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Ghostbusters: Afterlife


Added Wed, 05/01/2022
Release date
Original title
Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Ghostbusters: The Heirs (English: Ghostbusters: Afterlife) is an American fantasy comedy film released in 2021. The picture is a direct continuation of the movie "Ghostbusters" and actually ignores the events of the original sequel "Ghostbusters 2".



After losing their academic posts at a prestigious university, a team of parapsychologists goes into business as proton-pack-toting "ghostbusters" who exterminate ghouls, hobgoblins and supernatural pests of all stripes. An ad campaign pays off when a knockout cellist hires the squad to purge her swanky digs of demons that appear to be living in her refrigerator.

After the events in New York in 1984, the Ghostbusters team disbanded due to the decline of supernatural activity in the city. Shortly after that, 32 years ago, Egon Spangler moved to a farm in the town of Summerville (Oklahoma) and began experimenting in the field of paranormal activity. A week before the main events of the film begin, Igon catches a supernatural creature at the Ivo Sandor mine, after which he dies of a heart attack.

Kelly Spangler, Igon's daughter, with children Trevor and Phoebe are evicted from the house for non-payment. She is forced to move and settle in an abandoned house she inherited on her father's farm. The children are dissatisfied with moving to a remote province, but they have to get used to it. Trevor meets a local girl, Lucky, and gets a job at the diner where she works. Tremors often occur in the town, which everyone considers to be ordinary earthquakes.

Phoebe, sorting out old junk in her grandfather's house, discovers an indicator of supernatural activity, and then a trap for ghosts. The girl finds a book that describes the possible second coming of the Sumerian deity Gozer. She shows the trap to her new Podcast friend and summer school teacher Gary Gruberson, who in the 1980s was obsessed with the Ghostbusters story. The three of them decide to open the trap, apply tension to it, and some kind of creature breaks free.

Meanwhile, Trevor and Lucky with other guys go for a country walk. At the abandoned Sandor mine, they notice ghostly activity. Returning, Trevor digs up an Ecto-1 car in the garage, which once belonged to Hunters. The vehicle is on the move. At the same time, Phoebe finds a laboratory, equipment and proton packs of Hunters in a secret room of the house. Phoebe puts the satchel in working condition and goes to catch the ghost of a Munchkin eating metal who has escaped to freedom. The four heroes climb into the Ecto-1 and chase a ghost through Summerville, damaging city property along the way. The heroes are detained by the police and the Hunters' equipment is confiscated.

Using the right to call, Phoebe informs Ray Stanz about her detention, whose phone she saw in an old advertisement for Hunters, but he refuses to help her. Kelly and Gary release the children. Trevor, Phoebe, Lucky and Podcast head to the mine, where they find the temple of Gozer, which is a portal between dimensions. There they also discover the body of Ivo Sandor and a device with crossed beams of proton emitters built by Igon to contain Gozer, whose attempts to get out of the portal cause earthquakes.

Meanwhile, paranormal activity is increasing dramatically in the city. Gary Gruberson and Kelly find themselves possessed by demons Vince Klorto and Zuul. Thus, they become the Housekeeper and Gatekeeper and meet Gozer, who appears from the portal after Gruberson destroys the containment device.

Taking the coveralls and equipment of the Hunters, the guys arrive at the mine in an ectomobile and, following the plan of the Podcast, capture Zuul in a ghost trap, freeing Kelly. Then they lure Gozer to Spangler's farm, where they are going to attack the deity. However, the trap built by Igon fails, and Gozer frees Zuul, who immediately moves into Lucky.

Due to the fact that part of the equipment is disabled, it is impossible to cross the beams of proton packs. The method by which Gozer was stopped in 1984 also does not work. When Gozer is almost gaining the upper hand, the old Hunters suddenly appear on the scene: Ray Stanz, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddmore. The ghost of Egon Spangler comes to their aid, who helps Phoebe. Trevor manages to charge the capacitors and launch a large number of traps installed on the farm by Egon. The heroes prevail over Gozer, Gary Gruberson and Lucky are free. Igon reconciles with his family and friends, after which he goes to the afterlife. The hunters return victoriously to New York with their equipment and an ectomobile.

