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Patient X (1)


Added Mon, 09/08/2021
Release date
Original title
The X-Files (season 5, episodes 13, 14)

The X-Files

TV Show|1993
The exploits of FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who investigate X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder believes in the existence of aliens and the paranormal while Scully, a skeptic, is assigned to make scientific analyses of Mulder's discoveries that debunk Mulder's work and thus return him to mainstream cases.

The X-Files (Season 5)

TV Show Season|1997

"Patient X" (English "Patient X") and "Red and Black" (English "The Red and The Black") are, respectively, the thirteenth and fourteenth episodes of the fifth season of the series "The X-Files", which premiered in March 1998 on the FOX television channel. The episodes allow us to reveal in more detail the so-called "mythology" of the series, set in the pilot series.

The plot of the thirteenth episode

In Kazakhstan, two teenagers watch a UFO disappear over the top of a mountain. The boys run away in search of their parents, but after running through the forest, they get to burning cars. A screaming man appears out of the dense smoke, his whole body is engulfed in flames, and throws the boys to flight. One of them, Dmitry, finds refuge in the forest. The next morning, he is discovered by Krajicek, accompanied by Russian soldiers. Krajicek and his men approach Marita Covarrubias with the captured boy, who, together with a detachment of UN troops, is combing the burned area. Krajicek tells Marita that he knows who she works for – and asks her to inform her management that he has a witness (Dmitry).

At this time in the United States, Mulder is taking part in a lecture forum. He does not agree with the opinions expressed by his opponents about the woman referred to as "Patient X", whom the aliens allegedly abducted several times and who is trying to understand why they came to Earth. Mulder claims that there are no alien abductions. He believes that the government is testing biological weapons and in order to conceal this fact, invents stories about "little green men". After the discussion, Mulder is approached by Dr. Werber, the man who gave him a regressive hypnosis session five years earlier (then Mulder believed that his sister was abducted by aliens). Werber tells him that he is the doctor of Patient X. He arranges for Mulder to meet with a woman, Cassandra, believing that she will influence his opinion. Cassandra believes that the aliens are on Earth with good intentions. But she is afraid that something went wrong, and they began to harm people.

Krajicek uses torture and beatings to extract information from Dmitry. On his orders, a Russian doctor infects a teenager with alien "black oil". The liquid enters Dmitry's body through his mouth and nose. They sew up his eyes and mouth and transport him to the United States on a Russian cargo ship.

Kovarrubias informs the Syndicate members about a mysterious fire in Kazakhstan. She believes that this was an attack on the Syndicate, and tells about Krajicek and the boy-witness. At this moment, Krajicek calls and offers a deal to exchange Dmitry for all the Syndicate's research information related to the "black oil"vaccine.

In the FBI building, Agent Spender approaches Scully and introduces himself as Cassandra's son. Spender informs Scully that his mother is a very unstable woman. Later, Scully tells Mulder about this conversation. She is even more intrigued when she discovers in Cassandra's medical records that the woman was abducted on Mount Skyland, in the same place where Scully was left by Dwayne Barry. The document also states that Cassandra has an implant embedded in the base of her neck.

Mulder withdraws from the investigation of Cassandra's testimony, agreeing with Spender's conclusion. But intrigued by these events, Scully visits Cassandra in a psychiatric hospital. Her anxiety grows when Cassandra tells her that sometimes at night she wakes up with the feeling that she should be somewhere else, but does not know how to get there. Meanwhile, a group of abductees gathers on Mount Skyland. One of them is late moving along a mountain road and collides with people without faces chasing another person. One of the faceless people touches the back of a running man with a metal stick and sets him on fire.

Later, Mulder and Scully examine the scene of the incident. The situation forces Scully to take a position contrary to her usual skepticism, because, despite the lack of evidence, she believes that this case is connected with her abduction. The agents meet with Cassandra, who warns that "they" must be stopped. The agents are approached by Spender, who explains that his mother was part of a UFO cult.

At the Syndicate's office, the group members conclude that the latest mass burning is aimed at sabotaging their work. The hired killer, Quiet Willie, must deal with the situation. Meanwhile, Kovarubias meets with Krajicek on board a Russian cargo ship that is moored in the harbor of New York. They kiss greedily, and it seems that they can be at the same time. When Krajicek returns after having sex with Marita, it turns out that Dmitry has disappeared. A Man with Well-Groomed Nails appears, demanding to tell where the boy has gone.

After examining the evidence, Mulder concludes that the victims of the mass burning gathered on Mount Skyland, obeying the commands of government-implanted implants. However, this does not allow us to explain why they were killed. Mulder and Scully's conversation is interrupted by a call from Kovarubias, who informs Mulder about a similar incident in the former Soviet Union and about the only surviving witness – Dmitry. Suddenly, "black oil" flows out of Dmitry's eyes, and Kovarubias hangs up the phone. Scully wakes up at night and feels a call that is not much different from what Cassandra described. She goes to the Ruskin Dam, where a crowd of people has already gathered, including Cassandra in the company of Quiet Willie, and Dmitry. A brightly lit aircraft flies over the dam and disappears behind the treetops. Suddenly, screams are heard from the opposite side of the dam, where people without faces, wielding alien weapons, are setting people on fire.

