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Poltergeist. South Africa

ID #1564746334
Added Fri, 02/08/2019
Author July N.

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South Africa

Russian ship under the name "Ivan" started its life in 1897 in St. Petersburg. It was built there and launched on this civilian ship, designed to transport Russian goods through the Baltic sea. The top is equipped with a steam engine, with a cruising range of 2500 miles at a speed of 8 knots, it was relatively reliable (it is a wooden case covered with thick iron plates) and fast ship. The boat coped well with their work until 1903, when the Russian Empire and Japan strained relations, threatening to escalate into war. It was in this turbulent time with a bona fide worker of the sea took an unexpected and sinister metamorphosis.

So, Russia was approaching war, and "Ivan" were converted to supply ships of the domestic fleet. He had to make long and dangerous journey in the direction of Port Arthur, Manchuria, and Vladivostok and to deliver supplies to the being there of the court.

...This event, strange and frightening at the same time, occurred when, around the southern tip of Africa, the ship stopped in Cape town to restock coal for the final stage of his long journey to the shores of the Far East.

Then something happened, and the evil power first manifested itself. It all started quite innocently: crew members began to feel that someone else all the time watching them, hearing footsteps when no one else was, and to note the sharp decrease in room temperature. In addition, it was reported that people felt a strange oppressive alarm, as if they were facing a real threat. Disagreements and quarrels among the crew members began to spark without apparent reason. This could be explained by the fatigue caused by the hardships of the long voyage, but with each passing day the situation became more serious and intimidating.

One evening the captain came running frightened the sailor, and reported that he was in office, when he saw on the deck of some ghostly figure in a halo of glowing mist. Looking at her was unbearably creepy.

But the following night the crew suddenly at loggerheads, as if they had rolled a wave of madness. During the brawl, one man threw himself overboard and died. The same thing happened a few nights later: it's like the devil moved, suddenly, in the sailors, pushing them to mindless violence. And again one person willingly rushed into the waves to drown in a turbulent sea. By the way, after this, the team immediately calmed down.

No one could understand what is going on with the crew. Among the crew, rumors spread that the ship settled the evil force that intends to kill people. As a result, when the ship reached Vladivostok, a dozen people ran with it, just jumping overboard and poplib to the shore.

Of course, they were detained, placed under armed guard and was back on the damn ship before "Ivan" has left the port, heading to Hong Kong. In this way there will be another unexplained fight, another sailor would jump overboard and die, another member of the crew fall dead from unexplained fear... And upon reaching Hong Kong port captain Sven Andrist (Sven Andrist) will commit suicide then nothing can stop a team that together will jump ship.

Although sailors-deserters do not doubt that "Ivan Vasilyevich" possessed by evil powers, for the Russian government it was still a very good ship, to which were invited a new crew and captain. The ship went to Sydney (Australia) for a load of wool. To the destination he reached without incident, but upon arrival at the port of new captain suddenly put his gun to his temple and shot himself. The team, which had heard of the notoriety of "Ivan", so scared of this strange suicide, which she refused to continue the voyage. Find a new crew for obvious reasons was very difficult, and it took several months.

Then the doomed "Ivan" again went to the path, which this time was in San Francisco (California, USA). However, the madness had overtaken in their turn, and this command: two seamen died, while others - particularly violent - were locked in their cabins, and the captain has traditionally put a bullet in the forehead, without waiting for the arrival in port. The surviving members of the crew panicked and changed course, heading to Russia. There "Ivan" was permanently incapacitated and eventually burned. According to legend, when it went up in flames, from inside the ship came the incomparable voice and does not stop until, until the ship is completely burned...

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»


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