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A strange substance was discovered on the west coast of the United States, which was forbidden to touch

Added Wed, 29/05/2024
Дата публикации
Wed, 29/05/2024

Residents of the coast of northern Oregon and southern Washington are concerned about the mysterious appearance of an oily substance resembling resin on the shores.

According to information received on May 19, the substance was detected along 240 kilometers of the coast from Long Beach (Washington State) to Waldport (Oregon). The Joint Command, established to respond to such incidents, immediately took action.

Not only people have encountered this mysterious substance, but wildlife has also suffered. Many birds were found covered in this substance, and unfortunately, some of them were found dead. This situation has particularly affected the common murr, a species of bird nesting along the West Coast.

However, the source of this pollution remains a mystery. The substance is being tested, and so far it has been possible to determine its oil base. Response teams, including the U.S. Coast Guard, DEQ of Oregon and the Washington Department of Ecology, continue to monitor beaches in search of further manifestations of this mysterious substance and assistance to affected wildlife.

Officials urge to report the discovery of infected wild animals, but strictly recommend not to touch the substance or affected animals. Intervention without proper preparation can be dangerous for both animals and humans.

In case of contact with such a substance, experts recommend using soap and water, as well as other conventional hygiene products, to get rid of contamination. However, the use of solvents or flammable substances should be avoided.

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