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Little Green Men


Added Wed, 19/02/2020
Release date
Original title
The X-Files (season 2, episode 1)

The X-Files

TV Show|1993
The exploits of FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who investigate X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder believes in the existence of aliens and the paranormal while Scully, a skeptic, is assigned to make scientific analyses of Mulder's discoveries that debunk Mulder's work and thus return him to mainstream cases.

Secret files (season 2)

TV Show Season|1994

X-files is no more. The Department disbanded, agents Scully and Mulder are distributed to other units of the FBI. However, the new developments prove conclusively that the investigation of "Secret materials" is necessary, and Walter Skinner restores the unit to investigate the paranormal with a new team: Fox Mulder and Alex Gracecom.

"Little green men" (eng. "Little Green Men") is the first episode of the second season of the series "Secret materials". The episode continues the "mythology" of the series.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

In the prologue of episode Fox Mulder tells the story of the program "Voyager" from the National office for Aeronautics and space research and the now defunct program of listening of radio frequency electromagnetic signals, which was developed for the search for extraterrestrial life in deep space. In the closed Observatory in Arecibo (Puerto Rico), used to send messages into space, suddenly activated equipment, received a reply from extraterrestrial intelligence.

Since the closure of the "x-files" the FBI has separated agents Mulder and Scully. Former colleagues meet in secret at the hotel "Watergate". Mulder says that he was instructed electronic surveillance of a Scam. Scully is surprised that Mulder would be as if he lost interest in the "Secret materials" and does not want to communicate with her. Mulder admits that after the murder Deep Throats began to lose their belief in the paranormal. Just to be a witness of what is happening is not enough, he needs physical evidence. Scully recalls his sister Samantha, abducted in childhood by aliens, but Mulder begins to doubt the reality of this event. Scully walks away, urging him not to give up. Mulder also immersed in the childhood memories about the disappearance of sisters.

Soon Mulder called into a meeting with a new ally, Senator Richard Matheson. Matson is a agent to go to Arecibo, where he can continue his search for truth, Senator, in turn, will try to delay the team of Blue berets, which after 24 hours will be sent for the destruction of evidence of UFO landing. Mulder goes to Puerto Rico on the satellite station. There he discovers a terrified local resident Jorge, who draws aliens and claims to have seen them. Meanwhile, Scully, worried about the disappearance of Mulder trying to find him. Looking at the list of flying from Washington, she detects a passenger who travelled to Puerto Rico under the student named Mulder.

Mulder finds a signal, which may be a message of extraterrestrial intelligence. During a storm, Jorge gets scared and runs out into the street. Mulder rushes behind him and finds the Spaniard died of fear. Scully goes to the airport to fly to Puerto Rico, but realizes that she was being watched. She manages to get rid of persecutors. Meanwhile, Mulder examines the body of Jorge, but the room starts moving, and the open door appears the figure of the alien. The next morning, Scully wakes Mulder, he rushes to take readings and to look for entry signals – proof of the existence of aliens, he was looking for so long. Soon, however, comes a team of Blue berets, and the couple have to flee, to take with them they had only one reel.

Upon returning to Washington, Mulder receives a reprimand from Walter Skinner and the Smoker for willful absence. Mulder said that although he deserves punishment, but mandated cases were found a lot of evidence, which was not shown any attention. Mulder also claims that even its absence would have gone unnoticed if his phone was tapped Skinner. Skinner demands that the Smoker went out and decides not to punish Mulder. Studying produced the film, Mulder discovers that the information on it erased. Scully suggests that the cause of this may be a power surge during a thunderstorm.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

Aliens in the series is shown twice: the first time – in the memories of Mulder on the abduction of Samantha, the second Observatory, at the time of contact. In contrast to the case of the abduction of Samantha, the purpose of the visit of aliens to the Observatory remains unclear.

The appearance of the aliens is accompanied by a rumble, a shaking of the earth and the bright flashes of white and red light. The appliances are switched off, some mechanical tools (in particular the gun) is also not working. Immediately before the visit radio receivers record the radio signals of the doublet earthlings (one of them is the record that is sent once on Voyager, the second repeats what is dictated to Mulder as notes).

The aliens look exactly the same: they stand in a brightly lit doorway, and through the light, can discern only their elongated silhouettes.

The aliens show the ability of telekinesis: they open the outside door, locked the latch and move a heavy wardrobe, which barricaded Mulder.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

For the manifestation of a poltergeist in the series can be taken effects that precede the appearance of the aliens. It is accompanied by switching off electrical appliances, as well as the failures of some mechanical tools (in particular the gun). Starts spontaneously moving items: opens the door, locked the latch and moving the heavy wardrobe.

Mulder remembers that this phenomenon occurred in his childhood when her sister has been kidnapped. In addition, her body unexpectedly rose into the air and floated out the window.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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