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Fires in California are caused by the spirits of the trees burn from the inside

Added Sun, 15/10/2017
Дата публикации
Sun, 15/10/2017

In California, in the Sonoma County area Schelville filmed mysterious forest fires, which struck the imagination even of the locals who are accustomed to the fact that trees and shrubs susceptible to fire, making almost every year to burn large tracts of green space.

Says one of the inhabitants of the area Jim stone, the current fires in SONOMA County suspicious that many of the trees are lit from the inside, as if there was some kind of spontaneous combustion. Locals already rumors that such mystical fire caused by spirits, programavimas the people for their sins and Kapuscinski residents Schelville curse in the form of a mysterious fire.

Here's what he said journalists of CNN about this Mac Dermott, who has lived in SONOMA for more than ten years:

I definitely have not seen anything like this before. Since forest fires began to threaten the lives of my relatives, that day I went to the car and searched for an escape route. And suddenly I saw these weird trees that glowed from within, and smoke billowed through their tops. It was very strange and even scary...

However, California authorities have analyzed the situation, came to the conclusion that forest fires in SONOMA County was caused in most cases artificially. This they gave as the time of fire inside the trees. It seems that someone (most likely teenagers) specifically finds trees with huge hollows in the form of mischief arrange it fires, causing the plant itself as if ignites spontaneously. Actually there is no mystery here. And power, as it became known to CNN, already arrested several people suspected of involvement in such forest fires.

Indeed, all this is suspicious, as noted by another resident Schelville Thomas Williams, despite the blazing forests, kosher vineyards fire didn't even touch, as if someone intentionally destroys the forest, leaving untouched cultivated plantings.

Internet users mostly came to the same opinion, it is no mystery in this, immediately citing many examples of internal fire trees. However, there were some users who were witnesses of cases when the tree was snowshovels for no apparent reason right in front of them.

Even people often ignite spontaneously, exclaim others, and who ignites, also teenagers?! So to write off all on some kind of hooligan actions of students, it's just a manner of authorities and the Orthodox scientists to explain everything materialistically and then find the perpetrators – who can be jailed or at least fined. And thus to close the case...

From us: the Phenomenon of burning trees inside often, especially at forest fires, but can also occur from intentional ignition of any suitable wood. Usually such effect, subject to dereva, with a light and porous pith of the trunk (or lack thereof) and a few hollows, mostly sick trees damaged by pests. The principle of burning like fire "Finnish candle" ("Indian candle", "canadian candle", "Swedish Primus", etc.) using the airflow (thrust) to maintain combustion. When large forest fires are burning on the inside trees can cause repeated voragine.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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