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Real scary stories from Reddit users

Added Mon, 24/06/2019
Дата публикации
Mon, 24/06/2019

His scary stories were shared to Reddit users.

My dead body in a dream

"I began to dream a very realistic and disturbing dreams and I'm very concerned. I'm none of them and do not tell me of these dreams are very uncomfortable.

1. dream on Monday: my cupboard has no door, it just always open. And here in dreams I lie in bed completely paralyzed and seeing a girl who is squatting in the closet. She has dark eyes and long red hair. She is fully my copy, just a hair dirty and grubby. She stares at me and I looked at her and prayed to the demon: "go away, Go away...". I woke up panting and covered in sweat.

2 sleep Tuesday: I'm in the yard (I live on a farm in the middle of the woods in Georgia) and the sun is shining in my face. But suddenly I lowered my eyes and see past my feet crawling procession of larvae. A trail of larvae leads to the basement and I go there and a trail of maggots goes to the closet. I open the wardrobe and see the rotting body of a man.

It really scares me in my sleep, but initially not as much as after I see that this body has long red hair and that's my dead and rotting body. And I say aloud "Oh my God, that's me." Then I see the shadow person in the doorway and she runs right at me. Then I woke up.

All these dreams were incredibly real and I hope it's not a premonition of my future death".

Something in the house

"My mother and stepfather live in coral springs, Florida, in the house of the stepfather. In this house my stepfather lived for more than 20 years, first with his first wife, now deceased, and the last 8 years with my mother. 5 years ago in this house started to happen strange events. I will describe two of them, a witness which I was myself during my visits to their house.

The back part of the house has large, floor to ceiling sliding doors leading to the pool. Once we all sat by the pool and talked, I sat in front of the Windows, mom to face me. During the conversation I happened to look out my bedroom window mom and I saw this room through the door to the corridor has a high dark figure.

When I told mom about it, we both at once ran to check who was there in the house. Can be broke in the robber? However, we walked all the rooms and checked all the Windows, there was nobody there and the window was closed. Then someone suggested that I saw a shadow from a passing car. To test this theory, we were sitting in the same places for another hour, but none of the passing cars of similar effect did not give.

The second unusual phenomenon occurred in my next visit in a year. I was lying on the couch in the living room, which connected to the kitchen and separated from it only by a small screen. On the second sofa in the living room sat my stepfather and my mother. And suddenly all three of us clearly heard the sound of footsteps, first on the tile floor in the kitchen and then down the hallway towards the bedrooms.

Was another oddity. My stepdad works at home sales representative. He doesn't like candles, mainly because of the smell, so the house couldn't light them. Sometimes my mother would light candles when the stepfather is away on business. Once my mom lit the candle, when her stepfather wasn't home, and then forgot about it. She remembered quite clearly that it is not extinguished it, but when the stepfather came home, he saw the extinguished candle.

Another story. The living room is a large piano on it, standing on pedestals of pictures of family and various trinkets. One day my mother heard a noise in the living room like something fell. She came into the living room and saw that one picture on the stand and it fell face down and lay neatly in between the other photos.

The cat couldn't do photos standing very close to each other and if you hurt one, they would fall like dominoes, one after another.

This house still occur unusual things. There is nothing sinister or hostile toward his stepfather and my mother, but there's no doubt dwells something that openly declares its presence."

Random homeless guy

"My birthday is June 13, I work as a garbage man in new York and work in night shift schedule from 12 midnight to 8 am. The trucks which we travel have a door that can be opened very fast and closed well.

The night of 13 June, I was driving down the street Bleecker St. between Sullivan and Thompson and suddenly I heard on the left side screams. I looked over and saw a homeless man with a white bucket. He looked uncomfortable and was ugly, dirty and very hairy. He shouted to me "Hey!" or something like that to draw my attention.

And when I slowed down and looked at him, he shouted to me "happy Birthday!". I have chills ran down his back and I just went on. I'm not telling anyone when my Birthday is, so I have no idea how he knew it. If he could say it by accident? Yes. But what are the odds of such a coincidence? Weirdest thing to ever happen to me".

The child in the yard

"Short background: My friend, let's call her Sonya, regularly has strange dreams and encounters with various anomalous phenomena. When I meet with Sonya, she tells me about it, but I usually just shrugged their shoulders. Until one time, when I was really scared.

About a year ago my older sister had a miscarriage and she buried him in our yard under a tree. Sonia knew nothing about it, at that time, we haven't been close enough to discuss personal family stuff. And a month ago Sonja and I were sitting in our yard and she started telling me her dream, which she began to see very often lately.

