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Wonder Man


Added Sun, 03/11/2019
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Original title
Wonder Man

"The miracle man" (orig. "Wonder Man") is a 1945 musical was based on a short story by Arthur Shikmona and adapted for the big screen.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Two "superidentity twins", despite their nearly identical appearance, have very different personalities: Buster Dingle, who goes by the stage name "buzzy Bellew", is a well – known artist and performer in a night club "Pelikan", while Edwin Dingle is a studious, quiet "bookworm" who is writing a book on the history. The two brothers had not seen in years.

Buster becomes the witness to a murder committed by mob boss "Ten Grand" Jackson. He is out on bail and arrange for the murder of a dangerous witness. However, Buster comes back as a Ghost and calls his brother for help to bring the killer to justice. Shy Edwin has to take over his brother to testify in court. And before that, he must avoid the bullets of assassins Jackson and replaced Buster in a nightclub. To help him out, Buster, which no one sees or hears, except Edwina, is infused into the body of his brother.

The story is complicated by the love interests of the brothers: while dead, Buster was engaged to entertainer Midge Mallon, Edwin is admired by librarian Ellen Shanley.

Having overcome all the difficulties, the brothers still manage to put Jackson behind bars. At the end of the film, Ellen marries Edwin, whilst Midge, consoling himself (but obviously without much regret), married a club owner.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Ghost

Becoming a Ghost Buster Dingle, who was killed by order of a mafia boss Jackson. In accordance with the classical notions of ghosts, he returns to earth to finish his business and revenge killer. At the same time, his presence in the world of the living is limited: at some point, he says he will not be able to help Edwin because he "ended ectoplasm".

The Ghost looks the same as the victim at the time of death, can pass through walls and objects. The Ghost Buster's invisible to everyone except his twin brother Edwin. But for the brother it can become translucent or even invisible.

The Ghost can move objects by effort of will, but can not touch them and raise them. He can take over his brother's body, controlling his actions. Possessed Ghost sensitive to alcohol, experiencing hangovers long after leaving the body of Edwin.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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