The plot of the fourteenth episode

A man who lives in a secluded house in a snowy area, whose face is not visible, writes a letter to his son. He addresses the letter to the FBI and pays a local boy to take the envelope to the post office.

Rescuers arrive at the dam, where charred bodies lie along the entire length of the bridge. Among the dead, you can identify Quiet Willie – an assassin who worked for the Syndicate. Skinner sends Mulder to one of the tents where the medics are treating Scully. The body of Dmitry, a Russian boy, was found nearby. In places where the clothes did not cover the body, his skin was blackened by the fire.

After regaining consciousness, Scully admits that he does not remember anything from what happened at the dam. In the hospital corridor, Spender tells Mulder that rescuers could not find his mother, Cassandra. A man with Well-Groomed Nails and a doctor, Dr. Bronschweig, enter the quarantine department of the hospital where Maria Covarrubias is lying. Later, a Man with Well-Groomed Nails talks with Krajicek, who was detained on board a Russian cargo ship. A man with Well-Groomed Nails is sure that Krajicek deliberately infected Dmitry with "black oil" so that the infection would spread to anyone who tries to find out the details of the burnings in Kazakhstan from the boy. He is also sure that Krajicek has a vaccine that will allow the Syndicate to act against the alien colonists. A man with well-groomed nails offers Krajicek freedom in exchange for a vaccine.

Meanwhile, a spaceship crashes near the air force base at Fort Vikamp. The alien without a face pulls his friend out from under the rubble. Later, the Syndicate members study the photos of the alien. They come to the conclusion that they are looking at photos of one of the resistance fighters, a participant in the ongoing struggle against the colonists. A man with Well-Groomed Nails says that Krajicek gave him a vaccine, which means that it may make sense to take part in the resistance. However, the Elder announces that the captured alien will be handed over to the colonists. On his orders, a Person with Well-Groomed Nails should inject the Covarrubias vaccine to make sure that the vaccine really works.

At the hospital, Mulder tells Scully that an X-ray examination showed the presence of implants in all the people gathered at the dam. According to Mulder, the US government manufactured and implanted the chips as part of a project to develop biochemical weapons. Scully agrees to a hypnosis session with Dr. Werber, hoping to remember what happened at the dam. Plunged into a trance-like state, Scully remembers how a UFO flew over her head, and shortly after that, aliens without faces attacked the audience. Then another ship descended from the sky and attacked the creatures without faces. Cassandra was pulled out of her wheelchair and up to the ship. Skinner listens to the tapes of Scully's hypnosis session with Dr. Werber. Mulder tells Skinner that the incident at the dam was staged to cover up a project being developed by the military. Skinner believes that Scully's UFO story is more plausible. Meanwhile, it turns out that the vaccine still has not affected Covarrubias. The elder announces to the Man with Well-Groomed Nails that the captured alien was handed over to the colonists.

Spender shows the agents a video of himself as a child in a hypnosis session. Little Spender tells the doctor how he was abducted by a UFO. Spender pauses the tape. He tells the agents that everything they heard is not true, he just repeated the lies that his mother told him so many times. He is sure that the theory of suppressed memories preached by Dr. Werber is unfounded. Spender also recalls how many times Scully listened to Mulder's theories about UFOs, thereby drawing a parallel: Scully absorbed Mulder's stories, as Spender in childhood-the stories of his mother.

Mulder is taken aback by Krajicek's appearance in his apartment. Krajicek says that Kazakhstan, Mount Skyland and part of Pennsylvania are the starting points for the colonization operation. The burnings, according to Krajicek – are attempts by aliens from the resistance to disrupt plans to colonize the Earth. Krajicek tells Mulder where the rebel alien is being held captive. He assures me that if the prisoner dies, all the resistance will die.

Together with Scully, Mulder arrives at Fort Wycamp. Trying to trick their way through the main entrance, the agents notice the previously deceased Quiet Willie, who gets behind the wheel of a military truck, about to leave the base. When the car pulls out of the gate, Mulder climbs into the back. There he finds a captured alien without a face. Quiet Willie stops the car and turns into a Hired Hunter. He climbs into the cargo compartment, after which the truck is flooded with white light. After that, a second alien without a face appears with a weapon like a flamethrower. Mulder shoots. After a while, the military pounces on the confused Mulder. They put him in the car, where Scully is already. Mulder doesn't remember how he got into the truck.

Meanwhile, the envelope that appeared at the beginning of the episode is brought to Spender. A few days later, an envelope with the inscription "Return to sender" is delivered to a Smoker in a secluded house.

Phenomena in artwork: UFO

In the episodes, several aircraft are shown, presumably being alien spaceships. All of them have a triangular shape and a large number of bright lights in the lower part. There is also a hatch, a bright light from which is able to lift a person and deliver him to the ship.

Phenomena in artwork: The Alien

In the episodes, an alien organism similar to a black liquid is again shown. As before, it is a parasite that can penetrate into the human body and subordinate it to its will.

Also, aliens who can change their appearance appear again. Some of them injured themselves by sewing up all the holes in their bodies to avoid infection with "black oil". These aliens are at war with others and for the purpose of sabotage burn a large number of people who were previously abducted by UFOs.

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