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Chupacabra. Belarus

ID #1639058389
Added Thu, 09/12/2021
Author July N.

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The Belarusian "Chupacabra" keeps Starobin terrified. The mysterious creature destroyed virtually all chickens, rabbits and ducks in a village with a population of 6 thousand. Attacks happen almost every night. People are afraid to go out after dark.

Olga Aderikha does not let go of her three-year-old daughter's hand for a second. After the night she experienced, she is literally afraid to leave little Sasha unattended. In the pitch darkness, someone or something attacked their farm. The yard was literally covered with carcasses of dead chickens. The birds were not just, as experienced housewives say, strangled – the laying hens had their blood drained.

Having completely destroyed Olga's farm, the unknown creature did not satisfy its hunger. And went to the next yard.

Rather deep footprints lead to the barn, where an unknown guest has already drained 20 chickens. And to get to the animals, the predator broke down the door by bending a strong nail.

The strength of the unknown visitor is also indicated by a break in the fence. The uninvited guest made a rather impressive passage. He moved some boards to the sides, and even pulled out one, despite the nails that were firmly driven in 8 centimeters long.

At first, the locals wanted to blame everything on the tricks of ferrets or a rabid fox, but the traces of fangs on the fence are too big.

But after the creature broke through the wall in the barn and attacked the pigs, the village froze in horror.

Some residents claim that they saw the attacker. But they couldn't get a good look in the dark, and they were afraid to come closer.

The account of the destroyed number of birds in the village is already in the thousands – there are no pets left on many streets at all. The uninvited guest even destroyed the cats. All the tables in the local administration are literally littered with letters and collective appeals of frightened people. They demand to protect them. But the executive committee does not yet know from whom, and most importantly - how.

Rural fears are fueled by rumors about the so-called chupacabra. This is a creature from the folklore of the peoples of South America, which drinks the blood of domestic animals. The Internet is full of photos. However, there is no official confirmation yet. The "Chupacabra" was repeatedly caught, but it turned out to be either rabid coyotes or mutated saber-toothed kangaroos.

There have already been similar cases of chupacabra attacks on livestock in Ukraine and Russia, but there has not yet been such a large-scale destruction of domestic animals as in Belarus. Experts on the forest population who are not inclined to mysticism are trying to determine the bloodsucker theoretically.

While experts are wondering who is keeping Starobin at bay, local residents have stopped going outside in the dark.

Already at dusk, the 6-thousandth village resembles a ghost town. Many are looking forward to the completion of a new church here. People are sure that then the creature that attacked them will definitely leave them alone.


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Mustelids are mammals of the family Carnivora

Most often it is the antics of a ferret on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries are victims of the Chupacabra.

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