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The Return of the Living Dead


Added Sun, 25/10/2020
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The Return of the Living Dead

Return of the living dead is a 1985 American horror film with Comedy elements. According to some film critics, the film is a loose remake of the 1968 film "Night of the living dead": the characters do not just discuss it, but also claim that the events shown in it actually happened. Moreover, before the first scene, the viewer is notified that all the mentioned events, names and organizations are real.

Night of the Living Dead


A group of people try to survive an attack of bloodthirsty zombies while trapped in a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse.

The film combines elements of horror films and Comedy-parody features, which, however, come to naught by the end of the film.

This is the first film about zombies, in which they hunt for human brains; it also explains the reason for this attraction.

It's interesting 

"The Return of the Living Dead" in 1985 is the first zombie film in which they hunt for human brains.  It also explains the reason for this attraction: zombies continue to feel their body after death, and the process of decomposition brings them excruciating pain, which can only be removed by the absorption of living human brains.

Events take place on July 03, 1984 in the American city of Louisville, Kentucky.

A young guy named Freddy joined the medical supply warehouse. A group of informal youth, including Freddie's girlfriend Tina, decides to pick up their friend after work to have fun. At the end of the day, Freddie asks his older colleague, Frank, if anything unusual has happened during his time at the warehouse. In response, Frank asks the guy if he saw the 1968 film "Night of the living dead", and, receiving an affirmative answer, says that this film is based on real events. In one of the morgues of Pittsburgh, an experimental military gas leak occurred, as a result of which the corpses came to life, and the military had to urgently clean up. But the most interesting thing Frank tells further. It turns out that hermetically sealed containers with human bodies from that morgue are still stored in the basement of the medical warehouse, because the military mixed up the waybills and instead of a top-secret military base, the containers were mistakenly delivered to their warehouse. Frank invites Freddie to see them, and that, of course, agrees. Going down to the basement, Frank decides to show the young partner the strength of military development. He hits the container with his hand, which causes it to depressurize. As Frank and Freddie lie senseless on the floor, clouds of toxic gas spread throughout the room, bringing to life all the "exhibits" that should be sent to medical students for anatomical research, as well as the human corpse stored in the freezer.

Meanwhile, Freddie's friends drive up to his place of work and decide to kill time at a nearby cemetery.

Frank and Freddie come to their senses and, realizing the consequences, call their boss Bert. Arriving at the scene and telling off his employees, Bert decides to cover all traces. After defusing the animated corpse, which almost kills Bert after jumping out of the refrigerator, the men saw the body into small parts and put them in bags. They then ask for help from the local morgue supervisor, Ernest Kaltenbruner. They convince him to destroy the remains of the corpse and the animated cuts of the dogs in the crematorium oven. He reluctantly agrees. Smoke from the crematorium chimney settles with a sudden rain on the nearby cemetery, resulting in all the dead buried there rising from the graves. Frightened children run in different directions: some run to the morgue, the rest - to the office building.

Satisfied, Bert is about to go home, but a sudden deterioration in Freddie and Frank's health forces them to call an ambulance. Arriving doctors are surprised to find that the patients have no pulse and pressure. They decide to take them to the hospital, but on the street the doctors are attacked by the dead and eat their brains. At the same time, the guys, having broken away from the dead, run into the morgue, where they meet Freddie and think that Bert is to blame for what happened to their friend. The hungry dead start storming the house. Heroes have no choice but to fight back with improvised means. Some time later, they manage to fill all the doors and Windows with boards intended for coffins. However, one of the guys still dies. In a quiet environment, Bert tells the guys what really happened. Frank and Freddie are getting worse. After examining them, Ernie comes to the conclusion that they have started rigor Mortis.

By this time, the intelligent and hungry dead call another ambulance team on the radio and eat it. The same thing happens with the police squad sent to search for the missing orderlies.

Freddie and Frank gradually turn into the dead. Realizing their fate, the Frank burns himself in a furnace of the crematorium. However, Freddie is determined to eat Tina at any cost. Ernie, who broke his leg during a fight with Freddie, decides to stay with Tina in the building, and they climb into the attic. Bert and Freddie's friend break through to the police car. They manage to leave the cemetery, but a crowd of dead people overturns the car. Bert and the guy manage to run to the office building, where they are met by the last surviving guys.

Due to the large number of missing officers and paramedics, a special police squad is called to the cemetery, which also fails in the fight against zombies.

While in the office building, Bert remembers that a phone number was listed on the barrels with the dead. After describing the situation to the Colonel, who has been searching for the missing containers for years, Bert waits for help. And it comes in the form of a nuclear projectile that destroys the cemetery and the surrounding 20 blocks with peaceful people.

In the finale, a telephone conversation between the Colonel and a man is heard. From the conversation, it turns out that the beginning of the rain will not only destroy all traces, but also extinguish the fire much faster than the firefighters will do. At the same time, the film starts showing images from the beginning: smoke rises again, it rains in the cemetery, and corpses rise from their graves...

Phenomena in artwork: Zombies

The first zombies shown in the film are the living dead from the 1968 film Night of the living dead. It turns out that the events of the film took place in reality, and they were caused by a leak of a dangerous chemical in a military hospital in Pittsburgh, which leaked to the local morgue. Then the military was able to localize the problem and catch all the revived corpses. They sealed them in containers, but several of them were lost during transportation. The containers ended up in a medical supplies warehouse in Louisville, Kentucky. Depressurization of one of these containers is the cause of the events shown in the film.

The reason for the appearance of all the zombies shown in the film is the chemical 245-trioxin. Some of the zombies have become such even before the film begins, while others are corpses that have risen under the influence of a chemical released into the atmosphere after burning an infected one. Two people who inhaled this substance also gradually die and in a few hours become the living dead. Finally, the chemical gets into the blood of people bitten by zombies, and soon turns them into the walking dead.

Zombies look like corpses of varying degrees of decomposition. They are quite fast and strong, despite the partial or complete absence of muscles. Zombies continue to feel their bodies after death, and the process of decomposition brings them excruciating pain that can only be removed by absorbing living human brains. Zombies remain intelligent creatures that can speak, understand speech addressed to them, think rationally, make plans, and use mechanical and electrical devices. They even show the ability to work together, luring people into improvised traps.

To kill a zombie, it is not enough to damage its brain or cut off its head. Even the hotel elements of the dismembered corpse remain alive and continue to move, attacking people. You can only kill the living dead by completely destroying their body, for example, by cremation.

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