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Added Wed, 21/10/2020
Release date
Original title
The X-Files (season 3, episode 17)

The X-Files

TV Show|1993
The exploits of FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who investigate X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder believes in the existence of aliens and the paranormal while Scully, a skeptic, is assigned to make scientific analyses of Mulder's discoveries that debunk Mulder's work and thus return him to mainstream cases.

Secret materials (season 3)

TV Show Season|1995

In the third season of the series there is a "Syndicate" – the powerful secret organization that hides the existence of extraterrestrial life, which will be the main antagonist until the sixth season.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

"Pusher" is the seventeenth episode of the third season of the television series "The X-Files". The episode belongs to the "monster of the week" type and is not related to the main "mythology" of the series, set in the first series.

The plot of the episode is continued in the eighth episode of the fifth season of the series.


The X-Files (5.8)

TV Show Episode|1998

Pusher returns as Robert Patrick Modell escapes from the mental hospital and the FBI promptly organizes a manhunt, assuming that he will continue where he left off. But is he really trying to get revenge on Mulder, or does he want to warn him of another evil?

Interestingly, there was a place in the series for an indirect reference to the second episode of the second season of the series: before being arrested in a supermarket, the Pusher examines a newspaper with a worm-man on the cover.

The Host

The X-Files (2.2)

TV Show Episode|1994

A.D. Skinner sends Mulder to investigate a body which washed into the New Jersey sewer from the ocean. Mulder believes that the basic blue-collar assignment is punishment, but by Skinner's own admission, what he discovers is a true X-File.

At the supermarket, the FBI arrests a man named Robert Patrick Modell, whom the head of the capture operation, agent Frank Burst, calls "the Pusher". Burst in a police car accompanies Modell to the prison, but on the way the latter begins to talk about the soft blue color. Suddenly, the driver drives right under the wheels of the truck, not noticing the huge car. After the accident, Modell escapes.

Injured in the accident, Burst tells Mulder and Scully about the case of "Pusher" Modell, who committed a series of murders that looked like suicides over two years. In one of the photos, Mulder sees the word "ronin", and deductively goes to Modell's ad for" problem solving " in a military magazine. Using the phone number listed in the ad, agents find Modell at a Golf club in falls Church. During the capture operation, one of the special forces officers, having succumbed to Modell's persuasions, burns himself with a can of gasoline. Mulder finds an emaciated Modell in a car nearby and arrests him.

At the court hearing, Modell, using his abilities, persuades the judge to let him go. The agents find out that Modell tried to become an FBI agent, but was eliminated due to a tendency to self-centeredness and sociopathy. Modell enters the FBI building, passing security with a piece of paper with the word "pass" written on it. After requesting Mulder's personal file from Walter Skinner's Secretary, Modell accidentally runs into Skinner himself. The pusher convinces the Secretary that it was Skinner who robbed her earlier, and she sprays tear gas in the boss's face and beats him up.

The FBI breaks into Modell's empty apartment. The protein shakes and epilepsy medications found in the refrigerator suggest to Mulder that Modell's telepathic abilities are due to a brain tumor, and that he has to constantly replenish his energy supply. Modell calls his apartment and causes Frank Burst to have a heart attack while the agents try to locate the criminal. They determine that Modell is in a Fairfax hospital, where a security guard has just shot a technician. An unarmed Mulder with a video transmitter on his head is sent inside the hospital. After Modell rips the video camera off Mulder at gunpoint, Scully rushes in. Scully finds them both playing Russian roulette and manages to pull the fire alarm lever. Mulder, who was aiming at her at the time, temporarily gets out of Modell's influence, shoots the criminal and seriously injures him.

Some time later, Mulder and Scully visit Modell in the hospital. He doesn't come out of the coma, and Scully predicts that the brain tumor will most likely kill Modell before he regains consciousness. Mulder tells her that Modell's tumor was operable, but that Modell did not want to be treated himself, so as not to lose his abilities, since he was always "a small person who really wanted to be significant."

Phenomena in artwork: Telepathy

The antagonist of the episode, Robert Patrick Modell, who calls himself "The Pusher", has the ability to inspire people with his will and force them to perform actions that he needs. Unlike hypnotists, who cannot force people under hypnosis to act in a way that they would not normally do, Modell's victims break through internal barriers and can harm others or themselves. He often uses his voice for suggestion, but this is not necessary: an inscription or just a look also works. The victim is aware of his actions, but "as if he is looking at himself from the outside" and cannot resist the will of the attacker.

The reason for the appearance of paranormal abilities in Modell was a fatal disease – a malignant tumor in the temporal lobe of the brain.

In the eighth episode of the fifth season, Modella's twin sister appears, demonstrating similar abilities. During the investigation, it turns out that her brain is affected by the same disease.

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