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According to Lopotukhin...


Added Thu, 10/10/2019
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Если верить Лопотухину…

"If you believe Lopotuhinu..." – the Soviet art of the two-part TV movie by Mikhail Kozakov, based on a play by Aleksandr Khmelik, "the Humanoid races in the sky (and shouts: "Stop studying!")".

The stage of search of extraterrestrial artifacts in the yard is an obvious parody of the film "Stalker", also filmed by the photography Director A. knyazhinsky. In addition to episode from the movie "Stalker", who is looking the disciples in the cinema, in the film used footage from another film of A. Tarkovsky "Solaris".

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

The film tells the story of a very unusual event that occurred at the school after John Lopotuhin missed the math lesson. According to the student for being late he has a good reason: he saw a flying saucer and spoke with her passengers, one of which was very similar to the school Director Yuri Leonidovich. This story brings the teacher out. She remembers all the ridiculous excuses that Lopotuhin explained its previous tardiness, and calls the Director. The hearing in turn Lopatuhina, asked to deal with it pupils from the school Council. But one of the members of the Council, the representative of the astronomy club of the school, trying to persuade the President to check the story Lopotuhinu. They create a Commission to investigate this unusual case. In lopotuhin by the place the disciples met another witness of the landing of a flying saucer – the mechanic from the local housing office, which is almost word for word repeats the story Vasey. There they find strange metal balls.

Students talk about their findings, and the theme of aliens is becoming a major in the school of life: music lessons, learn a song about aliens, drama club puts on a play based on the poem "Struten" (1974) David Samoilov, the plot of which the aliens kidnap Tsar Alexander I. the school Director do not like this situation, and he calls the father Lopotuhinu. The leads instead of the father of his friend, the locksmith from the housing Department, which was a "witness" landings. Yuri Leonidovich tells a long story Lopotuhinu and his "father" how bad this whole alien theme, and reveals the secret of a teacher of mathematics, whose husband was also interested in flying saucers and the result disappeared. The mechanic is so imbued with the words of the Director that convinces Lopatuhina to publicly admit that he made up the whole story with the flying saucer.

First, the disciples refuse to believe Lopotuhinu, but in love with his classmate Malakhov admits that she persuaded the mechanic to confirm the words of Basil, and threw metal balls at specified landing place of the ship.

Lopotuhin speech about how boring to live without faith in a mysterious. Then he claims that the aliens call him to go with them, winks and goes out the window.

After half a year Lopotuhin returns to class as if nothing had happened. Students trying to find out from him whether there are aliens in fact, but it leaves intrigue.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

Despite the fact that the whole plot is built around a flying saucer that was seen (or not seen) Lopotuhin, a UFO and not show it. The only object shown in the film, it's a space station that Lopotuhin and Malakhov see in the movies.

Description Lopatuhina, flying saucer similar to the "Zaporozhets" old model with a glass top. Before landing, she lets out a loud whistle, landing "quacks", and then hisses. On the spot where according to the testimony Lopatuhina landed UFO, the students find a metal ball of unknown origin, which reacts (or not) a Geiger counter and are definitely not attracted by a magnet. It is later revealed that the balls are tossed Malakhov, long in love with Lopatuhina, in order to give his story authenticity.

One of the characters of the film (the Director of school Yury Leonidovich) demonstrates a well-known photograph of a UFO, confirming with them their words that "flying saucers not so simple". For example, it is possible to notice a famous photograph of a vehicle Umma 1967 or photographs of farmer Paul Trent of Mcminnville 1950.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

Aliens ("humanoid") meets Lopotuhin (if you believe him) during UFO sightings. They communicate with the boy, figuring out the way to Ashgabat, where they're going with the scientific mission of the "monitoring earthquake measuring 4-5 on the Richter scale, which is supposed to happen on Thursday." Lopotuhin can't remember in what language he talked to them (maybe it's happened telepathically). The aliens promise to take Lopatuhina with him on the way back.

In the film show two aliens in space suits with glass helmets and two antennas. One of the humanoids looks exactly like the headmaster, the second similar to the missing husband-ufologist teacher in mathematics.

It remains unclear, see if any of these aliens, do they exist for real or are a figment of the imagination Lopotuhinu.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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