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The Invisible Woman


Added Sun, 01/08/2021
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The Invisible Woman

"The Invisible Woman" (English: "The Invisible Woman") is a 1940 comedy fantasy film that, despite the genre, is part of the classic series of Universal horror films.

Playboy Dick Russell is ruined – he will no longer be able to spend money on parties, girls and experiments of his long-time companion and friend Professor Gibbs, about which he informs the latter. However, the professor is not upset: he assures Russell that the discovery he has made will soon return and increase Dick's fortune.

To conduct a control test of the "invisibility machine", Gibbs advertises for a volunteer, and a model working in a clothing store, Kitty Carroll, responds to it. The experiment is successful, and Kitty, who has become invisible, goes to take revenge on her boss, Mr. Growley.

At this time, the mafia is interested in the professor's announcement, whose representative, having found out Gibbs ' address in the newspaper office, visits him and tries to ingratiate himself with him. However, Kitty, who has returned after committing revenge, exposes the mafia and expels him from the professor's house with threats.

The professor and Miss Carroll follow Dick to his country house in order to prove to Mr. Russell the success of the experiment. They succeed, but Kitty gets drunk and falls asleep. At this time, the mafiosi sneak into Gibbs ' house, steal an invisibility car and take it to Mexico to their boss.

When conducting experiments in Mexico, it turns out that without an injection of a substance created according to the secret Gibbs formula, the machine does not make anyone invisible, but produces completely different effects. So, the experimental mafioso, whose neck was supposed to disappear, instead begins to speak in falsetto. At this time, in the house of Dick Russell, the professor is looking for a way to return Kitty to visibility, and a mutual sympathy arises between her and Dick.

The returning mafiosi stun Dick and kidnap Kitty and the professor. While the mafia boss persuades the professor to make him invisible, Kitty becomes invisible, after which she stuns all the mafiosi. At this moment, Dick arrives at the mafia hideout, which Miss Carroll plays a little.

In the final scene, Kitty and Dick's baby becomes invisible after being rubbed with alcohol.

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

As in other films about invisible people, the results of the invisible person's actions can be taken as a manifestation of a poltergeist.

The main character becomes invisible voluntarily as a result of an experiment by an eccentric professor who has already conducted successful experiments on his cat. A woman is injected with a special substance, after which she is exposed to external radiation of an unknown nature. Unlike the previous films of the classic Universal monster universe, the invisibility effect lasts only a few hours, and the substance injected into the woman does not make her aggressive.

The procedure has a lot of side effects. So, in the process of transformation, the subject feels a slight tickling, and if he is exposed to radiation without the introduction of a special substance, then instead of invisibility, you can get a changed timbre of voice.

The use of alcohol by an invisible woman also leads to unexpected results: the alcohol in her blood binds to the substance introduced by the professor, as a result of which the effect of invisibility is significantly prolonged. Moreover, after that, the test subject becomes invisible without any radiation every time after taking alcohol. She transfers this ability to her child, who becomes invisible after his skin is wiped with alcohol.

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