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Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.


Added Mon, 16/11/2020
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Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

The Dalek invasion of Earth is the second of two feature-length non-Canon films based on the science fiction television series Doctor Who, namely the classic story of the Daleks, consisting of seven episodes, which were shown between December 21, 1963 and February 1, 1964. The first film, Doctor Who and the Daleks, was released in 1965.

Dr. Who and the Daleks


Scientist Doctor Who accidentally activates his new invention, the Tardis, a time machine disguised as a police telephone box. Doctor Who, his two grand-daughters, and Barbara's boyfriend Ian are transported through time and space to the planet Skaro, where a peaceful race of Thals are under threat of nuclear attack from the planet's other inhabitants: the robotic mutant Daleks.

Doctor Who, along with his granddaughter Susan, niece Louise, and a police officer Tom who happens to be in their company, arrive on Earth in 2150 and discover that the planet has been taken over by the Daleks from the planet Skaro. The aliens have enslaved humans and are using them as labor to try to get to the core of the Earth.

The doctor and Tom are captured by the aliens and taken to their spaceship. Meanwhile, the girls meet members of an underground resistance group who are intent on overthrowing the regime of the cruel aliens. One of the group members, Wyler, looks after the girls while his friend David tries to free the scientist. But the rebels are too disorganized and demoralized to offer any serious resistance to the Daleks.

On the alien ship, the Doctor and Tom are placed in a prison cell, but using the scientist's knowledge of the Dalek race gained during the events of the first film, the prisoners escape.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The aliens in the film are the Daleks. As in the previous film, they are completely hidden by metal protective suits (this time the Daleks themselves are not shown at all). Now these suits allow them to move on any surface, not just on metal tracks. Suits fail under the influence of a strong magnetic field.

The Daleks ' plan is to extract The earth's metal core and use the planet as a huge spaceship. They are going to bring Earth closer to their planet and take it over. To this end, they have created a base on Earth, drilled into the earth's crust and are going to detonate a powerful bomb in its depths. They use enslaved people as their labor force. The most intelligent of the captured inhabitants of Earth are brainwashed by the Daleks and turned into biorobots.

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

The Daleks move around the planet Earth using a huge flying machine, which all the characters in the film call a "flying saucer" despite the fact that its shape is far from classical. Its upper part is divided into two halves, equipped with illuminated portholes arranged in a circle and rotating in different directions.

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