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The Invisible Man's Revenge


Added Fri, 05/11/2021
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The Invisible Man's Revenge

"The Invisible Man's Revenge" (English: "The Invisible Man's Revenge") is a film directed by Ford Bibi, released in 1944. The picture is included in the classic series of Universal horror films.

Robert Griffin, a dangerous maniac, escapes from the Cape Town hospital, killing two nurses and a security guard, and gets to London. Here he visits Jasper and Irena Herrick, with whom, as it turns out, he found diamond mines in Africa a few years ago, after which he received a blow to the head and fell into the abyss. Griffin demands that the Herricks return his share of the profits by presenting proof – a contract concluded between him and his spouses, according to which half of everything found belongs to him. After drinking a few sips of whiskey, Griffin passes out, after which Irena steals the contract, and Jasper throws Griffin out of the house. Robert falls into the river, but is helped to escape by Herbert Higgins, a local shoemaker.

On a dark rainy night, Robert, walking on foot, gets into the house of Dr. Peter Drury, who discovered a way to make living beings invisible. Drury offers Griffin to volunteer to conduct an experiment on a person, and he agrees. The experiment is successful, and Robert leaves the doctor's house, becoming invisible.

Griffin returns to the Herrick house, where he intimidates Ilona and Jasper and forces Jasper to write a letter in which he confesses to the attempted murder and robbery of Robert and refuses all his property in favor of Robert. After that, Robert returns to Higgins' house and makes him his servant.

In the bar of a local hotel, visitors discuss a suit they recently saw walking down the street without arms and head. All this is recorded by journalist Mark Foster, the fiance of the Herricks' daughter Julia. Higgins comes to the bar and wins five pounds in darts with the help of an invisible Robert. Later, Griffin appears at the Herrick house, where he tries to kill Foster by dropping a statue on him, and forces Jasper to promise to marry Julia-provided that Robert becomes visible again.

Griffin peeks out the window at Drury's experience in restoring visibility to Brutus, the doctor's dog, and demands that he return visibility to him. It turns out that this requires a complete blood transfusion, leading to the death of the donor. Robert forces Drury to call Foster and lure him to him for use as a donor, but the doctor calls the police instead. Griffin understands the deception and gives himself a transfusion, using Drury as a donor. He then sets fire to the doctor's house and escapes, pursued by Brutus.

Griffin moves into the Herrick house under the name Martin Field, but the next morning Higgins shows up to him and blackmails him. In the end, Higgins agrees to kill Brutus for a reward of a thousand pounds. At lunch, Robert begins to disappear and realizes that the effect of the doctor's blood is ending. He lures Foster into the wine cellar, stuns him and begins to do a new blood transfusion. At this time, the police and Brutus enter the house, whom Higgins cannot keep. Brutus leads everyone to the door of the wine cellar.

The cellar door is broken open, and Brutus bites to death Griffin, who did not have time to complete the transfusion.

Phenomena in artwork: Poltergeist

The results of the invisible man's interaction with surrounding objects and people can be taken as a manifestation of the poltergeist: things float in the air, move, break, and people are injured by invisible hands.

The main character of the film becomes invisible after the introduction of a serum invented by a scientist. Before that, he had already managed to make his experimental animals invisible: guinea pigs, rabbits, a parrot and several dogs. The actions of these animals can also be mistaken for manifestations of a poltergeist.

To restore visibility, it is necessary to completely transfuse blood from one being (visible) to another (invisible). The visibility effect achieved in this way is temporary, and a new transfusion is needed to prolong it. Invisibility returns gradually after about a day: the person turns pale and becomes translucent, disappearing within a few tens of minutes.

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