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The Return of the Vampire


Added Sun, 23/09/2018
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The Return of the Vampire

"Return of the vampire" – a black-and-white horror film, released in 1943 by Columbia Pictures Studio. It describes two meetings of the British vampire Armand Tesla: during the First world war and during the Second world war.

The film is not an official continuation of the film "Dracula" in 1931, but many critics and ordinary audience it was perceived that way.

In this film the classic notions of werewolves and vampires mixed in with brand new.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

In the foggy cemetery at night, the werewolf enters the tomb and tells the vampire that it is time to Wake up and that his latest victim was taken to the clinic of Dr. Ainslie.

In clinic the patient with anemia delusional. The doctor Lady Jane ainsley and Professor Walter Saunders discuss her condition. In the study includes two children: the son of Lady Jane, John, and granddaughter of Professor Saunders, Nikki. Lady Jane and the Professor send the kids to bed. Vampire, discovering that his victim is not alone, attacks Nikki. After the patient dies, Professor Saunders sits until the end of the night, reading a book about vampires written two hundred years ago, Armand Tesla.

The next morning, the Professor shows lady Jane the bite marks on the neck of their dead patient and tells her that he believes that they were made by a vampire. Lady Jane is skeptical until they discover similar bite marks on Nikki's neck. Professor Saunders and lady Jane go to the cemetery and looking for the grave of the vampire. The werewolf tries to stop them, but as soon as the body strikes the vampire stake is freed from the spell and turns into a man named Andreas.

It takes twenty four years, Professor Saunders dies, his written explanation of these events is read by the head of Scotland Yard Fredrick Fleet. Lady Jane argues that the life passion of Armand Tesla vampire over the fact that he became one of them, but Frederick Fleet doesn't believe her.

The action moved to the clinic, lady Jane. Her son John and granddaughter of Professor Saunders Nikki are adults now and planning a wedding. Lady Jane tells Frederick that when he finds the body of Tesla, he will see that it is not decomposed, and this will prove that Tesla was a vampire. They agree not to tell Nikki about the content of the manuscript of Professor Saunders. As they say, enters the room of Andreas, who became the assistant to Jane in the clinic. Andreas is clearly upset when he hears that the body of the vampire would be dug up.

During an air RAID at the cemetery, a bomb falls. Two soldiers are assigned to the reburial of disturbed graves. They find Tesla's body, decide what number was part of the bomb, and pull it out.

Back at the clinic, lady Jane tells Andreas that the famous scholar Hugo Bruckner escaped a Nazi concentration camp and comes to Britain to work with her. She sends Andreas to meet a boat with a scientist.

On his way to meet Bruckner, Andreas meets the vampire who again turns him into a werewolf. Following the orders of a vampire, he kills Bruckner and Tesla takes the place of the scientist.

The following morning, sir Frederick and lady Jane come to the cemetery to find the grave of Tesla. When they discover that she had nothing left but a crater where the bomb hit, Frederick declares the case closed.

The same evening, Jane organizes a party to celebrate the engagement of John and Nikki. Frederick arrives with the manuscript of Professor Saunders and asks Jane whether he should hand over the manuscript to Nikki, since she is the only living relative of the Professor. Lady Jane takes the manuscript and locks it in a drawer.

Tesla arrives pretending that he is Bruckner. He charms everyone except Frederick, who is suspicious of him. Jane discovers that a box of manuscript was opened and the manuscript is stolen. Frederic finds some hair stuck in the drawer, and puts them in his pocket. Upstairs Nikki finds a manuscript lying next to her bed, and begins to read it. Later, she hears Tesla's voice that was calling her. She asks who he is, and he replies that she already knows.

The next morning, John and Jane discover that Nikki is lying unconscious on the floor of his bedroom. John is upset when he sees the bite mark on the neck Nikki.

