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Guest from the Future


Added Wed, 27/01/2021
Release date
Original title
Гостья из будущего

"Guest from the Future" is a Soviet children's five-part television science fiction mini-series based on the fantastic story of Kir Bulychev "One Hundred Years Ahead" (1977).

The premiere of the film took place from 25 to 29 March 1985 on the First Program of the Central Television of the USSR during the spring school holidays, and then the tape was repeated many times on different TV channels.

1st series

On April 13, 1984, a student of the 6th "B" class of the 20th Moscow school, Kolya Gerasimov, after going to the store for kefir after school, meets his friend and classmate Fima Korolev on the street. The latter holds a book by Mayne Reid and tells about the surveillance of a mysterious stranger in an unusual terracotta dress with a low-cut waist. Fima saw the woman go out and return to the abandoned house three times. Kolya makes the assumption that the young woman just came to Moscow from Konotop and did not find a hotel. Fima convinces him to continue the pursuit. So the students find themselves in a resettled house. An accidentally dropped tennis ball leads Kolya to a strange basement with columns and Paleolithic wall paintings. Behind the vintage door is a brightly lit room with an unusual device in the shape of a scale with a remote control and a round red platform. Kolya presses the multi-colored buttons on the panel and thereby turns on the device, which turns out to be a time machine.

Kolya moves into the future and finds himself in a strange suite of rooms with stained glass windows in blue meanders. A stranger in a terracotta dress instructs a long-haired, blond biorobot with a mechanical voice, Werther, to finish cleaning and turn off the remote control. The robot makes the assumption that the woman is going to the spaceport to meet the star expedition. After she leaves, a man in a white Roman robe appears and tells Werther that he saved the manuscripts of Aeschylus from the library of Alexandria. From the conversation, it follows that Werther is not only engaged in cleaning, but also makes an inventory of documentation, and the man in Roman attire turns out to be Ivan Sergeevich from the Moscow Institute of Time. Then Professor Gogi appears, dressed as an eighteenth-century Marquis, and declares that he has "just come from Voltaire." Next comes Maria in a Stone Age outfit with a baton in her hands and asks Werther for a map of Southern Yemen. Three members in costumes from different eras go, going on a fishing trip. Werther discovers Kolya, detains him, and takes inventory. At first, Werther intends to put Kolya in a museum, but then he realizes that this may discredit Polina (who also happens to be an employee of the institute), with whom he is unrequited in love. He decides to send the boy back, revealing to him that he is in the year 2084. Intrigued, Kolya asks the robot to let him at least briefly look at the future. Disappointed in his work, Werther lets the boy go for a walk in Moscow.

Next to the Institute, Kohl finds the outline of a red bus with six doors. The two guests from Alpha Centauri who came up are interested in how to get to the Pushkin Museum on the Arbat (while for some reason calling it "the house where he lived as a little boy"). However, Kolya does not know whether this museum works, so he advises them to go to Pushkin Square. After seeing off the aliens, Kolya sees how, after entering the door of this "bus", they really find themselves on Pushkin Square, and realizes that the bus works like a teleport.

Kolya goes through another door and finds himself on the shore of the Moscow Sea, and when he returns to the Prospekt Mira bus stop, he runs into an elderly man in a three-piece suit and a hat. He claims that Kolya is incorrectly dressed for the carnival, because with the school uniform a hundred years ago, they did not wear sneakers, but sandals. During the conversation, Kolya learns that his interlocutor's name is Pavel, and he is 132 years old, that is, he was born 20 years earlier than Kolya. Finally, Pavel goes to the Bolshoi Theater, and Kolya, going through the same door on the other side of the "bus", is not far from the monument to the" Conquerors of Space", where people carelessly play badminton on the lawn and take horse rides.

After eating a snack in a vending machine with free cakes and seeing that even children use flips (personal flying machines the size of a mini-car), Kolya gets into one of these flips and flies around Moscow in 2084-to the Cosmos Hotel and the Bolshoi Theater, flies over the Kremlin and finally lands at the Spaceport. He decides to fly to the Moon or Uranus for a short time, but the information machine says that "registration for the lunar flight is over", and to get to Uranus you need to be a scientist.

2nd series

Kolya meets a group of schoolchildren in overalls with the words "Intercosmos"on the back in the waiting room of the Spaceport. They have an extra-curricular task – to launch a satellite into orbit. Wandering through the service rooms of the spaceport, he notices that two strange ghostly creatures with stone faces appear from a container that arrived from Saturn. They attack two Spaceport employees who are searching for containers of diamonds from Pluto, immobilize (or kill) them.) and they take their shape. Then these creatures are looking for Professor Seleznev (director of KosmoZoo), who appears in the company of Polina (all the same employee of the Institute of Time, and part-time-the wife of the captain of the spaceship "Vityaz"). They are interested in mielofon – a unique device on the basis of the crystal, designed for reading my thoughts. Professor Seleznev reports that his daughter Alice Selezneva uses this device to read the thoughts of animals in the CosmoZoo. Immobilized by the creatures, grandfather Pavel (father of the captain of the Vityaz and father-in-law of Polina) informs Kolya that he was attacked by pirates – Rat and Merry Man U-and now Kolya must save Alice.

