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The witness watched in Montana unusual creature - half man, half animal. He said that in size, vneshnemu mind and behavior, such creatures are usually called a werewolf.

This observation occurred 150 miles South-West of Denton near the Northern edge of the National forest Beaverhead-Deerlodge and Wise river. A witness who called Zach, said that this meeting took place in 2017. At that time he told about the incident to the Department of environmental Sciences Conservation Corps de l'état.

The man told what happened to Linda Godfrey, a specialist in cryptozoology:

I lived alone in this remote region. We didn't have cable, so the only option was satellite TV. In July, the humid summer night. TV junk. I took a flashlight and went out to look at the antenna. It was so quiet that it bothered. The satellite antenna was in a corner of my yard. I went there and turned the antenna from another angle. Suddenly I heard the snapping of twigs to my left. I pointed the flashlight in that direction, and I saw a being standing there. It seemed like an eternity, but it lasted only ten seconds. I slowly retreated and ran to the house and then locked all the doors and Windows.

The creature was different from anything I have ever seen. When I turned on the light, the first thing I see is his head. She had short ears that point upward. His face was narrower than bearish. I saw large teeth protruding from his jaw. Her eyes were dark yellow, with an amber hue that seemed to reflect light. His body was muscular and huge. He had long arms that seemed longer than his legs. Broad shoulders. Being a little prisila on his haunches and held the hand of a small tree. I saw his paws, like the paws of a dog. Its statutes have been perfectly visible. Despite the fact that he was crouching, he was about my size, that is 1.8 m in height, Ie it was about 2.2 m. His fur was black and thick on the neck and chest. His lower half was much less.

I don't know whether he was aggressive or not. He was watching me or stalking me? For a creature of such size that the silence was strange. Was 15 meters, but did not notice me. All I knew at the time - I need to get out. I no longer live in this house and after this event I never had another meeting face to face with the beast. But I heard sounds in the forest that I couldn't explain. These noises started out relatively quiet, and then increased until they sounded like angry shouts. After a while they decreased in intensity, and all again became calm.

After returning home, I opened the window closest to the place where I saw him and shined a light in that place, but he disappeared. Outside, the silence still prevailed when I opened the window. Some nights it was very quiet outside, as usual.

Zach said that the creature was not like the pictures he viewed on the Internet. He also drew a sketch describing what you saw that night. His figure shows a larger, more muscular creature than the mysterious dog, discovered recently in Denton.

This is a new observation proves that a strange creature indeed lives in the dense forest of Montana.

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