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Added Fri, 01/02/2019
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"Sex: the Secret materialchik" (orig. "Paul") – a science fiction Comedy directed by Greg Mottola, released in 2011.

The film contains all the stereotypes about aliens and contains many references as to the history of the study of the UFO phenomenon, and to works of mass culture devoted to this subject.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

1947. Morcroft, Wyoming. Living remote from other buildings farm girl Tara Walton releases on the street, his dog Paul, which falls unidentified flying object. Government agents take the aircraft to their base in Nevada, and the pilot is given a name in honor of the deceased animal.

These days (2011), San Diego, California. Two British middle-aged Illustrator Graeme Willy and the writer Clive Gollings, childhood friends and inveterate nerds, realize his dream to come to America and attend the festival "Comic-con", where they are able to communicate with a legend amongst writers, it is very slippery type Adam Shadowchild that Clive shows his graphic novel "Jelva, the Queen Alien Varlakov" (the name is an allusion to both the TV series "Xena – warrior Princess" and the book "Princess of Mars" by Edgar rice Burroughs). However, a visit to "Comic-con" is part of the larger travel of the British in America: they're going to ride in the caravan memorable for fans of UFO sites like Area 51, the "Black mailbox" in Nevada, the city of Roswell's (new Mexico).

Friends follow the route, have lunch in a small UFO-themed cafe with a good-natured hostess, Pat Stevens, where, however, they have to get away quickly because of a couple of rednecks whose truck they spoil when you leave. At night they are photographed on the background of the "Black mailbox", which is also in a hurry to leave, seeing the lights of the headlights on the empty road and fearing a vengeful redneck or "men in black". However, this is a common sedan, whose driver in front of friends unable to cope with the control and falls into a ditch. Coming to see him, friends meet an alien one and a half meters tall, like a typical "grey", in shorts, with a backpack and a cigarette in his mouth. On the appearance of the stranger characters react differently. Clive, who dreamed all his life to meet a stranger, pees and faints. Graham remains in the mind and being in slight shock, surprised to learn that the alien's name is Paul, he speaks English and generally behaves like an "adult" version of Gordon Shumway (Alf). Paul needs help, as he's haunted by intelligence agents.

Shortly after leaving friends on the scene comes the man in the black suit (Zoil), who notices an unpleasant taste the puddle and reports on the radio that the fugitive has escaped. He is sent to help two newbies – Haggard and O'reilly. They arrange on the road post and search van, Graham and Clive. Floor they can't see, because he can become invisible, and he should hold his breath.

On the way to Wyoming Paul tells friends about what he was doing all these years on Earth. During overnight stops, they meet a one-eyed girl Ruth, the daughter of the owner of the Parking lot. Ruth's father, Moses, devout to fanaticism (to the extent that it leads the daughter to the optometrist) and instilled in her daughter the same religious feelings. The friends are forced to kidnap the girl, as she saw the Floor, joining him in the debate on science and religion. Arrived after their flight Zoil assistants go in pursuit; the father decides to get her daughter back on their own.

Ruth regains consciousness in the van and starts yelling and calling Sex demon, and then, trying to drown out the arguments of others about the inaccuracy of her beliefs, she falls to her knees and begins to pray. Paul lost patience with one touch sharing with her their knowledge, and then repeats the same with Graham. So Ruth discovers the diversity of the world and false religious prohibitions, why the winds started up: begins to swear and touch of men for causal space. Paul also heals a blind eye to Ruth, and now she does not need to cover his black lens glasses. During a stop into the backwater bar Ruth calls her father, but her message intercepts and monitors Zoil. At the bar, start a fight, which involves the familiar rednecks; after the heroes escape and hide in the woods nearby. On top of his story about his time on the base where he transferred to the U.S. government all their knowledge about science, space and things (and was also a consultant to Steven Spielberg and Chris Carter), Paul reports that the last thing he can give people is your ability for detailed study which need his stem cells. He was going to cut the brain, but a friend helped Paul to connect with the countrymen and to appoint the time and place of evacuation of the home. However, the operation was moved a day early, with the result that the Floor had to steal a car, which he broke in front of Graeme and Clive. Now he has two choices: either drive to the meeting place and leave the Earth, or to lose his life on the operating table in Area 51.