Meanwhile Alice in KOSMOZOO with mielofon conducting experiments on the crocodile Passage. The pirates, having changed their appearance, steal the device from Alice. But Kolya, who has arrived in time, with the help of CosmoZoo researcher Electron Ivanovich and the talking goat Napoleon, intercepts the pirates ' myelophone and flies with it to the Time Institute under the protection of the Werther biorobot. Kolya is being chased by space pirates in the yellow uniforms of Spaceport employees, and Alice is hurrying after them.

Werther manages to send Kolya back to 1984 in a time machine, but he is killed by angry pirates who kill him with a laser blaster. Kolya returns to his own time – in April 13, 1984. After him, the space pirates Krys and Veselchak U, who only know Kolya's appearance, and soon – and Alice Selezneva, who knows Kolya's name, school number and class (this information was given to her by Napoleon in the CosmoZoo), but does not know Kolya by sight.

During the subsequent chase Coley from pirates and Alice on the streets of Moscow he manages to evade them, but a stranger with ground traffic 1984 Alisa Selezneva is involved in a minor traffic accident and finds himself in the trauma unit of a hospital in the same room with my friend Julia Fungal.

At home, Kolya tells Fima Korolev about everything that happened. But he insistently convinces Kolya to lie low, and to hide the myelophone safely, and best of all – to burn it altogether.

Episode 3

The hospital's medical staff is at a loss: what to do with the new patient Alice? Her bruises were not serious, but in order for her to be discharged, her parents or someone from her family must come for her, and Alice says that she remembers absolutely nothing about herself except her name. So the doctors are waiting for Alice to finally remember something. She is not particularly frank with her neighbor in the ward Yulia, but in one of the conversations it turns out that Yulia is studying in the 6th" In " class of the 20th school, that is, in the same school and class as Kolya, whom she is now looking for! In her joy, Alice still tells Yulia the whole truth about herself.

Night Kolya and Fima attempt again to enter the time machine to send mielofon with a cover note, back to the future, but this venture fails: in the closet, obscuring the entrance to the time machine, instead of the movable partition is a common back wall of the Cabinet, and, besides, it was in this house settled Rats and Joker Have, had almost discovered the guys.

After tracking down Alice, the space pirates (Rat – disguised as Alice's doctor, and Jolly Wu – posing as her father) enter the hospital late in the evening. Pirates raided the house the girls, but mielofon, of course, can't find it now. Then the doctors come to the ward, and the pirates leave the hospital.

After that, Alice tells Yulia about who their sudden "visitors"were. The girls decide not to tempt fate any more, and the next morning they escape from the hospital to Yulia's home through the first-floor window. Thanks to the connections of Yulia's grandmother, Alice is temporarily arranged to study in the same class with Yulia. The space pirates in the hospital manage to find out Yulia's address and even the school where Yulia, and now Alice, studies. Pirates set up surveillance of the house and school.

Episode 4

Kolya is in doubt, not knowing what to do. Just give the myelophone to Alice, who suddenly appeared in their 6 "B", he does not dare. In addition, he is categorically dissuaded from this by Fima, who believes that people from the future may want to get rid of an unwanted witness who has penetrated into the future and learned something about it. In turn, the main problem of Alice is that she does not know Kolya by sight, and in 6 "B" there are as many as three Kolis – Sulima, Sadovsky and Gerasimov, and therefore it is not clear to Alice and Yulia which of them has the myelophone. Even by asking provocative questions to each Stake, they can't get any closer to the truth. Alice thinks that this is Sadovsky, but Yulia rejects this version, knowing that he is a big dreamer and a fan of science fiction.

At school, Alice has an excellent knowledge of English (in total, she knows "only" 8 languages) and sports achievements (for example, she can jump 6 m 20 cm in length), so the coach of the children's sports school, Marta Erastovna Skryl, draws attention to her and tries to attract her to participate in competitions.

Finally, Kolya, on the fourth day of Alice's stay in their class, can't stand the strain and still decides to give her the myelophone – though not directly into her hands, but secretly. He brings it to school, and during recess, he quietly puts a school bag in Yulin, along with a note in which he explains the situation to Alice and asks her to forgive him.

But the pirates also infiltrate this school on the same day, previously under the guise of doctors from the hospital "for particularly dangerous children", convincing Mila Rutkevich, a classmate of Kolya, Fima, Yulia and Alice, that Alice's abilities are simply abnormal. Realizing the current situation, Kolya, in order to distract the attention of the pirates on himself and save Alice and myelophone, runs out of the classroom with the words:

Alice, it's me! Mielofon me! I hid it! I am!

