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United States

The story was written living in Japan, a researcher of the paranormal beings Brent Swanson. Some time ago, Swanson sent a story of a girl named Jenny living in Maine (USA).

When Jenny was 14 years old, she flew with her father in the summer in the home of his grandparents in the basement of this house saw a very unusual creature. According to Jenny, it was a very old house and the basement had a large. It kept a lot of things and products and grandparents are often it was down sturdy stairs leading to the basement from the living room. It is in the living room, Jenny gave the room when she came to visit. A spare room was occupied by her father. And the first night, Jenny heard from the basement door pokropivny frightening, like something with long claws sharpened them on a door or wall. When she told this to dad, he suggested that in the basement got a raccoon or a skunk, or maybe it's just rats. However, the sounds continued to scare Jenny and one day she decided to go to the basement just to check.

"When I opened the door and turned on the light on the stairs in the basement, eerie pokropivny down there stopped. I was a very brave girl and went down. Down light stairs little was covered, I looked carefully at the stone floor, expecting that it's going to run scared of my rat. And something suddenly popped up right in front of me. But it was not a rat, a creature that I could only be compared to Gollum from "the Lord of the rings". It was completely hairless, pale creature, which was moving much hunched over. And when she stared at me, his eyes are heavily sparkled in the light. It looked at me for a few moments and on his face or the face was very creepy grin.

Then it disappeared into the darkness of the basement, I screamed and ran upstairs. I ran into his father's room and waking him, told him about the creature, and then took him to the basement. But it was empty. Interestingly, the second door leading from the basement to the house was ajar, apparently the creature stepped through it. My father of course said I just saw a sleepy raccoon or a cat. But I know what I saw".

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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