In this dream was me and my sister and we sat in the backyard and watched the little child who played there. The child was 2-4 years, he had very dark skin with Asian features and black straight hair. His face was a defect, as if the face was underdeveloped.

Her description exactly coincided with that kinda looked like my sister's kid, had he been born on time. My sister with light brown hair and half Asian, and her boyfriend is half-Vietnamese, half-African. Realizing this, it gave me chills on the back.

Still hoping it's just a coincidence, I asked Sonja, in what place was playing this kid. And she pointed to a small patch under a tree. Again, she did not know that there was someone buried, this place is not marked and has long been overgrown with grass. Me is impressed that I quickly turned the conversation to another topic.

Two weeks passed after that incident and we in the house were a dinner party where I was with Sonja and our two other. We were drinking wine and having a good time and the conversation somehow turned to the topic of ghosts. One of my friends said that every case of seeing ghosts has a logical rationale, and that nothing paranormal exists.

He was so persistent that I decided to tell him about the dream Sony and the miscarriage of my sister. I don't like to talk about family matters, but I was a bit tipsy and I couldn't stop.

First, I asked Sonja to tell us again about your dream, and then I drew a diagram of our yard with a tree and asked Sonia to indicate where in her dream playing. And when she looked around this place, I told all of them that in this place my sister buried her unborn child.

And Sonia and our friends were in deep shock, and Sonia in addition, suddenly began to cry. I didn't want this reaction and began to calm her down and when she calmed down a bit, then said that in her dream there was something else. The child played for a while and then ran to my sister and hugged her. After that time, the Dormouse woke up.

Since then I am haunted by a strange feeling. When I'm in the kitchen, from which a door leads to the back yard, I think that for me there watching. And now I'm so scared that in the evening do not go out to the backyard. It's very unnerving".

My brother sees dead people

"My brother has a gift, he sees ghosts and different entities since I was a kid. I was always jealous of his ability and always wanted to be the same. So it was until he told some stories, and then I thanked God that I'm not like my brother.

My brother and I live in the same apartment after he moved out from his parents, he lived there for three years, and I moved in a year ago. And so tonight he came home from work and immediately went to my room and said "Want to hear something terrible that happened 20 minutes ago on my work?". I said of course Yes.

My brother works at a garden center and when they closed, the truck rolled on its own without wind, without wind. There with him were two officers and they know that my brother sees things. They began to joke, "It's your people, you and the truck to return to the place" and my brother went to clean the truck.

And when he walked past the shelves with goods, he saw a tall dark shadow. She looked at him, and then disappeared behind the shelves. And my brother froze in fear as I felt the evil in that creature. And also because in my life it only three times met the beings who were so strong that could move objects. And usually these powerful beings are angry. And dangerous for humans.

After this, the brother asked his colleagues to stop joking and he is afraid of what might happen tomorrow something else."

Visit a dead friend

"When I was 15, I lost my best friend, my brother, who was sick with cystic fibrosis. When he fell into a coma, I came to him in the hospital and had to hold his hand. And an hour after I left he died. He was only 15 years old, like me, and I was absolutely devastated.

I prayed to God that night, he allowed me again to see a friend, but nothing happened. Several months passed, during which I continue to pray. And suddenly I saw a dream in which I open a random door and enter the room where the couch sits my best friend.

He seemed higher than it was in real life and over, and his stomach was a large scar from the surgery, which he managed to do before the coma. He looked at me and said "I'm fine, brother," and then smiled like he usually smiled.

I held out my hand to touch him and suddenly "poof" and I woke up. I still remember this dream and will always remember his friend".

Case with Lollipop

When I was eight, I lived in calgary, Alberta, Canada, and one day we went with mom to the store for shopping. When we were in the convenience store "All for 1 dollar", I begged mom to buy me all the candy I loved to chew.

She bought it for me and I still remember what it was flavor - Pina colada. I just started to chew on it, but when we walked back to the car, I accidentally dropped it and it fell through the grating into the storm drain. It was so sad.

However, life continued on and I followed mom when we walked around other stores. I was not behind her. After about half an hour after the loss of candy, my mom went to the store the Best shopping and suddenly I saw something on the ground.

It was the same candy that I dropped into a storm drain. In the same half-stripped wrapper with the same taste and slightly nibbled as my. My mind was blown and when I showed it to my mother, she was also very surprised. I still remember this case and do not know that it was a glitch in the Matrix or something?

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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