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Аэропорт Ханэда

5 August 1952, shortly before midnight, two operators of the control tower of the air force at the military base of the U.S. air force in the Haneda near Tokyo, Japan, noticed a bright light in the sky. They were joined by others and saw it in binoculars 7×50.

UFO slowly approached and hovered, clearly visible from the control tower. In bright light, the observers could see a dark circular shape, which is four times greater than the diameter of the light. This light was visible on the bottom side at one point. UFO hovered, flew curves and performed a variety of maneuvers.

The object was tracked by ground radar and interceptor F-94 was hacked. Pilot WR Holder was directed to the UFO. At some point, the UFO suddenly accelerated to 300 knots (about 345 mph), divided into three separate radar targets after a certain period of time. Contact with UFOs by radar or visually, was maintained for more than 30 minutes. During this period, scattered witnesses saw a UFO exactly where it showed on radar.

Project Blue Book, the official public study of UFOs conducted by the U.S. air force concluded that UFO belongs to the category of "unknown".

Later," project Colorado", held a skeptical investigation of this case of UFO sightings for the US air force that no longer wanted to deal with the UFO problem and minimized the details of the observation. Now it is one of the cases, which is officially listed as "explained" - the star and the error of the radar.

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