Jane returns to the cemetery and speaks with the gravediggers. They tell her that the body was found with a stake in the heart, pulled the stake and reburied the body, but now it is not there. She talks about it to Frederick, but he doubts the authenticity of the story, because I do not believe in vampires. Instead, he sends two men in plain clothes to question Andreas. When they chase Andreas, he turns into a werewolf and escapes, losing a bundle. There are things this Hugo Bruckner. The suspicions of sir Frederick of Bruckner / Tesla are confirmed. Laboratory analysis of the hair found in the box shows that they belong to the wolf.

At night, when Nikki sleeps, Tesla tells her to go into the bedroom John. The next morning, Jane finds John lying on the floor of his bedroom with bites to the neck. Nikki is convinced that she becomes a vampire, but Jane tells her that Tesla was bitten by John, hoping to get Nikki to believe that she did it.

Tesla goes to the Ainsley house and stands in the shadows, watching Jane, who plays the organ. He tells her that now she knows who he really is, and that he will avenge. Jane throws the note away, revealing the cross on the body. The vampire disappears. The voice of Tesla again turned to Nikki. She gets out of bed, leaves his bedroom and goes downstairs. At the bottom of Frederick and Jane again arguing about the existence of vampires. When they see Nikki coming down the stairs, they stop arguing and follow it.

Nikki goes to the cemetery, where she was waiting for Tesla and Andreas. Siren sounds, warning of the air RAID around the bombs start to fall. Nicky faints. The werewolf picks her up and carries you to a safe place, but Fred shoots him. A wounded werewolf brings Nikki to the crypt and asks Tesla for help. The vampire says that he no longer needs Andreas and tells him that he got into a corner and died. The werewolf obediently crawls into a corner, where he finds a crucifix. He picks it up and returns to his human form. The explosion fills the screen, indicating that the bomb hit the building. When Nikki wakes up, she sees Andreas as the Tesla pulls out of the unconscious into the open air.

Comes the dawn, and the vampire begins to decompose from the sunlight. After Tesla dies, Andreas also dying from gunshot wounds. Frederick and Jane find Nikki, who tells them that Andreas saved her. Jane asks sir Frederick if he believed in vampires now. He says that he is still there. He turns to the two police officers in plain clothes and asks them: "You guys don't believe in vampires, do you?" To his surprise, they both say that they believe. Then Fredrik breaks the fourth wall and asks: "and you people believe?"

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: A vampire

The vampire differs from the classical image. First of all, he doesn't have fangs (at least, in one frame they are not shown). In addition, it can not only suppress the will of man, but to turn him into a werewolf.

From the classic the hell a vampire is bloodlust, aversion to sunlight and crosses. He can change shape and turn into mist (this never turns into a bat or wolf). He sleeps in a coffin filled with "the native land".

The process of turning into a vampire in the movie is not displayed. I became a vampire Tesla, unknown (information about the fact that he's "so long studied the vampire that he became one of them", says nothing about the reasons for and the process of transformation). None of his victims a vampire also becomes.

To disarm a vampire by ramming him in the heart with a stake (material is not specified, the film demonstrates metal Cola). The vampire will not die, but his body would not decay, and if after some (even very long) time to extract the number, then the vampire will return to normal activities. To fully kill a vampire, maybe just the sunlight that melts his flesh like wax.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: Werewolf

The werewolf in the movie, like the vampire, different from the image, which became a classic. First of all, the reason for the transformation of man into werewolf becomes hypnotic effect of a vampire. The werewolf retains the ability to think and speak, but his will is subject to the will of the owner. If vampire to kill or defuse it with a stake, the werewolf returns to human form and free will.

The local werewolf looks like a overgrown wolf fur person with a person with a dog's traits. He walks straight and even wears human clothes. Shoes he wears, and the traces that it leaves on the ground look like human. At least one time demonstrates an intermediate state of a werewolf, in which the hair on the face is not visible (although it remains at least on the hands), but its actions are still subject to the will of vampire.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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