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Legends and mystical history of Simferopol

Added Mon, 23/03/2020
Дата публикации
Mon, 23/03/2020

With the Crimean capital of men is often associated with many legends and stories. Simferopol is not only a favorite place for tourists, but real mystery. Everyone knows the clock tower at the railway station, once walked along the shore of the reservoir and visited the street of Alexander Nevsky. About the strange phenomena in the area has told the Crimean researchers of anomalous phenomena, historians and ethnographers.

The passage into parallel worlds, unknown to the underground rumble of the old cemetery and even conversations with the dead. To find the truth is not easy, and everyone finds their explanations to those or other strange events. But the fact that scientists of the Crimea have already begun seriously to explore the unknown and abnormal, to deny is not worth it.

Cemetery under the reservoir

Legends go that at the bottom of the Simferopol reservoir is a huge old cemetery. Historian Vladimir Grigoriev said that at the site of the reservoir was used for mass executions. According to legend, after filling it with water to the surface floated the corpses.

As told to the researcher of anomalous phenomena Anatoly anfalov, the story about the shooting is true. In the XIX century in the area of the current reservoir was located in the fruit gardens of the local gentry. After the revolution, they were abandoned, and during the Civil war there shot the officers of the White army and innocent citizens. As it turned out, the dead bodies were buried there, in a huge pit-graves. To date, the exact number of victims is unknown.

– On our reservoir are constantly taking place some strange things, some people saw us as a UFO under water and above it. My friend personally was faced with a very terrible situation and he told me about it. He decided to go fishing, there met his old school friend, talking with him, came home in a good mood. And only after some time from their friends found out that his classmate, with whom he recently spoke warmly of the reservoir, is no longer alive more than 5 years – shared anfalov.

Underground life of Simferopol

The researcher also told us about a network of underground tunnels of ancient origin, which is located under the city. These areas can be called anomalous and poorly understood.

– The city authorities decided to hide from the local a lot of underground passages and even entire roads. Some inputs are now blown up, filled and closed. But they still talk about people who could get in the door at one end of the city and exit in another. I know for sure that there is a cave "Faithful" near the village of Dubki – she's been blown up and erased from all maps of the Crimean capital. The Snake cave near the village Levadky also covered. And part of the tunnel in the cave that is in Peter rocks, in the street thieves used MOE as an underground shelter. Also rumor has it that it's so huge that there can go "KAMAZ". It's safe to say that our city under the ground is completely dug tunnels, and a hundred years ago, which moved our ancestors and even built a road there.

"Sleeve" to other dimensions

Anfalov added that there are in the city and such other places as "sleeves" to other dimensions. People get there by accident, see unfamiliar terrain, different time of the year and even strange creatures.

– It can be called a rupture in the time space. The person can just walk down the street, go to fog and get into another dimension. One difference therefore was in a fantastic version of the city, where, in his words, living beings of the dwarf growth, which have a dense coat and glowing eyes. The man was very scared and felt a strong shock, to explain he could not.

German characters on the clock tower

Railway station's clock tower has always attracted the attention of visitors and even became the main symbol of the capital of the Crimea. Few people know that its construction began in 1946, built Simferopol "big Ben" not only the Soviet workers, but also German prisoners of war. Perhaps that is why among the citizens there is a legend that a certain party at a certain time of day where you can see Hitler's profile. But of course this is just a made-up story.

The tower still has one feature. On the dial next to each hour flaunt different signs of the zodiac. But the interesting thing is that instead of Virgo, Libra and Taurus depicts Ophiuchus, the Dogs and the Swan (old Church Slavonic signs of the zodiac). And the rest of the Zodiac symbols the wrong sequence, which according to esoteric, changing the destiny of the city and the whole Peninsula. Why it happened, no one can answer, but some researchers bring this fact mystical sense, and called the tower peak energy, which protects the city from disasters. But that's not all, in the Italian courtyard of the train station stands a fountain, before it adorned the eight doves, and two were removed when the station staff noticed that the United lines of figures formed a swastika.

Howling from under the ground

Perhaps not everyone knows that near the current Central market is the so-called first civil cemetery. Graves date back to the XIX century, but since the mid-twentieth century for unknown reasons it stopped to bury people. In 60-ies they built a school, and later part of the cemetery was taken under the stadium and garages.

Under the school went Karaite, part of the Jewish and Orthodox sectors of the necropolis. Researchers call this a real loss and can't come to terms with it. The school closed in 1996, and its territory divided between different institutions. In the end, the bones of their ancestors now are the regiment of the internal troops of the interior Ministry, Prosecutor's office of Kazakhstan, the Fund of property of Republic, two civilian universities, warehouses and shops of the Central market, – said the historian and ethnographer Vladimir Gurkovich.

