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Walk with the ghosts

Added Sun, 03/12/2017
Дата публикации
Sun, 03/12/2017

In Moscow a huge number of mystical places. Some of them will be discussed below.


One of the most famous Moscow ghosts phantom is considered to be a huge black cat, which was late regularly see people on Tverskaya. According to eyewitnesses, the Ghost cat a few times a month jumping out of the walls of one building, crosses the road and disappears into the wall of another building. Moreover, this phenomenon occurs exclusively in odd numbers on the odd side of the street, between the metro stations Pushkinskaya and Mayakovskaya.

Most often, phantom, you can find about the Museum of the Revolution located at the address: Tverskaya, 21. Special weight to this evidence makes the fact that the cat-Ghost was seen not only Museum staff but also one of its Directors. And as the leaders of reputable institutions are usually characterized by seriousness and not prone to silly pranks, the existence of a ghostly cat who is a little challenged. In addition, some people managed to capture it on camera and even camcorder. Maybe that's why the cat-phantom — the only Moscow ghostly brethren, which once brought in the international directory of ghosts. They say that encounter with this otherworldly representative of the cat family brings great good fortune. However, he only comes out late at night, deep after midnight — so not everyone has the courage or time to go to a rendezvous with a Ghost.

By the way, it is believed that this cat became the prototype of Behemoth in "the Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov, and not a pet writer by the name of Pluska — lazy and a glutton, who, besides, was a simple gray color.


If you have been on the street Myasnitskaya, you probably saw the building in the Oriental style, still pre-revolutionary construction, where is the shop "Tea and coffee". This place is associated with one of the famous Moscow haunted — old Chasovnikovym, which became famous throughout the capital in the nineteenth century. Say that in our time during the full moon in the evening, there appears a phantom gray-haired old man in a long shabby coat, which adheres to the passers-by with the same question: "Where's my money, where are they?".

According to legend, the site of the present store in the second half of the XIX century was the mansion where lived the elderly couple Kusovnikova, Peter and Sophia. They both differed a phenomenal avarice, which in Moscow were the real legends. Kusovnikova was very rich, but despite this, tried to save on everything: seldom bought new clothes, never invited anyone to her house, never made the poor and not even kept in the house servants — with the exception of the watchman. All the money the couple kept in the house in different hiding places, which are constantly checked. According to one version, once leaving the house, Kusovnikova tucked the box with their savings in the fireplace, and when he returned, he saw that it burned down in their absence, the watchman lit a fire to warm himself and his sick wife. Sophia Kusovnikova from such a blow of fate, died on the spot while her husband, hastily burying his wife, rushed to plead before the city authorities for the restoration of damaged banknotes. However, to return the money to him failed, causing the old man suddenly went crazy and began to wander the streets in rags, begging and frightening citizens with their crazy wailing. And after death he became a Ghost — apparently, the thought of the lost money did not give him no rest, and in that light.

If you happen to run into a Ghost this miser, be brave — according to legend, this meeting promises unexpected expenses or loss of money.

Event forest

Unique forest called Event forest, located between the districts Kurkino and Severnoye Tushino on both sides of the MKAD, is very popular among the locals — the place is extremely picturesque and, in addition, historical. The name of the forest was received from the village of aleshkino, which until recently was on the right Bank of the river Khimki (now butakovskiy Bay of the Khimki reservoir). The village was known in the seventeenth century: to 1605 it belonged to uncle Boris Godunov, and after the death of the owner from the hands of the minions of the false Dmitry I went to the Treasury and was later transferred to the clerk Semyon Golovin — servant of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich.

After the death of Alexey Golovin passed from one Moscow monastery to another, and in 1812, has survived the attack of the troops of Napoleon. But the 1980 Olympics, the village could not survive — it was demolished under the pretext of preparation for this significant event to include the territory of the former aleshkino in water protection zone. Although the village no more than 30 years, the forest is still called Aleskinsky — people are so accustomed to. A special highlight romantic walks on the trails Leschinskogo forest adds to local legend about the Ghost of the black monk, who from time to time wanders through this Bush. Most often it occurs in warm, rainy weather and looks like a tall man with very pale and thin face, dressed in a long black robe with a hood. Usually it can be found on one of the roads leading from Kurkina. They say that he appears on the eve of a great tragedy: local old-timers saw the Ghost shortly before the beginning of the great Patriotic war.

And our contemporaries "the Black monk" was, at least twice: in 2000, one day before the attack in the underpass at Pushkin square, and in 2002 — a few days before the tragedy of "Nord-OST". Where did this phantom in these places and what does he want — is unknown. But local residents in one voice say: if you see "the Black monk" — rather turn away and pass by. If you call him or attempt to communicate, then you and your loved ones — is waiting for a big trouble.

Gorky highway.

