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Invaders from Mars


Added Sat, 16/07/2022
Release date
Original title
Invaders from Mars

"Aliens from Mars" (English: "Invaders from Mars") is a fantasy horror film released in 1986. A remake of the 1953 film of the same name.

Invaders from Mars


In the early hours of the night, young David Maclean sees a flying saucer land and disappear into the sand dunes just beyond his house. Slowly, all of the adults, including his once loving parents, begin to act strangely.

David Gardner, an eleven-year-old teenager, wakes up at night from a strange flash and sees an alien ship landing near his house. After a while, he notices that his parents, a schoolteacher and acquaintances are beginning to behave very strangely.

In vain, David assures adults that he has seen aliens with his own eyes – they only laugh at him, because all the inhabitants of the town are already under the power of aliens. Aggressive Martians come to grips with Earthlings.

Then David, with the help of a school nurse, warns the army, the military come to the aid of the residents of the town and destroy the alien ship.

David wakes up in a cold sweat: it turns out it was just a nightmare, and his parents calm him down. But a few seconds later, a spaceship lands on Earth, exactly the same as he saw in his dream…

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

The aliens arrive on Earth during a thunderstorm in a bean-shaped spaceship shrouded in spherical electric radiance, on the surface of which there are many bright light sources of different colors.

After landing, the ship plunges underground, where the aliens organize a base based on it. People who approach the landing site of the ship are sucked underground, after which they are captured by aliens.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

Aliens arrive from Mars to disrupt the plans of earthlings to explore the red planet. They kidnap Earthlings and seize control of their bodies by implanting special devices in the base of the neck. Enslaved earthlings behave strangely: they move slowly, talk without emotion, do not feel the taste of food (which is why they add a large amount of sugar or salt to it).

The aliens have a non-humanoid form. We are shown two kinds of aliens. Some of them look like giant fleas with sharp teeth and are equipped with energy cannons using copper as an energy source. After a shot from this cannon, only ashes remain from a person. These aliens are "soldiers". They are commanded by another alien who looks like a huge brain with eyes and a mouth.

The aliens make sounds and communicate with each other and with captured people, but it does not look like using full-fledged speech. Perhaps most of the communication takes place through telepathy.

When the alien ship explodes, the implants controlling people stop working, and they regain their free will.

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