Simferopol and researcher of anomalous phenomena added that there are many unpleasant stories associated with the area.

– Once called me a resident of South street and told me that he heard near the old cemetery strange sound from the ground near the Central market, reminiscent of the creak of an opening door. It is an odd and eerie phenomenon that, according to residents, repeated quite often, – said anfalov.

House of gravestones

Another legend, which causes goose bumps, tells that in Simferopol there is a house built from gravestones. According to residents, it is on the street of the Rose Luxembourg (now Alexander Nevsky), fully built of gravestones that were taken from the old cemetery at the Petrovskaya Balka.

It is uncertain whether this house actually, but back in 2009, in Simferopol, the police began to receive complaints about the abduction of gravestones from the cemetery "Abdal". After that, the police began to actively search for the robbers, and the search ended with a terrible discovery. In the courtyard of one of the thieves found 38 marble grave slabs. The robber admitted that the gravestones were stolen from the town cemetery and used for building houses, the historian said Vladimir Grigoriev.

White monk from Chersonesos

The most famous Ghost of Sevastopol – "the white monk" living among the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Chersonesos. Named Ghost because of the white garments that were numerous witnesses. The stories of those who "definitely" met with "the priest", he prefers a night walk, in General, peace-loving, but loves to scare lovers and bathers.

What if you met the "white monk" day?

Among the Sevastopol children are persistent rumors that white monk is in the form of a white rabbit. If you see a similar animal in the territory of Chersonesos, try to see the color of the eyes. If red, then here is a normal rabbit, if some other, then you have a white monk. Then you have time to ask a question. If the rabbit remained in place, the answer is Yes, ran – negative. However, now the chances to meet a white monk on the Chersonese is practically reduced to zero.

To bathe in the territory of the Museum-reserve is prohibited, but bathing is possible only until 20.00. Severe Chersonesos guards refused to admit that they did with ghosts.

– We make sure that there was no hanging around at night. Here, no one tramp, – said one of the guards ruins of the ancient city.

In Hersonissos you can now get only the day and walk under the watchful eye of security.


This is perhaps the most unusual "Ghost" of Sevastopol, because we are talking about the vagus underground through the city's main Bay.

There is in our city one legend, the origins of which probably go from the time of the Crimean war and the First defense of the city. Supposedly among the many underground tunnels, which during the events of 1854-55 SG was dug under the city, there is a tunnel through the Sevastopol Bay. On this course once one Sevastopol the girl held her father – a military engineer. Through a narrow corridor, father and daughter crossed the main Sevastopol harbour and went out on the North side in the Konstantinovsky Ravelin.

This legend walks around the city for a long time, but reliable evidence she has, unfortunately, no. As told digger Andrey Volt, which studied all the available dungeons in Sevastopol and its suburbs, an underground passage to the North – nothing more than a myth.

– Yes, many can tell you about the tunnel under the Bay. If you listen to all these stories and to gather together, under the Bay, there is a huge network of tunnels that begin somewhere in the center and ending at the communal cemetery, on the ravelins, in military units on the North side and so on. And we all have friends of friends that at least saw the entrances, only to forget where they are, and in many cases sbrodova this tunnel up and down – said Andrey.

According to the digger if the tunnel really existed, it would long ago have discovered if not random searchers, the military – sure. However, the legend lives on – perhaps in this metaphorical image is transformed long-time dream of the citizens on the bridge over the Sevastopol Bay, linking South and North sides.

The abode of ghosts

The rich ghosts place in the city-hero is Lazarevsky barracks, located at the entrance to the Ship's side. Built long before the events of the Crimean war, during the defense of the structure received significant damage. However, it was restored and in the barracks went back to living naval crews. It was in the second half of the nineteenth century, the stories of captain 1-St rank, the writer and journalist Vladimir Shigina, "the sailors began to notice at night some translucent figures wandering sadly along the Central corridors."

In his book "Sevastopol. History. Legends. Legends" Shigin describes what he saw in the barracks so:

"Figures was three. They differ not only in appearance but also in its behaviour. So, one Ghost, who had on his head a FEZ, looked very unhappy, the other with tied at the neck with a handkerchief, held, on the contrary, very arrogant, and the third, with curled up moustache and a small wedge-shaped beard, was distinguished by an unusually sociable nature, trying always to stay longer beside the terrified sailors.

Watching the ghosts, the sailors gradually established that all three are representatives of the allied armies besieging Sevastopol 1854-55 years. The first of them, in a FEZ, was obviously a Turk, the second, with a handkerchief on the neck – a sailor-an Englishman, and the third with a mustache and beard, the "goatee" – the sailor-Frenchman".

