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The Invisible Man


Added Sun, 28/03/2021
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The Invisible Man

"The Invisible Man "(English:" The Invisible Man") is a film adaptation of the work of the same name by H. G. Wells, directed by James Whale in 1933.

The film is part of the classic series of horror films by Universal studios. In 2008, the film was included in the US National Film Registry, having cultural, historical and aesthetic significance.

Interesting fact: in 1935, the film was acquired by Soyuzintorgkino and dubbed by NIKFI (Research Film and Photo Institute). The sound was recorded on the KINAP device using the system of Engineer Shorin. This was the first experience of dubbing a full-length film in the USSR.

On a cold spring evening, a strange man comes to the hotel in the village of Iping, his whole face is bandaged, and his eyes are hidden by large black glasses. He rents a room and demands not to be disturbed.

Dr. Cranley's office. The doctor, his assistant Kemp, and his daughter Flora discuss the disappearance of another assistant, Jack Griffin. Meanwhile, in the hotel, the guest conducts a complex experiment and expels the hostess from the room. The irritated owner of the hotel demands that her husband immediately put the strange inhabitant on the street. However, when he tries to do this, the guest lets the owner of the establishment down the stairs. Then the owners call the village policeman, who, taking a few villagers with him, goes upstairs. Then the guest reveals his secret – he takes off his glasses, bandages and clothes, under which there is nothing, and at the same time laughs ominously. The constable tries to arrange an arrest, but to no avail. Being invisible, the guest arranges a pogrom in the hotel, after which he continues the outrages on a rural street.

Krenley and Kemp are exploring Griffin's lab. There, Krenley discovers that Griffin has been experimenting with monocaine – a substance that can discolor matter and at the same time cause insanity. In the evening, Kemp is sitting in his room when the door suddenly opens. There is a report on the radio about the riots in Iping. At this time, Griffin makes his presence known and begins to give instructions to Kemp. In case of non-compliance, he threatens reprisals.

At the hotel, the police chief is trying to investigate what happened. He is inclined to believe that all this was deliberately arranged in order to attract attention to the hotel, and many eyewitnesses to these events were drunk. At this time, Griffin comes to the village to pick up the remaining notebooks with the results of his experiments. After hearing the investigation, the invisible man pours an inkwell on the chief of police. There is a panic in the hotel's drinking hall, and Griffin kills the inspector. The police appeal to the residents and announce a monetary reward for helping to catch the invisible man. Horrified by Griffin's plans, Kemp calls Craney. Since he doesn't respond, Kemp calls the police. Flora, having overheard a telephone conversation, goes to Kemp. Krenley has no choice but to accompany his daughter.

Flora tries to persuade the doctor to return to normal life, but Griffin, blinded by the thirst for absolute power, does not listen to her. At this time, the house is surrounded by police. The invisible man has to run, but he promises to return and deal with Kemp.

Griffin continues to kill, and in the evening, in order to demonstrate his power, he arranges a train wreck. The reward for catching Griffin is growing. The police try to ambush the police station, where Kemp is taken as bait. The latter is dressed in a police uniform and taken out of the precinct. However, Griffin followed the actions of the police and quietly entered Kemp's car. At exactly 22: 00, the invisible man kills Kemp by throwing his car off a cliff.

Griffin stops for the night in a pile of straw in a barn, where he is discovered by a farmer. That night, a snowfall begins, and at this time, the farmer reports a strange inhabitant of his farm. The police, having previously cordoned off the area, set fire to the shed. Griffin is forced to go outside, but his footprints are clearly visible in the fresh snow. The police manage to seriously injure him. Krenley and Flora arrive at the hospital to see the dying Griffin. In front of his beloved, Jack dies. As the body tissues become dead, the Griffin becomes visible.

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

The scientist becomes invisible as a result of long-term use of experimental drugs. His speech and the results of interaction with objects can be taken as manifestations of poltergeist: objects move for no apparent reason, people get beaten and maimed of unknown origin, footprints in the snow form by themselves, the voice comes from the void.

After death, the scientist gradually becomes visible.

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