Very colorful, albeit dangerous Ghost periodically appears on the Gorky highway. Many drivers tell about the strange bearded man, like the homeless, who waved off the shoulder of the highway, as if voting. Most often, this meeting took place at dusk or on a cloudy, rainy day. At the same time ridiculous "homeless" always unusual, constrained gait — as if he is dragging a heavy chain or any heavy load. Those who do decide to stop, the man tells the same strange phrase: "Forgive me, my good man!". According to legend, this "man" is not a bum, and a lost soul thief the nineteenth century, which took the life of a huge number of people and was sentenced to the Siberian penal servitude. When he drove Vladimir highway (this is what used to be called Gorky highway) in the company of criminals, the killer died.

Before he died, he did not have time to repent, moreover, the body of the murderer was not buried, as expected, the convoy had just left a corpse near the road. Here and antsy meanwhile, and by this light the soul of the bloody killer, not knowing rest. However, to sympathize with this Ghost is not necessary. And so we should not stop and pick up otherworldly convict, as it may pull good Samaritan to follow him. But if you still hold up voting the bearded man hears the request for forgiveness, then in any case do not be silent, and tell him: "God forgive you!" and as fast as you can go away from this place.

And in General, be careful when passing on Gorky highway — former Vladimirskiy trakt seen a lot of deaths and literally "impregnated" human suffering: for decades this road drove the convicts of the two capitals in Siberia. A lot of them, nameless, found here their last refuge, but has not found peace.

Nikulinskaya street

Among Moscow car owners ulitsa Nikulinskaya long been notorious — too large for the number of fatal accidents. Moreover, the majority of accidents occur for unknown reasons. Those drivers who are lucky enough to survive such accidents, say that before the collision they clearly heard a woman's voice, singing a lullaby, and before my eyes stood a bright Mirage: a blooming garden and a young woman sitting on a swing with a baby in her arms. As a result of this vision the man seemed to fall into a trance and taxied into the oncoming lane... they Say that once on this street, a reckless driver knocked down a pregnant woman, and now her Ghost takes revenge on drivers for the interrupted life and killing unborn baby.

Bolshaya Yakimanka

Now this is a stunningly beautiful building on the Big Yakimanka, reminiscent of ancient fairy Palace, is the official residence of the French ambassadors in Moscow: it is home to the current messenger and some Embassy staff. This mansion is called "house of the merchant Igumnov" and is a historical monument protected by the state. However, apart from cultural values, this building is also a haunted house, covered with dark glory.

Legends about this merchant "house" since the last century goes a lot, but it's hard to tell which ones are reliable and which are an idle fiction. But the Ghost of the woman in white in its walls have seen too much people to find it in the usual urban legend. One of the most famous phenomena of the "ladies in white" in the new merchant building belongs to the early 20-ies of the last century: then, the building housed the club of the employees of the printing factory "Gosznak". That night at the club till late, the light was on, and heard music: the staff noted their professional holiday. Suddenly the sounds of the accordion died down, the audience gasped: one of the walls separated the ghostly figure of a young and beautiful girl, sailed across the hall and disappeared into the opposite wall of the room. Of course, about any "continuation of the Banquet" was no more question: the terrified people rushed to go home, quietly discussing the unexplained phenomenon they've witnessed.

It is unknown where this mysterious "lady", but the most famous legend says that she was the concubine of the master of the house of a rich merchant and gold mining Nikolai Vasilyevich Igumnov. For her he built in 1895, this luxurious mansion, where from time to time secretly visited her. In favor of this version says that fact that before the revolution this area was not prestigious and was far from "fashionable" among the wealthy Muscovites quarters. Mistress Igumnov, not to be bored between the rare visits of the patron, even got himself a few admirers and one merchant, who came without warning and caught her in the arms of the young officer. Furious, the merchant threw the young man out, and the wrong lover was bricked up in one of the walls of the mansion — according to one version, is still alive. So it was or not, but since the stone "mansion" was to see the Ghost of a young woman dressed in white.

By the way, superstitious Muscovites believed that ill-fated mansion was originally destined for an unhappy fate, as its Creator — renowned architect Nikolai Pozdeev, cursed their offspring. Say that the merchant Igumnov was trying to impress the capital's society is extraordinarily beautiful and luxurious home, but the Muscovites (most likely, from a banal envy) criticized the construction, calling tasteless and vulgar. Frustrated Igumnov tripled the dressing to the architect, and in addition, was accused of overspending.

Pozdeev, which has invested in the building of the whole soul, in the hearts of the cursed house, wishing: "May no one ever, this mansion will not be native, let no one will be able to live in it!". By the way, blame was it a curse or just an accident, but in 1901 Igumnov fell out of favor with Nicholas II and was sent to Sukhumi region without the right to return to Moscow.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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