In the morning, trying to Wade through the bustling city back to the van, the Floor pick up the disguise in a toy store. After the collision with the agents Haggerton and O'reilly at the comic book store all once again had to flee. Furious Zoil ordered two Goonies to return to base, but Haggard who believe that the capture of the alien will propel them up the career ladder, with a partner continues the chase.

Paul wants to continue the path itself to avoid putting friends in danger, but Ruth, Graeme and Clive refuse to leave him and stealing from a store is needed to signal the fireworks. Paul tells his friends that he needed to go in Moorcroft, on the very farm where fell of his ship 60 years ago. Aged Containers, which nursed the Floor before him came government agents, all these years, was thought to be mad, why she lives all alone and the anger on the Floor. However, after seeing the stranger and realizing that she's not mad, she forgives him, and the answer returns to her Teddy bear. Came to the farm Zoil wants to quietly enter the house, but it appeared to interfere with tear gas Haggard and O'reilly. In the beginning of the fight Zoil is mentally stunned by the impact of the Floor, O ' Reilly blows up the house of Tara, which was filled with gas from the stove, and Haggard, shot in father Ruth, falls from the bridge into the canyon and dies. Zoil continued the chase, not listening to his boss, which, trying not to be late for the Banquet to the Governor, directs the fugitives special forces.

The company comes to the mountain of the devil's tower, known by the movie "Close encounters of the third kind". Launching the fireworks, they are waiting for the arrival of the space ship, but on the edge of the forest flies the helicopter with the boss Zoila on Board. In the beginning of the fight it turns out that the "other base" that helped Paul to escape, was himself Zoil, whose Floor many years ago was introduced to his future wife, and all the while Zoil wanted to intercept the alien before the government to complete the escape plan. "Big Brother" is knocked-out Containers, and several commandos are wounded. Father of Ruth, who survived a bullet Haggard (the bullet hit the Bible in the breast pocket of a jacket), tries to kill Paul, but instead goes into Graham. Paul, risking his life, brings him back to life; who witnessed this father Ruth sees it as a miracle. Come to "Big Brother" takes aim at the Floor from a revolver, but is killed by sharply descended her ramp of a flying saucer.

The aliens treat all the wounded, and Paul says goodbye to his fellow earthlings and takes away the Container, thus trying to atone for 60 years destroyed her life and the novel by Clive. He tells friends that the works of Adam Shadowchild wrote none other than sex itself.

It takes two years. Clive and Graeme are back on "Comic-con" where are wildly popular. During this time, Ruth becomes the girlfriend of Graham, Zoil leaves the civil service and became head of the security service of the Convention, Clive and Graham write a graphic novel, which won almost all the fantastic prizes and opening their personal stand is Adam himself Shadowchild. At the opening of the stand are present Pat Stevens, which was given a special place in the first Chapter of the novel, as well as surviving, but badly burned O'reilly. The novel, written a couple of English nerds, is called "Floor".

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

Alien Gender and its relatives is a classic "grey" aliens with one significant difference: their eyes are large, but not completely black, and have quite a large iris. One of the aliens shown in the final scene, has a neatly trimmed beard.

In the film the aliens are representatives of the more advanced from an evolutionary point of view. They have the ability to regenerate other creatures (and probably your body) and also of telepathy that allows the transfer of collective knowledge through touch. If a stranger stops breathing, he can become invisible.

Paul arrived on Earth on an exploratory mission over 60 years ago in the film events. Conducted on Earth years he has learned to speak fluently in English, gave earthlings their scientific knowledge, but also had a huge impact on pop culture, advising well-known figures of literature, film and television. Apparently, the life expectancy of newcomers is much higher than in humans, because the Floor is over the years virtually unchanged. He breathes the earth's air, eats human food (including snacks and fast food), as well as smoke.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

The film illustrates two kinds of space ships.

The first is the classic flying saucer, is designed, apparently, to fly for short distances.

The second kind is a huge mothership of complex shape resembling the mother ship from "Close encounters of the third kind". This ship has the means of camouflage, making it invisible against the night sky. In addition, it is equipped with a device that allows jumping in space.

On all vehicles placed a large amount of external lighting equipment: lights on the hull of the ships steady on, flickering at a different frequency, move, etc.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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