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Leprechaun. United Kingdom

ID #1711627351
Added Thu, 28/03/2024
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Source date: 
United Kingdom

In the silence of a recent night, illuminated by the radiance of the full moon, a curious incident occurred that caused many to scratch their heads in amazement.

A series of photos shared with the whole world via the social platform Reddit captures an unexpected guest who materialized, seemingly out of thin air.

The first photo presents a serene lunar spectacle: the full moon reigns in the night sky in its usual splendor. However, it was the second picture that caused controversy. Here, a small figure rushes across a previously empty lawn, its sudden appearance as confusing as it is tempting.

The person who brought these images to the public's attention received them from a friend who was also puzzled by the incident.

The authenticity of the photos has been the subject of much debate, especially because the family who took these images is reportedly not well versed in digital manipulation tools, which casts doubt on the likelihood of a fabricated scene.

Observers noted that the figure, whatever its nature, casts a shadow on the ground, which implies its physical presence at the time of shooting and does not take into account the possibility of a simple spot on the lens.

Speculation has become widespread: from theories about paranormal phenomena (ghost, elemental spirit) to complete rejection as an artful hoax.

The true nature of the figure remains shrouded in mystery, little is known about the origin of the photographs and the authenticity of the depicted scene.


The user who uploaded the photo writes:

These photos were taken one after another on the night of an abnormally large full moon. By fast sequence, I mean about two seconds. The family who took the photo have since installed motion-sensing cameras to see if they can get better images of the terrifying creature.

Original news

A pair of photos taken during a recent full moon have left viewers perplexed due to what appears to be the presence of some kind of entity that suddenly appears in the second image.

The pictures were posted to Reddit by a person who had purportedly received the images from a friend who was baffled by what they had captured on film.

While the initial image is a fairly benign photo of the full moon, the strange second image features a diminutive 'being' that seems to be dashing across the lawn of a home that had been barren just seconds earlier.

The person who posted the photos was doubtful that they were Photoshopped because the source for the images was an older family that is unfamiliar with the program.

Additionally, they point out that the anomaly looks to be casting a shadow on the lawn, meaning that it was not a smudge on the camera.

As one might expect, the photo set of a firestorm of speculation with opinions including paranormal suggestions, like a ghost or an elemental, and the standard skeptical argument that the story is a hoax.

Given that very little is known about the source of the photos and that the scene feels rather contrived, one would be wise to use caution before concluding that the image shows an elf or a leprechaun.

Then again, a breathtaking full moon just might be the kind of event that would draw 'nature spirits' out of hiding at least for a brief moment as they sneak into our realm for a glimpse of the event.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about beings like leprechauns, fairies, pixies, and other elementals can check out Christian Von Lahr's 3/17/2016 appearance on the program.



Photos taken on the night of the abnormally large full moon...looking for explanation.

Photo Evidence

I will preface this by stating facts I currently know. These photos were taken in quick succession on the night of the abnormally large full moon. By quick succession I mean approximately two seconds. Being a skeptic I would have any other time assumed it to be a photo shop job; but these particular family members are of an older generation that haven't even heard of the program. Some things I have already noticed of the photo, Whatever is here wasn't seen by the naked eye despite being roughly 10 feet in front of them and producing a shadow. The fact that it produces a shadow makes me rule out the possibility of it being something like a smudge on the lens. It also is opaque all except for it's what I'd assume is a face. I can provide more information as requested I'm really only looking for serious answers here. Thank you.

As requested. Each individual photo.

EDIT: In lieu of this spiking such interest in the community, I'll give you an update. The family that captured this photo has a motion-sensor light that is triggered at all hours of the night. Could be nothing we are well aware; but we have decided to put up motion-triggered trail cameras in the vicinity to see if we can get some better shots. Will continue to keep you informed.


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According to the calculations of Canadians, 2.2 million species live in the world's oceans, 6.5 million on land. There are only about 7.8 million species of animals on the planet, 611 thousand fungi, and 300 thousand plants.


Photo editing began to be used almost immediately after the advent of photography techniques. They were divided into methods of photomontage without manipulation of the image after receiving the photo and retouching of the photo itself or its negative (plate, film, etc.)

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Most often this artifact is called skayfish if the lens gets a passing bird or insect. It is based on the discrepancy between the speed of the video and the frequency of the flapping of insect wings. Essentially, each video drops a few strokes of the wings of an insect, which when viewed looks like "arrow", provided with long protuberances. The motion of the insect by its translucent body seems to "boom" and vibration of the wings give the appearance of bumps.

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There are a number of programs for processing photos and video that put the final image from the list to remove phone photo or video. For the selected image you can adjust the size and location of the facility, in some programs you can change the contrast, color, transparency and other simple settings. Video and photos obtained by such programmes are often not only used for entertainment, but not rare issue for paldino survey of unexplained phenomena.


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The shooting location is not specified. We pointed to the UK because the case was mentioned in local newspapers.

It is difficult to say under what circumstances and why someone took two photos with such a time difference. It can be assumed that this is some kind of animal in motion, accidentally caught in the frame. But it is more likely that this is a montage (for example, a special program was used for practical jokes), since the creature is illuminated from the opposite side from the light sources.




The most likely explanation. The version, confirmed by the investigation
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