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This section contains descriptions of unexplained facts provided by eyewitnesses or published in the media, as well as the results of their analysis by the group.

Spontaneous spontaneous combustion of a person. Belarus

ID #1568210417
Added Wed, 11/09/2019
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 

1995, Dec. Mogilev, spontaneous human combustion. A woman burned as a candle.

The fire was noticed by neighbors and brought to the scene the police, firefighters. Before the eyes of the employees of these services appeared a terrible picture. In the hallway of a private house lay the charred remains, in fact, almost ashes, women. All around, the Wallpaper, things untouched by fire. Only slightly puffed. And only under the corpse of a burnt pit. Investigators have long puzzled over the incident, for violent signs or traces of ignition from something not seen.

Then there was an extended version – happened to spontaneous human combustion. Readers may have heard about the incident from a series of anomalous phenomena, when for no reason at all to light up any part of the body: arm, leg... this time it was assumed that broke out internal organs, the so-called wick burning, and the woman departed into oblivion, like a candle. This usually occurs with the obese physique, consuming besides alcoholic beverages.

The case studied forensics from Minsk. And here obtained a competent opinion. Really happened to spontaneous human combustion. Neighbors also testified that on this day the woman was in strong alcoholic intoxication.

While the material was going to press, the editorial called L. I. Nikiforova, who had the relative of the victim and made their own version of what had happened.

– When I was called to the scene, – said A. Nikiforov, – I immediately noticed: the case is one of a series of anomalous phenomena. But not because I specialize in this area. Our burned a relative that knows the half of Mogilev and who lived in a working village, was a folk healer. Her name was Maria or just enticing.

On that fateful day she had an appointment at 16 hours was my friend. By the way, she then told me that aunt Manya was unnaturally pale look, and his overall condition was not quite normal.

– I, maybe, will come again next time – offered Natasha. But aunt Manya said:

– No, no. Will do today.

When she whispered, suddenly lost consciousness. Natasha gave them water, and aunt became easier.

– Everything goes – she reassured the client. With me always is when I help people.

This is the case. During sessions of healing aunt mana always was bad, and then she rested in bed for days. After all, to get someone's defacing someone else's negative energy and move it through – of course, everyone knows what that means.

It was well-known in Mogilev. Many have helped it to survive on this earth. Only relatives were not able to solve any problems.

Her predictions were legendary.

– What forces intervened in this man's life, – says L. Nikiforova, – no one can know. But the fire was so intense, focused, like a laser beam, from the body leaving only charred head and feet. Was there drunk – I don't think. Although aunt Manya refused a drink. Visitors who saw her on the last day of life, do not confirm the strong intoxication. Know one thing: it all happened for a reason and connected with what she was doing. Whether healing, or witchcraft...


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List of versions containing features matching the eyewitness descriptions or material evidence

The wick effect or human candles

The theory that attempts to scientifically explain the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion of person. The main question that arises in the study of the phenomenon of the spontaneous combustion of an ultrahigh temperature at which even the bones burn. For example, in human crematoria temperature of 700-1000 degrees Celsius and bones are not destroyed. Also the question remains that even flammable things remain untouched by the fire. The theory of Human candle trying to explain the occurrence of such conditions.


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The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
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