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The Golden Child


Added Wed, 30/12/2020
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The Golden Child

The Golden Child is an American dark fantasy comedy film released in 1986.

Golden Boy – a child with mystical powers-performs a miracle in a Tibetan temple, resurrecting a dead bird. Soon, villains break into the temple, who kill the monks and take the boy.

Then the action moves to Los Angeles, where social worker Chandler Jerell is searching for missing children. After he is shown on the TV show, Chandler is visited by an Asian woman, Ki Nang, who informs him that he is the chosen one. Chandler must save the Golden Boy from the demons, who, in turn, will save the whole world from evil. At first, Chandler does not believe in any demons and is mainly engaged in courting Ki Nang.

Soon, sinister events begin to occur in Los Angeles. Near the house, covered with Tibetan inscriptions, they find a dead girl, whose search was carried out by Chandler. With her blood added to the Golden Boy's food, the kidnappers hoped to make him vulnerable to Earth weapons – but he refused to eat.

In desperation, the main villain named Sardo Numspa offers Chandler a deal. He agrees to exchange the Golden Boy for the Ajanti dagger, which the brave social worker will have to get in Tibet. With this dagger, brought to our world from another, you can kill the Golden Boy. Numspa, who cannot reach the dagger on his own, plans to trick Chandler into taking it from him when he returns to the United States and kill the child.

Taking the dagger at the airport fails, but later in the night Numspa kills Ki Neng and still takes the dagger. To resurrect his beloved, Chandler has to find the Golden Boy and kill Sardo Numps before the sun goes down.

Phenomena in artwork: Servodata

"Golden" is a child who is born once in a thousand generations and represents one of the human virtues. The boy born today is the epitome of compassion, and if he dies, " The earth will turn into Hell."

Golden Boy has many supernatural abilities. He can revive dead people and animals, turn evil people to the path of good, move objects by force of will, stretch chains, start a car, etc. It can appear to a person in the form of an astral projection and move a live bird to him.

In order to limit his abilities, the kidnappers keep the boy constantly surrounded by evil: people sit around his cage, constantly casting dark spells that are duplicated in the form of inscriptions on the walls. You can only kill a boy with a normal weapon if he defiles his body – for example, if he eats food with human blood. Another method of killing involves using a special dagger that was brought into our world to kill the previous Golden Child.

Phenomena in artwork: Witchcraft

The abbot of a Tibetan monastery has magical abilities, who keeps a dagger that can kill a Golden child. He sells the main character an amulet that can repel a blow with this dagger, and then disappears without a trace.

Phenomena in artwork: Spirits

The forces of evil send a demon to Earth, whose goal is to kill the Golden Child. He usually looks like a normal person of European appearance, but can take the form of a rat, as well as appear in his true form – a terrifying creature with horns and huge webbed wings.

The demon has the ability to enter a person's dream and inflict a wound there, which will remain with him after waking up.

Phenomena in artwork: Parallel world

The film shows one of the locations of the world from which the demon came – a huge fiery cave that resembles hell.

Phenomena in artwork: Naked

The film shows a female creature that is half female, half snake with two tails. She is more than three hundred years old, and her appearance is explained by the fact that her grandmother was raped by a dragon.

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