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Without Warning


Added Sun, 22/09/2019
Release date
Original title
Without Warning

"Without warning" or "Caution" (orig. "Without Warning" is a horror movie with elements of fantasy, released in 1980.

The movie "Without warning" can not boast of any good scenario, no expensive special effects. However, it is quite strongly influenced the development of the genre: it is believed that this film inspired the creators of "Predator" in 1987.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Father and son go hunting in the mountains, where they kill like jellyfish flying creatures that pierce the skin of people sharp as needles tentacles.

Nearby is trekking kids boy scouts troop. Their leader also becomes the victim of alien creatures, and the children flee at the sight of a stranger.

Some time later, four teenagers (Tom, Greg, Beth and sandy) are in the same area, intending to relax and swim in a mountain lake. They ignore the warnings of a creepy old owner of a local filling Joe Taylor.

The Teens set up camp on the shore of the lake. After a few hours, Tom and Beth disappear. Sandy and Greg begin a quest and discover the bodies of their friends in an abandoned barn. They flee in panic in their van and leave, being attacked by one of the flying "jellyfish", which tries to eat its way through the windshield of the car. They are able to get rid of it with the help of "janitors".

They drove up to the local bar. Greg tries to get help from the locals, but he believes no one but "Sergeant" Fred Dobbs, a mentally ill veteran of the Vietnam war. Meanwhile, sandy sees the alien and runs into the forest, where she faces Joe Taylor, who brings her to the bar.

While they were discussing the situation, the Sheriff arrives. The Sergeant, who is increasingly paranoid, shoots him. The wounded Sheriff medics take away. Greg and sandy leave with Taylor, who shows them a scar on the foot, remaining after the alien attack. They return to the barn with the bodies, near which Taylor again attacked by jellyfish. Obeying his orders, the young men leave him and run away. They run out into the road and stop the car with flashing lights, which is taken for police. The guys sit in the back seat and only then discover that driving a car is a Sergeant. He believes teenagers aliens and kidnaps them. Greg accompanies the Sergeant, distract his attention, and he and sandy manages to escape. Jumping off a bridge into the river, they separate from the prosecution.

Coming ashore, Greg and sandy find a deserted house and decide to wait it night. In the house they find dry clothes, Greg remains on duty, and sandy is trying to sleep. After some time she wakes up and goes to look for Greg, but discovers that he was killed by the alien, which is still in the room. Sandy hides in the basement. The creature is going to grab the girl, but she is saved by Taylor suddenly appeared. On the way to the barn with the bodies, he tells her about the alien. According to Taylor, the alien for the fun of hurting people, using jelly-beings from his planet as living weapons, and trophies stored in the barn near the lake.

Taylor undermines the barn with dynamite. They are sandy ambush, awaiting the return of the stranger. However, they are discovered by Sergeant and almost thwarts the plan. An alien appears and kills the Sergeant, throwing him jellyfish. Taylor shoots at the alien, but the bullet does not cause him significant harm. Then Taylor decides to sacrifice himself to lure the alien into the barn with trophies. Sandy blows up the dynamite, Taylor, and the alien die.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

The alien resembles the classic "grey" alien: he's got a disproportionately large head and huge eyes. But there are significant differences: the eye is not black, but rather a facet that it shares with insectoids. Also, unlike "grey", the alien has a very high growth (about two heads taller than an average human), and wears clothes similar to a fishing net.

Close to the alien bad the radio works, but the compass is spinning randomly. The cause of his alien is not known. One of the characters suggests that the purpose of the alien – hunting men, he kills them for fun, folding the bodies as trophies in a shed in a swamp.

To kill people alien uses similar to jellyfish living creatures, also of obviously alien origin. During the attack he launches them like a Frisbee. During the flight, "Medusa" make a nasty squeak. Getting on the human body, they are almost instantly attacked it, biting the flesh with his teeth and penetrating beneath the skin with a sharp tentacles. Clothing is not a hindrance. To remove the Medusa from the body using a sharp knife, killing her and cutting off dead skin.

Alien attack humans only through "jellyfish", not using other weapons. While firearms earthlings does not cause him any noticeable harm. Kill the alien can only by explosion, drove into a trap filled with dynamite in the shed. However, the corpse of the alien in the movie did not show, so his death remains a supposition.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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