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Этот раздел содержит описания необъясненных фактов, предоставленные очевидцами или опубликованные в СМИ, а также результаты их анализа участниками группы.

UFO. Norway

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Added Sat, 25/05/2019
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
Северное море

19 September 1952, afternoon. USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (Franklin D. Roosevelt) the North sea.

During operation "Mainbrace" (the first major NATO exercise in the North Atlantic), multiple UFOs were seen, the surveillance reports were published in various Newspapers, both in Norway and in other countries.

In one such case, a reporter named Wallace Litwin noticed over a white field and did a series of photos.

The myth about these photos is quite interesting. For example, there are rumors that the photos were never published (another evidence of cover up by the us military). However, OLE Henningsen of Sufi (Denmark) actually
tracked down the photographer, and the photos were published in 1978. Initially it was thought that a balloon.

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Original news

19 September 1952, afternoon – USS Franklin D. Roosevelt in the North Sea During Operation Mainbrace, the first major NATO exercise in the North Atlantic, several UFOs were observed and reports were published in various newspapers, both in Norway and other countries. On one of these occasions, a reporter named Wallace Litwin observed a white sphere above him and took a series of photos of it. The myth of these photos is quite interesting, for example it is rumored that the photos were never published (another proof of the coverup by the US military). However, Ole Henningsen of SUFOI (Denmark) actually tracked down the photographer, and the photos were published in 1978. Litwin initially believed this to be a balloon, as well it might have been.


List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

Balloon/Weather Balloon

The balloon (simplified is a balloon) — an aircraft lighter than air, where the lift force is used enclosed in a sheath gas (or heated air) with a density less than the density of the surrounding air.

Distinguish between tethered, Svobodnaya and balloons — powered airships.

A balloon

Different sizes and shapes size toy, often made of latex. Is inflated with air or other gas. If the gas is lighter than air, the ball gains the ability to fly. The photo looks like a small dot. The colors and the opacity depends on the texture and color of the ball.

Glowing balloon is a regular balloon with led inside. Launched in the sky alone or with a group, or hooked, for example, branches could be mistaken for a UFO. The color of the glow depends on the color of ball and colors of the led. It can be of different shapes and sizes.

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