The pirates immediately take these words of Kolya at face value and rush to catch up with him. Alice is also evident in pursuit of the ruts and the pirates: now she finally knows which of the three Stake is mielofon. As a result of a long chase through the streets and alleys of Moscow, space pirates overtake Kolya and take him to an abandoned house with a time machine, where they had a temporary shelter. Alice loses track of them, because Marta Erastovna tries to stop her and persuade her to participate in the competition.

Episode 5

Julia and her classmates, to whom she tells the whole story, leave the lesson disrupted by the pirates in search of Kolya. Soon they meet Alice, who has not caught up with the pirates. Mielofon with Kolya, a note found in the portfolio of Julia. Reading the thoughts of a random witness of Kolya's capture by pirates - the cowardly and timid Ishutin, who was intimidated by the pirates and ordered to be silent about what they saw and heard, the guys find out where Kolya is and go to his rescue.

At this time, Kolya is in the hands of pirates, and they hang him upside down, while trying to bribe him with material goods – they offer a bicycle, a scooter, a Zhiguli ,and just money. Kolya is courageously silent, but loses consciousness because of the torture. At the same time, the pirates see a new problem: Kolya's classmates approach the abandoned house.

In the boarded-up house comes one Alice with a myelophone (the guys were distracted by the Rats, who took the form of Kolya). She hears Kolya moaning (in fact, it is the altered voice of Merry Wu, who thus lures Alice deeper into the house) and in one of the rooms finds a half-dead Kolya, hugs and thanks for saving the myelophone. At this time, the Merry in quietly crept up, grabs mielofon. But then he meets a new obstacle-coach Marta Erastovna.

The merry man Wu attacks the female coach, but she, using a martial arts technique, throws him out of the window, causing him to lose consciousness. But his colleague Rat is waiting for him downstairs in the form of an old woman-a "random passer – by" - and in front of the children takes the device, threatening them with the police. After securing a long-awaited mielofon, space pirates rush to the basement, where a time machine.

But in the basement of an abandoned house, the pirates are horrified to find that the door to the time machine is blocked. The guys who arrive in this hall find the dejected and angry space pirates at the bricked-up door. The pirates demonstrate the power of the blaster by shooting at the pillars in the building, which crash down. But at this moment, the door leading to the time machine suddenly opens unexpectedly for everyone and Pauline appears from there. The pirates try to kill her, but in vain: Pauline is invulnerable to the blaster.

— In the name of Galactic law, you are under arrest!"

- says Pauline and paralyzes the space pirates, returning them to their original appearance. Then she asks the kids not to tell anyone about the whole time travel thing. But the children make it clear that they will not be able to keep the secret. However, the employee of the Institute of Time is not confused: even if children tell adults about the battle with space pirates, no one will believe them, and the future is not in danger.

She sends the arrested pirates back to the future, and gives Alice two minutes to say goodbye to the guys and hurry back to her time – in 2084. Alice says goodbye to the guys during their stay in their class had become attached, and reveals a little of each of the boys his fate: he tells them one of them who will be in the future, i.e., in its present (among the guys is even the future inventor of a time machine – "ordinary engineer").

Then she enters the room with the time machine, gives the boys a fond farewell look, and the automatic door leading to the car hides her from them.

Phenomena in artwork: Chronorally

The main character of the film, schoolboy Kolya, gets from 1984 to 2084 with the help of a time machine built by people of the future to explore the past. The car is a nearly empty, brightly lit room with walls and ceiling painted white. In the center of the room there is a control device, as well as a round platform on which the time traveler must stand. The entrance to the room in 1984 is located in the basement of an abandoned house, in the future it is one of the rooms in the Institute of Time.

During the time travel, colorful lights and shapes appear around the traveler.

In the future, Kolya is faced with the achievements of human technology: a romantic android Werther, a device for reading thoughts "myelophone", flying taxis, devices for instant teleportation to any point of the Earth, etc.

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

In the future, Kolya sees many objects that can be mistaken for UFOs: flying taxis, street signs, spacecraft, etc.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

In the future, Kolya meets several creatures that are aliens from other planets. Some of them (such as the aliens from Alpha Centauri) appear only in episodes, while others (space pirates Rat and Merry Man U) are the main characters of the story and are present throughout it.

The aliens from Alpha Centauri look like red-haired, balding people, dressed in strange striped robes. On their face, a pattern of white stripes is drawn (perhaps it is part of the skin).

Rat and Jolly Wu arrive in a box from Saturn and immediately afterward are ghostly humanoids with stone faces and gray-green skin. With the help of the rays released from the eyes, they immobilize (or kill) employees of the spaceport and take on their appearance, at the same time gaining density. In the future, it turns out that space pirates can at any time take the form of any person (including clothing and voice), while the Rat in any image remains sticking out small fangs. Funny guy Wu in one of the episodes demonstrates the ability to walk on vertical walls.

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