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The Deadly Mantis


Added Sun, 17/04/2022
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The Deadly Mantis

"The Deadly Mantis" (English: "The Deadly Mantis") is an American black-and-white fiction film released in 1957.

The film widely uses footage from short documentaries of the US Air Force, such as "All the Guardians", "One Plane – one Bomb" and "SFP308". The footage of the Inuit village was taken from the 1933 Universal Studio film "SOS Iceberg".

Somewhere in the sea, a volcano begins to erupt, as a result of which the ice of the North Pole is shifting. A huge iceberg breaks off from the Arctic ice and slowly begins to melt. Gradually, the mantis monster enclosed in it, more than 60 meters long, which froze millions of years ago, is also thawing.

Soon after, military personnel in northern Canada, at the Red Eagle–1 station, which is part of the long-range early warning system, notice that no one is answering calls at one of the remote posts. The commander of the unit, Colonel Joe Parkman, flies there to investigate, and discovers that the post has been destroyed, the whole team has disappeared, and the snow around the post is dotted with someone's giant footprints.

Parkman sends his pilots to investigate, but they do not find anything. Soon, a giant mantis attacks an Air Force plane and destroys it. The rescue team collects the wreckage of the plane, and this time, in addition to the huge footprints, they find an unusual object with a length of one and a half meters in the snow. Parkman delivers this item to General Mark Ford.

Later, a group of scientists assembled by Ford manages to identify the object as a severed spur from the insect's leg. They guess that the creature to which the spur belonged must be a mantis of enormous size.

After the military and scientists return to the military base, she is attacked by a giant mantis. The monster cannot be destroyed by any weapon, and he leaves only after the Air Force begins to attack him. A few hours later, the base is still on high alert, but eventually they receive news that the monster is moving on and has already attacked a boat off the coast of Canada. This means, according to scientists, that the monster is flying at a speed of 320 kilometers per hour in the direction of the United States.

Soon, the mantis is seen in Washington, D.C., atop the Washington Monument. After several chases and fights with the monster, the military manages to destroy it in New York near the Manhattan tunnel by dropping a bomb with chemical toxic substances on it from an airplane.

Phenomena in artwork: Flying creatures

The film shows a huge prehistoric mantis, which was imprisoned for a long time in the Arctic ice. When he wakes up after defrosting, he heads south, hoping to get to his usual habitat.

The mantis is carnivorous, attacks people and eats them without leaving even body parts.

It is possible to kill the mantis after the use of large-caliber weapons and toxic substances.

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