiet, not swayed any one sheet. And suddenly, from somewhere there came a breeze, from the top of the tree broke off a dry twig and fell to the footpath. Its the thin end, like an arrow pointed to the right. I realized that is a sign of the direction in which I need to go. There were a lot of mushrooms, young aspen. It's like they walked beside me and again wanted to lure into the woods, but I was not up to them. I walked for a long time and are desperate - I thought I was gonna go wrong. But then the path came a man and a boy, they said that the train was already very close. Going a little more, I came to the railroad.

How happy I was! Near the train gathered my company. Everyone was worried. They said they called me, shouted in all throat, was about to go search through the woods. Still there in the woods some host, which lures people into their possession and just not let go. Maybe because people sometimes breaking something in his forest Kingdom?

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People lost in the woods or in the field, you start to zigzag and walk in circles, and then returning on their tracks.

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