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The Wolf of Snow Hollow


Added Sun, 11/10/2020
Release date
Original title
The Wolf of Snow Hollow

"Werewolf" (orig. The Wolf of Snow Hollow is an American horror crime film released in 2020.

A young couple comes to the small town of snow Hollow on vacation. The first night, when the moon is full, the girl is killed by a mysterious creature. Sheriff Hadley Marshall is confused, because there hasn't been a murder in the city in two years.

According to the nature of the wounds, the police assume that the cause of death was an attack by a wild animal. In the following nights, the full moon continues, and a series of similar murders occur. Sheriff Marshall, who suffers from a heart condition, does not want to leave his post, but also cannot take an active part in the investigation. His son, John Marshall, is an alcoholic police officer who is going through a difficult divorce and is subject to bouts of uncontrollable anger. However, the investigation quickly comes to a standstill.

After several more bloody murders, John begins to pay attention even to irrational explanations of what is happening, including the version put forward by one of the police about a werewolf operating in the town. However, it doesn't help to catch the killer.

The moon goes down, and the killing stops. The police find a local drug addict who died of an overdose with a wolf's head tattoo on his shoulder, and decide that he was the killer. The case is closed.

While carrying the victims 'belongings to their families' homes, John Marshall stumbles upon a Taxidermist's hut. The police officer guesses that the attacks were carried out by a tall man in a wolf suit. Noticing the outstanding growth of the owner of the hut, John understands who the killer is. The Taxidermist sees that it is uncovered, attacks the police officer with a knife and wounds him. Despite this, John manages to catch up with the killer and shoot him, thus freeing the town of snow hollow from the bloodthirsty maniac.

Phenomena in artwork: Werewolf

In the guise of a werewolf, there is a serial killer who attacks women during the full moon in the small mountain town of snow hollow. Dressed in a wolf costume, the killer due to the huge growth becomes like a giant monster. His cruelty and skill with knives, due to the profession of a Taxidermist, make the victims look like victims of a wild animal.

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