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Бетани, QC

July 20, 1971, the witness was still a child. Then he and his family had lived in Bethany (a municipality in the province of Quebec). That day he saw a huge UFO with aliens inside.


"I was alone at night on the first floor of our country house. I was 5 or 6 years. How I got there, I don't remember. I saw at a height of about 30 metres and 75 metres from minestroni object.

I felt no fear, at least then. I felt the presence of my parents and my older brother behind me. I turned around to ask them about this subject.

Then I ran out into the field to see better. He slowly turned around. I was able to see 3 small gray beings through one of the large Windows of the ship.

I remember harmonious, powerful, expressive lighting effects.

Only in a dream 30 years later I remembered that that night I was accompanied by my two parents and older brother. In the dream, I saw two large humanoids and one slightly smaller, dressed as monks of the 17th century in tunics and hoods, so I never saw their faces.

These facts are very true but who would believe me? I put the picture of this ship"

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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