According to eyewitnesses, the living residents of the barracks ghosts do not hurt, but the fearless conquerors of the seas still they were afraid. For getting rid of disembodied neighbors invited the priest, but it didn't help.

Ghosts of the Lazarev barracks survived world war I, revolution, Civil war and even the years of militant atheism. Open Soviet sailors about the resident Ghost didn't speak, but the smoke slowly discussed.

During the Heroic defense of Sevastopol in 1941-42 years "abode of ghosts" was destroyed, and after the restoration it became clear that two of the three allies either disbanded, or returned home. Wander through the restored corridors of the Sevastopol barracks were only "French". They say he was seen up to the 70-ies of the last century.

Vladimir Shigin wrote that to him about the meeting with the "Frenchman" it was in these years was told by one of the veterans of the black sea fleet, who was then Deputy commander of the training unit at the rear in the Lazarev barracks:

"Ghost in his impression, behaved when meeting people is very peaceful and even shy. In the case of Deputy for logistics, he just passed on some of his cases in a dozen steps from the officer, and disappeared into a dark corner. Who knows, maybe, tired of the loneliness, he (the Ghost of a Frenchman, – approx. edition) in the end also moved to native land, and may be hiding somewhere in the attic and occasionally still makes the rounds of the old building, a longing for a "fun" old days and the company "departed" friends."

Indeed, in our times, witnesses of the appearance of ghosts of the Lazarev barracks or not, or they prefer to remain silent.

Not breaking the cross

Fraternal cemetery in Sevastopol is a place in itself, mysterious and mystical, the largest necropolis of the city, where are buried the defenders of the city from different eras. Around the graves many legends and rumors, ranging from the extinct remains of General Totleben and ending with the graves of the "lads" of the 90-ies of the last year. But now not about it.

The hill where lies the necropolis, crowned by St. Nicholas Church, built in the shape of a pyramid. We will not describe the architectural features of the building, they are worthy of a separate essay.

However, the story I want to tell you about this amazing structure is not a legend, but a real fact, but the miracle was here. During the Second defense of the city, the temple served as defenders of Sevastopol in the observation point. During one of the bombing by a German shell landed right in the base of the cross on top of the Temple.

Witness fell the cross was Zoya Platonova of Salnova (Zadorozhnaya), whose family for many generations, one way or another, associated with the St. Nicholas Church. It is found out writer Valery Voronin in a personal conversation with Zoya Platonovna.

"She saw the huge seven-meter diorite cross the giant fell with tridtsatimetrovoy height slowly, as if he was a maple leaf, floating in the air! It is not surprising that the cross was really hurt. Broke off the tip and lower part where it is attached to the top of the pyramid. It's because it has some minor damage, the restorers had only a little work to recover the "hero of the defense of Sevastopol" and to erect it in the same place – at the top, to stand in the battle with the enemy of St Nicholas Church".

Later, in our time the cross has not withstood time and broke away. A stone cross was removed from the pedestal, instead he had installed a temporary metal.

Now metal cross replaced by a new stone and the old are preserved and rests on a pedestal of honor in front of the Temple.

Ghosts, disappearing in the sea

Cape Khersones, where nowadays is a Museum and historical complex "35th Coastal Battery" – one of the most sad and tragic places in the city. Here in July 1942 80 thousand defenders of Sevastopol citizens were left to the mercy of the enemy. What was this mercy, every sevastopolets now knows from the cradle. It is not surprising that with the 35 BB is associated with many legends and mystical stories.

So, one of the acquaintances of the author [Natalya Astakhova, 29.12.2016] bought a house here by the sea, told me that, staying the night, often heard the calls for help, groans and wheezing. According to her, in the moonlit night, she sometimes noticed a strange figure in the 35-th battery. It seemed that the shade of hundred out of the then ruins, and disappeared in the sea. After the friend I sold the cottage, and check out her story is not possible.

However, the official keepers of the history of Cape Chersonese say that the ghosts are not met. As told the Deputy Director of the Museum Tatyana Umanskaya, ghosts on-site battery there, but the amazing coincidences happen.

Every year on the eve of Victory Day, we conduct the reburial of the found remains of soldiers (in the territory of the complex is a necropolis – approx. edition). May 2 once I had a dream about the kid who says about himself: "I was 22 when I died." And at the burial, which was on may 5, it appears that the searchers found the remains of a soldier who was just 22 years old. It may not be the brightest story, but an amazing lot. But the ghosts in the tunnels of the battery neither I nor any other staff not met, – said Tatiana.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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