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Half Human


Added Fri, 16/03/2018
Release date
Original title
Jû jin yuki otoko

Jūjin Yuki Otoko ( 人 人 人) is a horror film directed by Ishir Honda in 1955. In 1958, it was reissued for display in the United States and renamed "Half Human" ("Half human"). The American version of the film contains original Japanese stills with inserts in which the famous American actor of that time John Carradine talks about Bigfoot.

The story is presented through the story of a group of students and their teacher to a reporter about the events that happened to them in the mountains.

The film was part of a mini-cycle, shot under the influence of Eric Shipton's photographs, which depicted large footprints found in the snow on Mount Everest in 1951. This cycle also includes the films "The Snow Creature" ("The Snow Creature") produced in the USA and "The Abominable Snowman from the Himalayas" ("The Abominable Snowman") produced in the UK.

It's interesting 

The 1955 film "The Monstrous Snowman" (Jūjin Yuki Otoko (獣 人 雪 男)) It became part of a mini-cycle, shot under the influence of Eric Shipton's photographs, which depicted large footprints found in the snow on Mount Everest in 1951.

Five young student friends came to the Japanese Alps in Nagano during the New Year for skiing. Among them are Takashi Iijima, his girlfriend Makiko Takeno, her older brother Kiyoshi Takeno and their friends Nakada and Kaji.

While skiing together, friends are separated. Kiyoshi and Kaji go to their mutual friend's house. Takashi, Michiko and Nakada arrive at the hotel house, where Matsui's caretaker informs them that a blizzard is approaching.

The caretaker tries to call the house where the students went, but no one answers. Machiko looks out the window at the storm and sees a girl in the window who is walking towards the house. Her name is Chika. She lives in a remote village somewhere deep in the mountains, and also clearly knows the caretaker. Chika is not too happy to see so many visitors, as the inhabitants of her village avoid communicating with outsiders. Nevertheless, she stays in the house to wait out the storm. Chika reports that an avalanche has descended near a remote house. It is possible to get through to the house, but screams and shots are heard from the handset. Chika slips away unnoticed.

The next day, a rescue team goes in search of the missing students. The owner is found dead on the floor of the house, and the body of one of the students is in the snow nearby. According to the injuries, it can be assumed that they were attacked by someone much stronger than a person. Takashi and Nakata find strange tufts of hair and huge human-like footprints leading to the mountains in the house. The second student is never found and they decide to postpone further searches until spring, when the snow melts.

Six months later, the students return to the Japanese Alps with anthropologist Professor Shigeki Koizumi as the leader of the expedition. At the hotel, the group meets animal catchers for circuses and zoos. The hunters, realizing that a famous zoologist and his students are in front of them, begin to fear that they will find the bigfoot first.

Late in the evening, at a rest stop, a creature similar to a large monkey approaches Machiko's tent. It touches Machiko's face, causing her to wake up and scream. The creature runs away into the forest, and the students try to catch up with it. Takashi loses his way and falls, and when he tries to go back, he stumbles upon the hunters' camp. They beat Takashi and throw him into a deep ravine.

Takashi finds Chick and brings him to his village. She turns out to be the granddaughter of the old chief of the settlement, whose inhabitants worship the owner of the forest – bigfoot. When the chief finds out that his granddaughter has brought a stranger, he becomes indignant and sends Chick to appease the owner of the forest. Meanwhile, the villagers tie up Takashi and hang him from a cliff to be eaten by vultures. When Chika returns, she tries to find out where Takashi is. The old man beats her up for defying tradition and his authority.

Chika leaves the village and stumbles upon two animal catchers. She mistakes them for students and asks them to take her to Takashi. They ask in exchange to show them where Bigfoot lives. Chika trusts them and shows them.

Meanwhile, Bigfoot returns to his cave with a recently killed deer over his shoulder and sees Takashi on the way. The snowman pulls the student out of the abyss and frees him from the ropes. Returning to his cave, the snowman discovers that his child has been caught by animal catchers. Trying to save his child, he also falls into a trap. While the hunters are trying to cope with the raging beast, the child escapes. The snowman is put to sleep and they try to take him to the city. On the way, the bigfoot child tries to help his parent escape. He manages to wake him up so that he gets out of the cage. One of the hunters kills a child with a gun. An enraged snowman overturns all cars and people into the abyss. Then he takes the child's body to his cave and goes to destroy the village. The village burns down, the inhabitants leave for the valley, and the elder dies, telling Chika that she brought death to the village.

Takashi returns to the camp and tells his story to his comrades. Bigfoot comes to their camp and takes Machiko away. The next day, the students, going to look for their girlfriend, find the smoldering remains of the village. Chika, crying on the ruins, tells them what happened, and then leads them to the cave. There they find Kiyoshi's bones, his medallion, and fragments of his journal. According to the latest entries in it, Kiyoshi was chasing the creature when the avalanche descended. The Snowman tried to save Kiyosha's life by giving the injured person food and shelter, but he did not have enough strength to recover. Moving further into the cave, the students find a large pile of bones of other snowmen. The professor believes that they were all poisoned by extremely poisonous mushrooms, and only two survived.

After that, they see the creature carrying Machiko somewhere. They chase him until they find themselves at a pit of boiling sulfur. Chika attacks Bigfoot with a knife, and Takashi kills him with a gun. A girl and a snowman fall into boiling sulfur.

Phenomena in artwork: Yeti

Snow man in the movie looks like a tall man in a gorilla suit. Its appearance resembles the famous creature caught on film Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in 1967. The film also illustrates the huge footprints in the snow, and pieces of wool left by the creature.

The second is shown in the movie creature – a baby Bigfoot, who in appearance is a smaller replica of its parent.

Despite the title of the film, Bigfoot in here are rather a victim than a scary monster. He gets angry only after people kill his child, before he treats them friendly, trying to help. While it is quite neat and is able to adhere to certain rules of conduct that demonstrates his developed intelligence.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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