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Legend of the Palace of Pioneers

Added Fri, 29/10/2021
Дата публикации
Wed, 07/09/2005

The Palace of Pioneers on Voznesenskaya has always generated incredible rumors among the townspeople - they say, a ghost lives in the Palace.

I go into these mansions and realize that for a ghost here is just paradise. Echoing corridors and corridors, stairs leading to nowhere, an abundance of rooms. Getting lost here is like two and two.

- Some evil force lives here. As soon as night falls, someone starts walking, knocking, rattling on the third floor. Therefore, no one stays here for a long time, the guards change about once a month, - the night watchmen immediately brought up to date, escorting them on a tour of the building.

And fotokor and I still decided to visit the ghost. We go up to the very third floor, there is now a dance class here. The room is windowless, the light is dim, even the full-length mirror scares. And the door to the room suddenly took, and slammed shut for no apparent reason. We found ourselves trapped, tried to get out - in no way, the door does not give in. In the silence, it seems that someone is walking. Isn't it the tricks of our ghost?

- Oh, where are you? - I'm whispering at the top of my voice, and my knees are already shaking from fear. The door, by the way, opened itself about fifteen minutes later.

It opened as if someone was standing behind it. And when we went down, there was a complete feeling that someone was looking at my back. I look around - something seems to have flashed. But no... No one.

So whatever you want, but I personally believed in a ghost. And I went straight after that to a psychic: what kind of miracle is this?

Legend of the Palace

Psychic Lydia Samsonova did not suffer for a long time over my question. Apparently, this is not the first time they ask:

- Under this building there are large geological faults, which, in turn, provoke huge emissions of negative energy. And here anything can happen: a poltergeist, and someone's soul that has not passed away.

Everything, of course, can be. After all, the Palace has its own "terrible" legend.

There lived at the end of the XYIII century in Yekaterinburg a rich merchant Lev Ivanovich Rastorguev. He decided to somehow build a palace in the city, the envy of all the townspeople. As luck would have it, there was no good architect in the city. But the merchant found out that a magnificent master was languishing in the prison of the Tobolsk province. Then Rastorguev talked to the head of the prison, who, according to the documents, "killed" the prisoner and sent him to the Urals. Here the architect set his conditions - no one was supposed to know his name, and it was required to release him after the completion of the construction of the palace. The merchant agreed.

The palace was built for 12 years. But Rastorguev did not keep his word - he sent the prisoner back to prison. He fell into hypochondria and hanged himself right in the car of the Tobolsk transit prison. Who knows, maybe his spirit still wanders the halls of the Palace of Pioneers?

Historical background

Since 1798, these lands belonged to the merchant of the first guild Lev Ivanovich Rastorguev. It was he who built the palace.

In 1823, Rastorguev died, and the property was inherited by his daughters Maria and Ekaterina, married Kharitonova and Zotova. However, in 1826, both daughters, along with their husbands, were exiled to the Finnish city of Kexholm. Then Zotov and Kharitonov were accused of cruel exploitation and murder of their peasants. They never returned to their homeland, and the estate passed to the eldest daughter of the merchant Rastorguev Anna.

At the beginning of the XX century, the joint-stock company of Kyshtym Factories bought the estate from Rastorguev's relatives for 61,000 rubles. During the revolution, the house housed a detachment of the Red Guard. In 1924, the Ural-Siberian Communist University named after V. I. Lenin was transferred here from Omsk. In 1937, the estate was adapted for the Palace of Pioneers, which is located here to this day, as the Palace of Creativity of Students.

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