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06.04.1974 03:00

One of the most bizarre cases of alien attack on the people and the abduction happened on April 6, 1974 in the town of Whales that the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

About 3 o'clock in the morning the farmer Fujiwara Yoshihiro (Yoshihiro Fujiwara) sleeping soundly in his bed when suddenly he was awakened by a loud knock at the door and barking of his dog. And the dog just barked loudly, but still howled. First, Fujiwara decided that his site had been infiltrated or chuliganai teenagers. That would also be unusual, since the house of a farmer was far from other settlements and were very isolated.

Yawning and rubbing his eyes, the man left the house and practically nose-to-nose encounter with a high (above 3 meters) figure, dressed in what he called "the suit of transparent vinyl". All the creature's body was encased in white plastic, and it seemingly was like a hybrid of human and octopus. Below the "chest" it started four large bone-tentacles, and the head was large, with slanting eyes and also was similar to the head of the mollusk. On top of it was something like blue helmets. In place of the nose the creature had two long slits of nostrils, and the skin had a brownish-mottled, uneven color and was lumpy like the skin of frogs. The creature stood on the ground on two thick tentacles, and the other two for it was apparently instead of front limbs. Each limb-leg ended in something round, perhaps a kind of shoes.

The creature stood absolutely silent and motionless, except for sticking out the "helmets" of the antenna. This antenna pulled out Electrozariad and he hummed, swayed and cracked.

A farmer a few minutes in shock stood before this creature, just looking up at him. And then being abruptly picked up one of the tentacles up into the sky and then all around men were immersed in a soft blue light warm. Only then the farmer finally woke up and retreated back into the house, slamming the door. Then he made his way to the window and looked out it, seeing the street hanging low over the earth brightly lit disc that was now orange light. Fujiwara probably decided that the house was not touched, but he was wrong.

Suddenly he realized that the invisible force lifted his legs and pulls them to the side of the window. At first he resisted with his hands and thus dragged across the floor, but then it completely took away from the floor, captured, understood high and pulled out. And frightened the farmer saw him pull to the side of the disk and faster and faster. And it has already got inside the machine and dropped on the hard metal floor.

Looking around, the farmer saw that the inside of the ship bathed in blue, and the walls feature some of the label. In the room is just awful smelled something. At this point there were two beings, similar to the first man-octopus. They began to telepathically tell the man that he was safe and that "we will return you back to your house."

These words Fujiwara not convinced and he jerked in an attempt to escape, but he was immediately seized and dragged him somewhere. And then... dropped through the open hatch down to the ground. Fortunately, the farmer only flew about 10 meters and not have broken anything. When he rose to his feet, then realized that is far from his home, at least for a couple of miles from him. He knew of a man who lived in these places and ran to his house. When he was in his house, he saw the clock and realized that the attack on him and the strange abduction lasted about an hour. The next day, Fujiwara was sitting at home and tired thought over what he experienced.

And suddenly his whole body pierced sharp pain, as if entered through the tips of the ears and fingers. And he immediately took a sheet of paper and began to draw and write on it the strange characters. At the same time in his head sounded a voice, which told him "to come to drive when he will be on the mountain." All this was accompanied by a picture of the place where he should come.

Then the pain was gone and everything was gone. Fujiwara thought about it and realized that his place is probably a mountain Nikoro and he came and went at her. With him he took two friends, at the same time said that they are just camping. And there on the mountain Fujiwara again took on Board drive. This time the aliens circled around the Earth farmer, and then around the moon and all this for an hour. When they returned, the farmer again had a headache, and when he woke up, his two companions found him on the mountain near the same place where he is gone.

And this is not the end of the story. At the end of the Fujiwara were told that all survivors have bestowed on him strange powers, for example to move the objects look and bending spoons. He also revealed that he appointed a new meeting on 13 April 1974 and to this day they again took him to his ship and is now flying with the farmer around Jupiter and Titan — one of Saturn's moons. On Titan he saw that one of the octopus-alien out of the ship and went to the surface of Titan, and then came back with a stone-souvenir, which gave Fujiwara. This mysterious stone Fujiwara even gave to scientists for analysis, but when they studied it, then announced that this is just one of the most common in the local caves minerals. Then Fujiwara has become a laughing stock for the locals and his whole story about aliens and abduction came to be called an invention.

However, Fujiwara did not give up and insisted that his telepathic abilities are progressing and that he now can even predict disasters and even teleport themselves over great distances.

"I can move to the star is at a distance of 250 million light years from us in 6 minutes. My role on Earth is to fight with natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes", said Fujiwara.

Also his powers seemed to allow him to penetrate the planet and pull of tectonic plates. In General, all this was too much even for stories about aliens. Meanwhile, not all the words of Fujiwara remained unproven. Japanese ufologist Kinichi Arai found out that the night of the first kidnapping of a farmer some other area residents saw the strange lights in the sky. Also there were those who supposedly saw with my own eyes the incredible superpowers of Fujiwara. The flight to Jupiter and Titan was the last journey Fujiwara with aliens. Then what happened to this Japanese farmer is unknown. In the history of UFOlogy, the case known as "the rape in Kitami".

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