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Added Wed, 27/03/2019
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Москва-Кассиопея, Отроки во вселенной

"Moscow - Cassiopeia– is a science fiction feature film, the first part of the dilogy (the second part is called "Youths in the Universe"). Premiere in cinemas - September 23, 1974, on the Central Television of the USSR was first shown on November 7, 1976.

The plot of the first part ("Moscow - Cassiopeia"):

From the depths of the Universe, a radio signal of intelligent beings from a planet from the system of the star Shedar (Alpha of the constellation Cassiopeia) reaches the Earth. The project proposed by the young inventor, pioneer Vitya Sereda, should allow an Earth spaceship to reach the planet. But the flight will last several decades in onboard time due to relativistic effects (and several hundred years in terrestrial time), so the crew of the ZARYA spacecraft should consist of persons no older than 14-15 years so that they reach their destination as mature people.

Everything is carefully thought out, but the mischievous and imaginative Fedya Lobanov, who secretly sneaked onto the spaceship, accidentally falls on the control panel, and the ship, exceeding the speed of light, turns out to be at the target 27 years ahead of schedule in onboard time (and more than 200 years earlier in terrestrial time). As a result, at the time of arrival, the children remain schoolchildren.

The plot of the second part ("Boys in the Universe", premiere - March 24, 1975):

The starship ZARYA with young cosmonauts on board is approaching the planet of the system of the star Shedar (Alpha Cassiopeia), from which signals for help were received. The spaceship enters the orbit of the planet and sends a research group consisting of Kozelkov, Kuteishchikova and Lobanov. The reconnaissance capsule successfully lands.

At this time, in orbit, Earthlings come into contact with aborigines living on the orbital radio observatory. The commander of the observatory tells the earthlings the story of the catastrophe that occurred on their planet. It turns out that scientists of the planet have created robot performers to perform heavy and routine work. Subsequently, decision-making robots were created that possessed artificial intelligence and were able to control performing robots. One day, the decision-making robots decided that the emotional and spiritual activity of man hinders the happiness of the inhabitants of their planet. With the help of a special procedure of "making happy", the robot-makers deprived the inhabitants of the planet of feelings and emotions. Civilization was on the verge of extinction, as people deprived of the feeling of love stopped leaving offspring and began to die out. The Aborigines started a war with robots, but were defeated. The performing robots were invulnerable, besides, the robots used the so–called "call" - a special combination of sounds and melodies that deprived the aborigines of their will and lured them to the points of "happiness". Only those who were on the orbital observatory at the time of the disaster were saved.

Those who remain in orbit understand that the Earth research group on the surface of the planet is in danger. They send a warning, but the group does not have time to evacuate and is captured by robots. A rescue group led by Commander Sereda, doctor Sorokina and the son of the commander of the alien observatory Agapit is sent to help the captured Earthlings. They find the prisoners, but Agapit falls under the influence of the "call" of robots and ends up at the point of "happiness". While Kozelkov, Sereda and Lobanov rescue Agapit, both girls from the crew of the "DAWN" are among those waiting for the procedure of "happiness".

Agapit recalls that robots can be broken by creating an overload in the power grid charging their power units. The Earthlings and Agapit go to the power plant, where with the help of a conventional nail inserted into the socket of the robot charging control, they overload the network, disable the robots and blow up the power plant itself.

The crew of the orbital station returns to the planet, the civilization of the planet is saved. Suddenly, an I.O.O. ("acting special duties" performed by Innokenty Smoktunovsky) appears on an alien planet, who hands an envelope to Captain Sereda. Inside he finds a message: "Isn't it time to go to Earth, friends?"

The Earth spaceship goes on a reverse course and flies to its home planet.

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

The only space ship alien, the details shown in the film, is the orbiting Observatory. At the end of the film you can see also a fragment of a presumably large alien ship and departing from his Shuttle.

In addition to these facilities presents several types of spacecraft, but they all belong to the humans: it's a spaceship "DAWN" and the Shuttle used by the crew for landing on the planet's surface.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The film shows several types of aliens: the inhabitants of the planet and three kinds of robots they created.

Alive the aliens, apparently, there are only three. Outwardly, they look like people. The only difference from humans, which we are told is that the hair on your head they begin to grow after reaching adulthood. The aliens quickly learn the Russian language, learn the alphabet and word list. Once their technology is much superior to the earth and allowed them to create robots with artificial intelligence, which was the beginning of the end of their civilization.

Shown in the film early (obsolete) robots have humanoid form, are significantly different from people: they have a metal torso and limbs, the head is a metal ball with glowing eyes, lights, and all joints made in the form of a flexible corrugated hoses. These robots are considered the goal of serving the living aliens and given some semblance of emotion and empathy, making them much closer to the living than to the later models of robots.

Next generation robots performers, apparently has a much more human-like. This is the game form and the materials of which mimic the human body and skin. They wear black suits made of synthetic material, on their heads – helmets, from which protrude metal pins. They lack close to human emotions, and the purpose of their existence is the fulfillment of the commands of robot makers. Loaded them in the program has no protection against logical paradoxes: such queries result in overheating, followed by the release of robot failure.

The robot-makers are also Android and looks very similar to the living aliens. They were bald, wearing white suits and glasses with huge lenses, which can be distinguished raschetnye eyes. Program these robots is much more complex: they are equipped with artificial intelligence, allowing them to improve the robot performers, and create complex mechanisms. Logical paradoxes do not cause them any harm. Rulers not only devoid of emotion as the performers, but also consider them the source of all misfortunes of living creatures.

The film demonstrates and other objects ("streategy"), like a huge white bubbles, jumping on the surface of the planet. However, we did not give explanations whether they are alive, and the more reasonable.

Alone in all this stories is the character Performing Special Duties (I. O. O.), which intervenes in the plot and pushes him in the right direction. He is able to appear and disappear at any place, including on an alien planet. In the past on Earth 27 years, he did not changed in appearance. I. O. one touch fixed vision of the protagonist of the film, and also used the case as a Communicator to demonstrate what is happening on the ship in the alpha Cassiopeia. No explanation for his appearance, abilities, motives and goals in the film is given. Modern viewers often compared to acting with men in black.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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