In the scene after the credits, Peter and Dana Barrett beat the opening scene of the first film - with a test with Zener cards and an electric shock. In the second scene after the credits, Winston discusses plans for the future of Ghostbusters with Janine Melnitz: that Zeddmore bought the Ghostbusters firehouse from Starbucks. At the same time, a warning light flashes on the ecto-storage in the fire station.

Phenomena in artwork: Ghost

There are many ghosts in the film and they are diverse.

The first ghost is the spirit of the main character's grandfather, a former ghost hunter. He lives on the farm where he lived before his death. At first, he manifests himself only as a poltergeist, but at the end of the film he acquires a visible appearance corresponding to the appearance before death.

The second ghost, met by the heroes of the film, lives in an abandoned factory and feeds on metal objects. It looks like a shapeless blue blob with a round head and three pairs of arm-like limbs. He is able to spit metal like a machine gun, but does not disturb people until they start hunting him.

Other ghosts are entities generated by the world of Gozer (possibly arrived from it). They are visible, but their appearance is different from human. They attack people and scare them.  Separately, two main servants of Gozer can be distinguished – the Housekeeper and the Gatekeeper. Each of them is a ghostly entity that inhabits people and makes them werewolves, capable of turning into huge dog-like demonic creatures.

As in the original film, the ghosts are held with the help of energy beams ("proton streams") and placed in special traps.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

An alien from another world is Gozer– an ancient Sumerian evil deity who once lived in our world, but was expelled thousands of years ago and has been striving to return ever since. Attempts to return him are always accompanied by cataclysms: this was the case in 1883 (the eruption of Krakatoa), 1914 (the fall of the Tunguska meteorite), 1945, 1984 (the events of the first film), 2021 (the events of this film).

Gozer is very strong and has paranormal abilities: at a minimum, he can tear a person in half and emit energy rays from his body. Gozer has no gender:

Gozer – not him and not her

As in the original film, before the arrival of Gozer, his ghostly servants appear - the Housekeeper and the Gatekeeper, who must inhabit two people, meet in the flesh and perform ritual intercourse. If one of these two is trapped, then Gozer loses some of his power (including his carnal appearance) and strives with all his might to free him.

Despite the fact that Gozer is not a ghost in the usual sense, traps and energy rays act on him in the same way as on other ghosts.

Phenomena in artwork: Wandering Fire

For a wandering fire, you can take the spirit of one of Gozer's servants flying over a cornfield in the night

Phenomena in artwork: Ectoplasm

Ectoplasm (a transparent mucous substance) appears in places where ghosts have been seen.

Phenomena in artwork: Werewolf

The main servants of Gozer - the Housekeeper and the Gatekeeper - are ghostly entities that inhabit people and make them werewolves capable of turning into huge dog-like demonic creatures. After defeating Gozer, the creatures turn into hollow stone statues, inside of which there are possessed people.

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

The manifestations of the poltergeist are the result of interaction with the surrounding world of the spirit of the former ghost hunter Igon Spangler, who lives on the farm. He is able to move and levitate objects, turn on electrical appliances, etc.

Phenomena in artwork: Parallel world

The portal to a parallel world (the world of the ancient Sumerian god Gozer) is located in a temple built in an abandoned mine. It is a circular well, in the depths of which ghosts from another world and Gozer himself are locked.

Phenomena in artwork: Zombies

The film shows two living dead. The first of them is Ivo Sandor, the man who built the temple of Gozer and revived after his arrival in our world. The second one is one of the dead miners who was resurrected after the appearance of Gozer and came to drink coffee in his favorite cafe.

Phenomena in artwork: Animated objects

As revived objects, marshmallow men come to life after the arrival of the servants of Gozer – the Housekeeper and the Gatekeeper - in the town.

Unlike the original film, in which the Marshmallow Man was huge and represented a way to destroy the world, here the little men are very small and the existence of the world is not threatened. However, they compensate for the lack of size with quantity and bad behavior: there are a lot of little men and they are very interested in technology, constantly trying to break it or disassemble it, like gremlins.

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