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Is it possible to open a door to another world just by reading a book about paranormal phenomena?

Added Thu, 10/05/2018
Дата публикации
Thu, 10/05/2018

The question posed in the title of the article may seem strange and far-fetched, but there are a few unusual cases, when people have strange things happened in that moment when they read books or articles about the paranormal. Could this be the reaction of the brain on the unknown or the unknown itself comes to meet, feeling the interest of the human mind to it - is unknown.

In 2012, American researcher of anomalous phenomena David Weatherly published the book "Children with black eyes" (Black Eyed Children), which proved so popular that recently released second edition. And once the writer wrote a letter to a woman named Jane.

"Every time I start to read your book about kids with black eyes, all the electronics in my house is beginning to fail. The first time I read your book at night, turn on the smoke detector, although no smoke in the house and was not discovered. The second time the timer on my microwave like crazy. And I didn't even use it and never did install it. Then I have lost count of these strange failures. Once the garage door opened by itself just. All these coincidences are freaking me out. You can tell there is similar with other people? And I am very interested in the theme of "children with black eyes", but I don't want them one day I showed up"...

And then David Weatherly wrote Shannon from Illinois.

"I'm very passionate about the phenomenon of "Children with black eyes," I feel a real need to read stories about them. It all started with the fact that a friend of mine once told me about meeting with them, which happened somewhere in North Carolina at the marine base, and then I have several days trying to understand this phenomenon. Then I started to look for all of the "children" on the Internet.

That night it was late and my husband and son had already gone to bed, and I was sitting at the computer screen. I found the story of an eyewitness by Brian Bethel of meeting them, but when I started to read it, I turned off the computer. It turned out that the lights went out throughout the house. But after a couple minutes the light turned on, I rebooted the computer again and decided to go to the site with stories about children with black eyes. And suddenly again passed out electricity.

Then I I had a scary assumption, but not if you visit the website of the "children" problems with electricity? But no, I threw those thoughts came when I returned the light and then turned on the computer and went to that site. And then the light bulb in the table lamp started to flicker and then exploded. I'm seriously scared.

I don't make any attempt and just went to sleep. The next morning I was home alone and decided to try again. And equipment started to go crazy. Squeaked the timer by itself in the microwave and squeaked until then, until I pulled the power cord from the outlet. Then started by itself, beeping my alarm clock and it too had to shut down. Then I decided to go to the site with my husband's computer and he passed out while trying to read an article about "the children".

Now I knew exactly what the problem is not my computer, but it is something with the site or the phenomenon of "children." Ever since it happened. Once I start to read about "children with black eyes", something strange begins to happen. And I realize that maybe I need to stop be carried away by this topic, but I like something drawn to this phenomenon.

Now I found a workaround, I read the article about the "children" in the local library. So at least not suffer my technique".

In 2017, a woman named Sally out of interest took reading copies of medieval books of "the worship of demons" (Remigii Daemonolatreia) Nicolas Remy and "Compendium Maleficarum" of the priest Francesco Maria Guazzo. And that same night she had a terrible vision.

In her bedroom came a black Shadow man and the woman during his visit was in a frozen condition during sleep paralysis. Something similar happened with a resident of Connecticut albert Bender, who in the 1950's was one of those who first began to discuss the phenomenon of UFOs and "Men in black". In 1953, Bender founded the International Bureau for the Study of Flying and founded the newspaper "the space will review".

One day Bender come in person "the Man in black" and revealed to him the mystery of the UFO, and then were threatened with jail if he someone to talk about it. Three days after meeting with the man in black Bender could not recover. However, few people know that the meeting with the "man in black" Bender had occurred just a few hours after he read a copy of the book by Kurt Seligman "The Mirror of Magic" ("magic Mirror"), which describes in detail the history of magic and the occult.

In this connection I would like to ask readers the question, did it happen with you anything like that?

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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