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Son of Dracula


Added Tue, 19/10/2021
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Son of Dracula

Son of Dracula is a 1943 American horror film directed by Robert Siodmak based on a screenplay based on the original story of his younger brother Kurt Siodmak.

Count Alucard, a mysterious stranger, arrives in the United States at the invitation of Catherine Caldwell, one of the daughters of a New Orleans colonel, owner of the Caldwell plantation. Shortly after his arrival, the colonel dies and leaves his wealth to his two daughters: Claire gets all the money, and Catherine gets the Dark Oaks plantation. Catherine secretly marries Alucard, avoiding her longtime friend Frank Stanley. Frank tries to stop the couple and shoots Alucard, but the bullets pass through the count's body without harming him, and hit Catherine.

Shocked, Frank runs to Professor Brewster and tells him everything. The professor arrives at the Dark Oaks and meets Alucard and the living Catherine there. The couple tells him that from now on they will devote their days to scientific research, and receive guests only at night. Frank comes to the police and confesses to Katherine's murder. Brewster, who saw Catherine alive, tries to convince the sheriff that she will be busy all day, but he insists on an immediate trip to the Dark Oaks. He finds Catherine's dead body in the crypt and brings it to the morgue.

Meanwhile, Hungarian Professor Lazlo arrives at Brewster's house. Dr. Brewster notices that the word "Alucard" reads backwards as "Dracula", and realizes that he is a vampire. Later, a local woman brings her son to the professor, bitten in the neck, and this confirms Lazlo's guesses. Later, the count himself comes to Brewster and Lazlo, but they drive him away with the help of a cross.

Catherine, who has become a vampire, enters Frank's cell and explains that she still loves him and married Alucard in order to achieve immortality, but she wants to share eternity with him. Frank doesn't agree at first, but then gives in to her. Catherine tells him how to destroy Alucard. Frank escapes from prison and searches for the secret place where Alucard's coffin is located; it is located in a cave in the swamps, and it is there that the count hides from the sun's rays. Frank burns the vampire's coffin. The count has nowhere to hide from the sun's rays, and he dies. Brewster, Lazlo and the sheriff find the place where Alucard slept during the day, and discover only his skeleton. Then they go to the Dark Oaks, where they find out that Frank also set Catherine on fire and thereby destroyed her.

Phenomena in artwork: A vampire

At the beginning of the film's plot, only Count Alucard (Dracula) is a vampire. He is the son of the world-famous Count Dracula, who was killed many years ago.

Alucard is immortal. Nothing can harm him at night (even bullets pass through his body), but he is afraid of sunlight and is obliged to return to the coffin with the earth taken from the place where he was buried by dawn. At the same time, the coffin itself for secrecy can even be under water. If the vampire is unable to do this (does not have time to return, or if the coffin is destroyed), then at dawn he will turn into a skeleton and will not rise again. A vampire lying in a coffin during the day can be killed by stabbing a stake in the heart or by burning.

A vampire can transform into a mist, a bat, or a wolf. He drinks blood in the form of a bat (in any case, they don't show anything else in the film). He is able to levitate his coffin, as well as fly while in human form.

A vampire is afraid of crosses, even if it is only the light from the moon falling through a cruciform hole.

You can become a vampire voluntarily by colluding with another vampire. Vampire victims who die from blood loss also become vampires themselves.

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