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UFO. Italy

ID #1558626824
Added Thu, 23/05/2019
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
19.05.1995 23:15

19 may 1995, something happened near the small town Pasiano in the North-East of Italy. That evening, around 23:15, while the motorist was observed for at least 25 humanoids.

The man was quietly driving down the road in his car and saw a strange metal object, the lower part of which was completely transparent. It was then that he could see at least 25 humanoids. They were little and smiled at him.

These aliens were apparently naked and had a height of about 4 feet. They had long elongated head and short black hair. In addition, they had a nose and eyes similar to ours. However, their large ears were pointed, and they had long arms.

In a few minutes, without any explanation, the object took off and disappeared. During this incredible evening, several people claimed to have seen lights moving in the sky, near the site of this meeting.

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Original news

Location. Near Pasiano Italy
Date: May 19 1995 Time: 2315
A professional stopped his car to watch a metallic top shaped craft with a transparent section hovering over the road. Inside he was able to see up to 25 apparently naked smiling humanoids standing around. These were about 4-foot tall with large elongated heads, topped with short-cropped dark hair. The humanoids appeared to be smiling and had normal looking eyes and noses, and large pointed ears. They had… long dangling arms with large hands. The craft took off after a few minutes, that same evening witnesses watched moving lights in the sky in the same area.

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