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Who whistles in the closet at night

Added Sat, 01/08/2020
Дата публикации
Thu, 30/07/2020

Michael told an interesting incident from his childhood.

When he was a child, his family lived in the apartment of an ordinary five-story building. In the entrance all the tenants were well familiar with each other. Many of the neighbors, even the doors are not locked, especially those who have had children, because bright-eyed boys and girls all day running back and forth. Adjacent to Michael's apartment lived an elderly woman, Anna Makarovna, aunt Nyura, as everyone called her. Lived with her and her mother. The old woman, though, and exchanged ninth ten, but differed lively character and daily sat on a bench in the company of other women.

Once in the neighbor's apartment was something strange going on. Misha's parents didn't tell him, not wanting to frighten the child, but accidentally hearing their conversation, and then knowing some details in the yard, he could make for himself a picture of what is happening.

Aunt Nura worked in shifts day after two. Returning one morning from work, she found her mother in a terrible state. The old woman was shaking from fear and could not really explain anything. A little calmer, she told me that her so scared.

A disturbing whistle in the night

That night my grandma was awakened by a strange sound. Out of the corner of her bedroom, where stood a large old wardrobe, could be heard whistling. Wardrobe that almost half was busy with things of late husband of the old woman, who died the year before. She wanted to keep my husband's things as a memory of him, and did not get rid of the clothes after the funeral.

Whistling in the night scared the old lady half to death, and all because of Makar, her late husband was a big fan of whistle. As the daughter and wife scolded him for this habit, they say, a bad omen, money in the house will not, he doesn't care. Whistling grandfather from morning till evening.

The widow was sure that his whistle he himself attracted trouble, that died before their time. Yes, apparently, he was not able to leave this world. His spirit remained restless, and now returned to his home and whistling from the chifforobe. Aunt Nyura with great difficulty calmed sprashivayte mother, saying that it all was just a dream. But three days later, after returning from another shift, she found her mother on the bench at the entrance.

It turned out that the old lady was sitting there with night, because at home "Makar whistles. With you calling me!" However, she insisted that the deceased spouse even tried to get out of the closet, still whistling.

Terrible wardrobe

This went on for several weeks. Aunt Nyura already began to seriously think about what the mother may need the help of a psychiatrist. But one night she heard a whistle coming from the side of the room, where stood a cupboard.

Afraid to move, frightened woman before dawn was laying, facing the wall and with my eyes firmly shut, not only to see father dead.

In the morning it was decided to get rid of the wardrobe with things grandfather, who, apparently, were attracted by his Ghost. The owner couldn't move the wardrobe a centimeter, so I called on the help of neighbors. Among them was the father of Misha. Three men pushed a huge wardrobe from the wall, and everyone saw that he piled scraps of paper, some scraps and other rubbish. When aunt Nura carefully swept this angle, it was found that there near the floor there is a small hole.

Having carefully considered it, Misha's father immediately realized that the whistle scared women at night.

Who whistled?

A hole in the floor located under the wall that divided their apartments. And Misha's family was living hand-Chipmunk.

Dad found him in the woods barely alive, apparently he was the victim of a predator attack. The man pitied the animal and brought it home. There, he quickly went to the amendment, mastered, used to people and soon became a General favorite. He built himself a cozy nest under the bed in the room that just bordered the neighbors. Restless Chipmunk managed to get into a neighbor's apartment and to arrange a second nest behind an old wardrobe.

His whistle he's scared at night neighbors, almost reducing them crazy. Everyone laughed when he learned who was the cause of nightmares both ladies. Aunt Nyura was able to breathe a sigh of relief. But her mother persisted in saying that this grandfather Makar whistled in the closet, and to convince her it was impossible. Therefore, the wardrobe throw it out. Only after that, the lady calmed down, believing that the spirit of her late husband finally left the house.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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