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The magical city of lights

Added Tue, 20/06/2017
Дата публикации
Sat, 01/11/2014

Italian town of Canneto di Caronia (Canneto di Caronia) in the past 10 years and attracted the attention of the media who regularly put all the incidents in it to the top of the news. Here inexplicably lit up disconnected from network appliances, flared clothing and furniture. Reported and more mysterious accidents such as ignition of grass single species, the Moorish Ampelodesmos (Ampelodesmos Mauritanicus).

For the first time this Sicilian town located on the Tyrrhenian coast, began in 2004. The police were faced with the facts of spontaneous combustion, which they could not give any logical explanation. Local energy company Enel even cut off the city from the mains, but it has not brought any results — all around continued to blaze. Trying to draw the government's attention to their problems, local residents even blocked the railway. Finally, in April 2005, to the time when it was already known about 150 unexplained fires, was formed a special Commission, which included scientists from the Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology of Florence, National research Council, high-ranking military officers, environmentalists, technology companies Enel, Telecom etc.

The consequences of spontaneous combustion in 2004

The group has conducted a thorough analysis of the air environment, probing the depths, collecting geophysical and geochemical data, magnetometric detection, analysis, electromagnetic fields, radio monitoring and measurement of local power relay stations, assessed potential effects of trains passing nearby, etc. none of the above studies are unable with a high degree of reliability to answer the question about what is happening in the city. Equipment was limited to complete replacement of the entire urban network, and in 2007 the case of "unknown electromagnetic radiation" was closed. The mayor Calogero, Berlingieri said that it did not receive from the group any official statements. "My people have a right to know what has happened and continues to happen," he said.

Some time later, the press was allegedly excerpts from the report of the Commission. Although they are quite controversial, is to lead them. It was noted that the fires could be provoked unusual electromagnetic phenomena. Scientists were also detected strong electromagnetic wave with the capacity of 12-15 gigawatts. "We assume that the fault is some kind of unnatural power that can cause the emission of electromagnetic energy", – said at a press conference Francisco Mantegna, Venerando from the Department of civil defence of Sicily.

In subsequent years, an intense flash of such manifestations, when smoke detectors went crazy for no apparent reason, and in the gardens somehow grew "striped eggplant" (the latter, by the way, the usual result of cleavage – it is unclear why it was recorded in the anomaly) followed the same sudden periods of calm. Canneto di Caronia even got the unofficial name of the magical city of lights. Strange events resumed in the fall of 2014, once again includes spontaneous combustion of mattresses, beds, cars, fridges and cookers. Since mid-July has seen more than 40 of the strange fires. And, for example, on 30 September a series of inexplicable samovosplameneniya swept across the city, burning books, a sofa, and someone's chair.

The consequences of spontaneous combustion in 2014

Hypotheses about what is happening in Canneto di Caronia has appeared enough, talking about deliberate arson, an incredible race of energy hoaxes to attract tourists, the influence of magma, secret test microwave weapons or effects in the waters of the sea of the submarine. The Catholic priest Gabriele Amor suggested that all this is the work of the devil. "I have repeatedly seen lit TVs, dishwashers, washing machines and even home phones, in other words, everything that is connected with electricity," he said in an interview with an Italian newspaper. If the individual is still bad poor, but you can banish the devil, how to conduct an exorcism with the whole town – that is the question.

Ilya Butov

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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