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Ла Бом-д'Остен

April 21, 1974 in the morning, a young couple living in the village of La Baume-d Osten witnessed a UFO landing.

Ann Rushon and her companion were driving when they suddenly saw that the sky was a yellow mass, which quickly went down before landing in a meadow, located approximately 500 metres in a place called "Les Lides".


"We felt a strange feeling," she said. "After two or three minutes, the brightness was gone. We saw four of the "night of fire", three yellow and one red. The silhouette resembled a disk, topped with a milky dome. For a few seconds, I saw three shadows inside. Then they came out at a time. At this moment lit up a powerful spotlight, and he began to spin at full rpm, stopping sometimes in one direction. There was a small purr, like a quiet engine.

At some point, the spotlight has stayed in our direction. We got scared and left."

Once home, the girl was awakened by his parents so that they too enjoyed this interesting sight, perfectly visible from the family home.

Thus, all four witnesses in the course of an hour watched a kind of powerful projector located almost 2 kilometers. After that, all the witnesses went to bed. Anna felt a sharp pain in the eyes and difficulty sleeping.

The next day, the couple went back there. Alas, they found no physical traces of the landing. However, this observation was later confirmed by the motorist Karlin. At that time he rode on RN 531 between Saint-Nazaire-EN-Royans and Bourg-de-Peage. For several secunde as he watched the glowing shape on the way to the ground.

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