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15.09.2018 17:50
Каширское шоссе из ТЦ «Каширская плаза»
Moskovskaya oblast

15 September at 17:45 on Kashira highway in Moscow, was seen unidentified flying object that flew at the shopping center "Plaza Kashirskaya" and gaining altitude and departed to the Northwest, in the direction of Borisov ponds.

The object has attracted the attention of passers-by that shoot in the sun on a blue sky background. Noticed the object was shown on his hands and tried to take off on smartphones. The object visually consisted of two blocks, which were located one above the other. The surface was metallic and had the edge, due to which by changing the position appeared attracted the glare of the sun. Upper and lower units shoot asynchronously.

In the moments when the glare disappeared, the object ceased to be visible. Its speed was low, the observation lasted approximately 15 minutes. The direction of movement of the object was perpendicular to the direction of the wind, which was drifting to the East traces before flying this aircraft.

One of the witnesses published a 28-second video recorded on a smartphone Huawei Honor 7 shortly before the complete disappearance of the object at 17:50. The object was very far away from the place of shooting and the shot had to use the maximum approximation, which only allowed a smartphone. The survey was carried out at the crossroads near the supermarket "Borisov", so the background noise of traffic.

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Such flickering, the appearance and style of movement typical for metallized balloon or some kind of metallic debris taken by the wind. Obviously, the height of the object is large enough (more than 300 m) to the direction of the wind so did not meet ground-level (which is quite small and not visually observed).

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