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Something with the Telephone


Added Sun, 07/02/2021
Release date
Original title
Что-то с телефоном

"Something with the phone" is a short feature film based on the fantastic story by Kir Bulychev " Can I ask Nina?".

In the apartment of Vadim Nikolaevich, guests gathered to celebrate the New Year with a cheerful company. The owner of the apartment unsuccessfully tries to call his friend Nina. He dials the number, gets to the girl, who is also called Nina. Her answers seem strange to Vadim Nikolaevich, until he realizes that in some unusual way he is talking to a child from Moscow in 1942.

Remembering his hungry military childhood, the hero tells the girl that in one of the Moscow courtyards in Trubnikovsky Lane, she can find bread cards that he dropped while playing with the guys.

The next day, Vadim Nikolaevich found out the address of the girl from the old telephone directory and went to her, not understanding what he could expect from this meeting. The house he was looking for was demolished during the construction of the New Arbat, but he manages to establish that Nina moved to the Southwest, and find her apartment.

They don't open the door for him. A neighbor who came to the stairwell says that Nina Frolova left with her husband for Central Asia. When the woman learns the name of the guest, she takes out the letter left for him. Vadim Nikolaevich understands that Nina has been waiting for his visit all these years.

Phenomena in artwork: Chronorally

The main character on December 31, 1972, tries to call his girlfriend, but mistakenly connects to another number. He is answered by a 13-year-old girl named Nina, whose calendar also shows December 31, but in 1942. The main character realizes that he got into the wrong place, and several times tries to call back to the correct number, but each time the same girl picks up the phone. The main character tells Nina where to find the bread cards he lost on December 30, 1942.

It is not known whether the girl found them, but she definitely remembered the call and hoped to meet her interlocutor in the future. In 1973, trying to find a grown-up Nina, the main character receives a letter from her through a former neighbor who knows the history of their acquaintance.

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