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The Alien. Finland

ID #1717753935
Added Fri, 07/06/2024
Author July N.

Initial data

Initial information from sources or from an eyewitness
Incident date: 
08.1945 05:00
озеро Лянгелмявеси

1945, late August, morning, approx. 5 a.m.

Finland, Kangasala district, the shore of Lake Langelmavesi

Ilona Johanson-Paasonen:

I was in the sauna...It was a beautiful summer morning, and the surface of the lake looked smooth as glass.

I woke up shortly before 5 o'clock and... I noticed that the room was illuminated by light coming from under the edge of the roof... I pulled up the curtains. There was no limit to my amazement. From the shore of Sakhalakhti, which is located about 4 km from the sauna, a blinding fireball, bright as the sun, with a diameter of about 10 meters, was moving towards me. His speed was very high.

Overcoming my fear, I threw myself face down on the floor, waiting for the "end" because I was sure,

that if the balloon does not change the direction of flight, it will destroy the sauna. When I first saw the balloon moving over the lake, it was no further than 200-300 meters away.

After looking at the phenomenon a few minutes later, I discovered that the fireball had disappeared. The beautiful landscape was again in front of my eyes, 300 meters away from me, a dark object resembling a log about 2 m long was slowly gliding through the water, approaching the shore.

A large neighbor's dog was sitting in front of the sauna window, scared to death, with its fur standing on end. 

When "the log approached the pier, I saw that it was a narrow boat resembling a canoe. A tall, slender man stood on her nose. He was wearing greenish clothes. When the boat passed right in front of the pier, I saw that there was also a second person in it, who controlled the engine enclosed inside a large glass "bulb"...

The dog, no longer looking scared, ran away. I didn't hear any engine noise or splashing of water, but I observed a clear wake.


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